PTBR-17: Pooltime

The proposal is live onchain. Please vote here: Tally | PoolTogether Proposal

[RFC] PTBR-17: Pooltime

Start Date April 1st, 2024
Duration of work 3 months
Budget 70,000 $USDC

We are asking the PoolTogether community for a three-month extension of our budget. Additionally, we are adding @Shivansh to the team.

Scope of Work


The PoolTogether community is often described as one of the prime examples of Defi communities. This community needs care and safe spaces to get together and align.

That’s where we come in: The Pooltime team is obsessed with the vision of prize savings on the blockchain and has a track record of serving the community’s needs while adapting accordingly. We are dedicated to responsibly maintaining, nurturing, and safekeeping our community spaces, providing anyone with a stage to contribute.


The Pooltime team aims to give the PoolTogether community a voice and amplify it to the maximum. With the relaunch of PoolTogether V5, we’re entering a new era of prize savings. We are ensuring the message gets across and keeping the door open to the pool-curious. The goal is to double down on what we’ve built so far and reactivate the sleeping giant of the PoolTogether brand.


In the first quarter of 2024, we focused on preparing for launch. The team continued to be a daily driver of community activity and provided support and help to everyone in need. Due to the relaunch being a thing of the future, we focussed on the necessary prep work so the iron is ready to be forged.

Some of our Q1 milestones include:

  • Our social content on Twitter has gained more than 150k impressions
  • Our social audience has surpassed 70,000
  • We hosted weekly community calls and crossed the magic number of 150 gatherings
  • The Contributor Fund has received its first contributions
  • We established the PoolTogether community on Farcaster
  • We continued to build out
    • Improved app design, optimization, and new features
    • Improved and open-sourced API and bot code
    • Onboarding of 5+ bot operators
  • We launched a $POOL/$WETH vault on Beefy
  • We got the new PoolTogether integrated into

Here’s an overview of our social audience:

Milestones & Deliverables

Pooltime App and Toolsuite

We’re heavily invested in PoolTogether’s decentralization by building out alternative tooling and interfaces while onboarding new builders to the community.

  • Maintain support for PoolTime on testnet, previous version, and new deployment
  • Maintain support for PoolTime on any new chains
  • Open-source the Pooltime app
  • Maintain bot, prize database, and API repos
  • Provide support for curious builders and bot runners
  • Pooly alerts and discord functions
  • Deliver new features by community request
  • Working with builders to find the path forward for maintaining PT infrastructure

Community Building & Management

We maintain secure community spaces, connect builders, and support those who dive in the pools.

  • Providing community support in the spaces we oversee
  • Providing regular updates on governance discussions, development progress, initiatives, events, etc.
  • Improving the overall community experience in PoolTogether’s social spaces
  • Engaging with the community to empower members to take ownership
  • Providing low-barrier entry points to lurk around or get involved
  • Providing support to depositors, community members, prospective builders, and anyone else interested in participating within the PoolTogether ecosystem. This includes troubleshooting issues, answering questions about the protocol, directing people to the relevant user interfaces, and more.

To achieve this, we

  • Manage and custody a delegation budget of $100,000 for community and growth campaigns.
  • Kick off a refined version of the Content Booster program
  • Maintain the contributor fund (more below)

Goal: Allow more people to take ownership of the community. Open the door for builders.

Host weekly Community Calls

We prepare, promote, and host weekly community calls.

PoolTogether’s community calls are the time and place where the most interested community members and most active contributors come together. As a community, we want to be open to anyone driving meaningful value toward the protocol. These calls provide an open platform for that.

Content Creation & Social Media Management

We maintain Twitter, Farcaster, and Discord as the source of truth for announcements and updates. This includes:

  • Interacting with users and user-generated content, as well as retweeting inspiring stories and content
  • Highlighting integrators and community members
  • Announcing major new enhancements and celebrating winners
  • Sharing interesting stats (“$2.5 million in prizes distributed”, “500 unique winners yesterday”)
  • Reminding people about current opportunities (“5% Rewards APR” or “Next prize in 1 hour”)

Handles and Spaces we currently oversee:

In Q2, we

  • Roll out content campaigns for the prize vault relaunch, V3 & V4 migration, and bonus rewards.
  • Relaunch the redesigned newsletter to inform the PoolTogether community about ongoing events in the ecosystem.

Goal: >180k impressions on our content on Twitter, grow Mirror subscribers to 800, and grow Farcaster followers to >1000.

Grow the Contributor Fund

With the retiring of Pool Grants, it has gotten harder to tap into funding from the PoolTogether community. Contributors are bound to submit a formal budget request to $POOL governance to receive compensation for driving value toward our ecosystem.

The contributor fund was created as a low-entry barrier approach to bootstrap funding for builders, and eventually be able to reward valuable work with low friction.

The fund is live onchain at 0x7Be92A3ff9E0c9a2FA2144C1a34E9f65b821978a (Ethereum - Optimism - Base).


  • Explore new venues for the Contributor Fund to make getting involved simpler.
  • Facilitate a first contributor fund distribution event.

Management of $100,000 in Delegation Budget

As the Exec Team is retiring after April, we propose taking custody of $100,000 from their current budget and managing it for community and growth campaigns.

We are not requesting these funds from the treasury. Currently, the Exec Team is the custodian of these funds. The funds will not be spent and solely be used for delegations.

Goal: Keep delegations distributed at all times.


We are dedicated to growing the ecosystem of prize vaults by collaborating with various projects. The beginning makes a LUSD vault campaign together with Liquity.

Goal: Facilitate at least 2 publicly communicated collaborations.

Proposal Support

We offer support for anyone who complies with PoolTogether’s vision and values. This includes copyreading RFCs for PTIPs and PTBRs, providing $POOL delegations if necessary, and assisting in bringing proposals onchain.

Goal: Be there for you when you need us.


  • $70,000 $PTaUSDC
  • $100,000 Delegation Budget*

*We are not requesting these funds from the treasury. Currently, the Exec Team is the custodian of these funds. The funds will not be spent and solely be used for delegations.


I’m very pleased to hear that @Shivansh is joining the team!

I’m also very happy with what the Pooltime team has delivered, and will continue to deliver. It’s good value! You have my support.


extremely bullish on @Shivansh :ocean:


Thanks a lot, very excited to work with Pooltime!!


Yess, :saluting_face: Thanks a lot!


Happy to see @Shivansh joining the team! Also glad that the delegation budget will be taken over by PoolTime. We are approaching (re)launch day and need all the tools available to us to quickly deploy, promote, and incentivise participation so we can see the prize pool grow.


Thanks a lot, very excited to join the team too!

The proposal is live onchain. Please vote!