PTBR-11: Pooltime Q4 2023

[RFC] PTBR-11: Pooltime

Start Date Oct 1st, 2023
Timeline for Deliverables 3 months
Budget $58,000

Our Team

We are a team of long-time high-impact contributors getting together under the umbrealla of Pooltime - PoolTogether’s community building action squad. We all have been meaningfully involved in creating the webs that connect people to the protocol.

Team Members: @Tjark @underthesea, and @Lonser


The PoolTogether community is often described as the prime example of Defi communities. This community needs safe spaces to get together and align. These spaces need to be responsibly maintained and kept safe.

Our team is obsessed with the vision of prize savings on the blockchain and has a track record of serving the community’s needs while adapting to them accordingly.

Scope of Work

We advocate for our community values and maintain the infrastructure, keeping the pool inviting for all. Our team is responsible for stewarding, instilling, and nurturing the culture and ecosystem around the protocol. We equip community members with the tools they need to stay up to date, enhance their experience of using the protocol, and get involved in the PoolTogether ecosystem.


The goal is to weave relationships between community members by facilitating meaningful interactions, and encourage active participation in discussions, initiatives, and co-creating the PoolTogether ecosystem.


The following five pillars anchor our mission as a team:
Identity: Facilitate and foster events, vibes and values
Spaces: Manage and maintain community spaces
Content: Create and promote content such as newsletters, guides, articles, and user documentation
Engagement: Empower community members to take ownership in growing PoolTogether
Relationships: Cultivate trust, coordinate actions, and help to collaborate for change
The team provides continuous support and care for the community. Spanning across time zones we are most often available in the case of emergency.

Community Building & Management

  • Be a leading voice of the PoolTogether community
  • Foster meaningful relationships with and between PoolTogether’s contributors
  • Be the central angle-point for community events, activations, and campaigns
  • Cater to the community’s current needs
  • Prepare and host one weekly Community Call
  • Offer low barrier entry points to the community

Foster Safe Spaces

  • Discord community support, responding to questions and requests
  • Proactively identify malicious actors/scams and take action
  • Process bug reports and relay them to relevant teams

Establish the Brand using Social Media Platforms

  • Use the social media handles and community spaces to further build the
  • Create smart content and distribute it via various distribution channels (socials, e-mail, on-chain notifications, etc)
  • Grow brand loyalty // content strategy

Build out Community Tooling & Dev Ops

  • Prize API for V5
  • Community prize database for V5
  • Update Pooly bot to V5
  • Encourage anyone building around the protocol, by offering support for community developers
  • Lead on liquidity matters where needed (this now includes ticket liquidity like PTUSDC/USDC)

Public Launch campaigning

  • Collaborate on launch planning
  • Create and distribute necessary rollout communication material
  • Co-Host one Hackathon utilizing PT V5 technology

Redesign Contributor Rewards

  • Continue the Coordinape circle while researching alternative ways of contributor rewards
  • Spec out an Advocate Program & migrate the existing Community Advocates to OG Poolers
  • Research ways of retroactive rewards to eventually migrate from Coordinape to a more sustainable system
  • Execute a monthly creator reward program


  • Build connections and reward loyalty through onchain attestations & credentials
  • Issue mutliple waves of credentials to community members
  • Create a playbook to help other teams of the community to tap into credentials

Reflections on Q3

During the last quarter, we have been mainly focused on community retention and addressing the active community around the protocol. The focus on organic, word of mouth growth has helped us to sustain a healthy community during the bear market while being mindful with people’s attention.
We have maintained an inter-web of knowledge between teams and individual contributors, providing to be a central hub of community connection.

Community Building

App Development & Dev Tooling

  • Developed new app:
  • Pooly bot has been maintained
  • V5 API in beta
  • Community prize database in beta

Finance Matters

  • Deployed and strengthened protocol owned liquidity on Optimism.
  • The budget for a consultant is being carried over to Q4.


There are several other undertakings not listed here, some highlights include:

  • PTIP-87: Winding down the POOL pool Snapshot
  • Updated documentation for governance and getting involved
  • Setup and reinforced the POOL / WETH liquidity on Optimism
  • Navigated Across liqudity bottlenecks
  • Mitigated draw desyncronization on Avalanche

Social audience as of September 25th:

Platform Audience
Discord 12,153
Twitter 51,200
Lens 4,200
Substack 2,290
Mirror 448
Total 70,291


Amount Token
58,000 USDC

In addition to this budget, we manage a delegation budget of 100,000 USDC on Optimism to be used for campaigns. Custody for this budget is being held by the Executive Team.


The proposal is now live onchain. You can vote with your POOL on Ethereum on Tally.