Pooltime Team Description & Updates

It’s Pooltime

We’re creating this thread to provide additional information about the team, its purpose, values, and ongoing responsibilities. We will use it to provide insights and updates into our team’s activities.


The team is responsible for stewarding, instilling, and nurturing the culture and ecosystem around the protocol. We equip community members with the tools to enhance their experience of using PoolTogether and getting involved.

  • Identity: Facilitate and foster events, vibes and values
  • Spaces: Manage and maintain community spaces
  • Content: Create and promote content such as newsletters, guides, articles, and user documentation
  • Engagement: Empower community members to take ownership in growing PoolTogether
  • Relationships: Cultivate trust, coordinate actions, and help to collaborate for change
  • Tools: Build tools to interact with the protocol, and run experiments to prove concepts

How we align with PoolTogether’s mission & values

We closely align with PoolTogether’s mission to help people build wealth in a fun and engaging way.

We defined PoolTogether’s core values to be wealth-creating, accessible to all, secure, user-owned, autonomous, transparent and fair, as well as fun and engaging. All of our team’s actions can be directly tied to at least one of these.

Team members

Ongoing responsibilities

Below you can find our team’s ongoing responsibilities. Check our PTBRs to see our goals and deliverables for each quarter.

Handles and Spaces we oversee:

Community Building

Tjark, underthesea, Lonser

  • Providing community support in the spaces we oversee
  • Providing regular updates on governance discussions, development progress, initiatives, council meetings, etc.
  • Improving the overall community experience in PoolTogether’s social spaces
  • Engaging with the community to empower members to take ownership
  • Providing low-barrier entry points to lurk around or get involved
  • Providing support to depositors, community members, prospective builders, and anyone else interested in participating within the PoolTogether ecosystem. This includes troubleshooting issues, answering questions about the protocol, directing people to the relevant user interfaces, and more.

Content Creation


  • Creating content for Mirror, X, and Lens and distributing it across our channels
  • Writing newsletters
  • Creating necessary collateral to support and promote our content

Social Media Management

We are managing the official handles & spaces of the PoolTogether brand. This includes:

  • Interacting with users and user-generated content, as well as retweeting inspiring stories and content
  • Highlighting integrators and community members
  • Announcing major new enhancements and celebrating winners
  • Sharing interesting stats (“$2.5 million in prizes distributed”, “500 unique winners yesterday”)
  • Reminding people about current opportunities (“5% Rewards APR” or “Next prize in 1 hour”)

Development, Tooling & Maintenance


  • Pooltime app development and upkeep
  • Pooly bot
  • V5 prize API and database

Growth & Partnerships


  • Setting, executing, and managing V5 growth campaigns
  • Overseeing the integration of growth initiatives ensuring they all serve a strategic purpose
  • Researching and staying up to date with market trends and user preferences to fine-tune expansion efforts
  • Establish and participate in partnership conversations
  • Create content & collateral to support partnerships and co-marketing
  • Foster our relationships with relevant projects (eg: Optimism, Lens, etc.)

Event Facilitation


  • Holding the weekly community call
  • Promoting events we host and Poolers are attending

Community Care Work

underthesea, Lonser, Tjark
We are picking up what has to be done. Identifying these things in advance is always hard, but we have a top track record of responding to the current. Some examples include:


Down here you can find additional resources about and by Pooltime. Reach out if you’re missing anything and we’ll make it available.

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Team Update: Week 3/2024

Hey Poolers,
here’s what we’ve been working on during the last week:


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