PTBR-14: Pooltime

PTBR-14: Pooltime

Start Date Jan 1st, 2024
Duration of work 3 months
Budget $65,000 (-20,000 $POOL)

Find the RFC for this PTBR here.

Team Members

  • Tjark (Community Builder & Content Creator)
  • underthesea (Developer & Community Builder)
  • Lonser (Allround Support)
  • Learn more

Scope of Work


We need all stars to align for the relaunch of the V5 vaults. Pooltime will do the legwork necessary to manage communications, set up marketing & growth campaigns, create educational content, and provide the PoolTogether community with the necessary spaces to collaborate.


We aim to give the PoolTogether community a voice and amplify it to the maximum. PoolTogether V5 offers many opportunities to talk about in 2024 - we are ensuring the message gets across.

The infrastructure we create allows anyone to get more out of PoolTogether and easily access crucial core functions and data of the protocol.

Milestones & Deliverables


  1. This overview solely displays our milestones and deliverables. Please consider checking the Pooltime Team Description for all the ongoing and additional work we do.
  2. We are dedicated to finishing and delivering these items at no extra costs, even if they happen to fall outside of Q1.

KPI & Evaluation Metrics

  • Total depositors: Increase active depositors by 100% one month after relaunch
  • Bot operators: Onboard 2 or more bot operators
  • Partnerships: Engage in at least 3 publicly communicated partnerships
  • Views on X: >60,000 views on our content on X
  • Newsletter reads: >4200 reads on our Q1 newsletters
  • Social Audience: Sustain a social audience at around 70k
  • Direct or indirect participation in projects of other fields of contribution
  • Perceived improvements in operations of PoolTogether due to our participation in them
  • Feedback from other contributors, community members, and partners
  • Individual users: drive 7500 new users to PoolTogether V5 through quests & collaborations (Optional & after relaunch)


Category Value
Community Building $10,000
Content Creation $5,000
Social Media Management $10,000
Development $20,000
Growth $12,500
Community Care Work $7,500
Sub-Total $65,000
Returning to treasury - 20,000 POOL

In addition to this budget, we manage a delegation budget of 250,000 USDC.e on Optimism for campaigns. The Executive Team is holding custody of this budget.


The PTBR is live onchain. Please vote on Tally.