PTBR-5: Community Team


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RFC is here: [RFC] PTBR-5: Community Team

PTBR-5: Community Team

Start Date July 1st, 2023
Duration of Work 3 months
Budget 71,097.50 $

We are a team of high-impact contributors (@Tjark, @underthesea, @Lonser) who all are meaningfully involved in creating the webs that connect people to the protocol.

Our team has a track record of serving the community’s needs and adapting to them accordingly. We advocate for our community values and maintain the infrastructure, keeping the pool clean and inviting for all.

Scope of Work


The community around the PoolTogether protocol needs spaces to get together and align. These spaces need to be responsibly maintained and kept safe.

The team is responsible for stewarding, instilling, and nurturing the culture and ecosystem around the protocol. We equip community members with the tools they need to enhance their experience of using PoolTogether and getting involved.

  • Identity: Facilitate and foster events, vibes and values
  • Spaces: Manage and maintain community spaces
  • Content: Create and promote content such as newsletters, guides, articles, and user documentation
  • Engagement: Empower community members to take ownership in growing PoolTogether
  • Relationships: Cultivate trust, coordinate actions, and help to collaborate for change


  • Internally: Maintain Community-Member-Fit.
  • Externally: Have the community around PoolTogether perceived as wholesome and secure.

Our goal is to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment where Poolers feel valued and empowered to contribute their ideas, feedback, and expertise. By facilitating meaningful interactions, the team helps to weave relationships between community members and encourages active participation in discussions, initiatives, and building the PoolTogether ecosystem.

Milestones & Deliverables

We do care work for the community. Part of the team’s work is devoting time to what is not directly proportional to our individual results but to what is good for the organization as a whole.

With the upcoming launch of the PoolTogether hyperstructure, we expect an increased inflow of people and questions. The Community Team helps to inform and make information accessible, ensuring no question goes unresponded and no issue is unresolved.

Community Building & Growth

  • Promote all major updates across PoolTogether’s socials & blogs
  • Maintain and moderate PoolTogether-related platforms & socials (including Discord, Discourse, Twitter, Lens, Reddit, Mirror)
  • Protect the community from scams within our spaces
    • members, followers, % of verified POOL hodlers on Discord
  • Host 12 weekly community calls
    • claimed POAPs
  • Publish 3 monthly newsletters
    • recipients, open rate
  • Host 1 digital ideathon
    • submissions
  • Run 2 community engagement campaigns
  • Facilitate 6 bi-weekly Coordinape epochs
    • Coordinape Q3 report

Community Tooling

  • Maintain and upgrade Poolexplorer for V5
  • Maintain and upgrade Pooly bot, including public and private commands and alerts for V5
  • Building tools by community request

Community Dev Ops

  • Community prize API for V5
  • Community prize database for V5
  • Encourage anyone building around the protocol, by offering support for community developers

Finance Matters

  • Research and analysis on treasury and POOL liquidity
  • Delivering 1 treasury report and 3 liquidity reports during the quarter

The impact of our deliverables can be monitored through our metrics. We aim share an update on these in the forums on a monthly basis.


Amount Token
62,939.00 USDC
12,950.00 POOL

12,500 POOL is reserved to be distributed to community contributors via Coordinape.

In addition to this budget, we manage a delegation budget of 100,000 USDC on Optimism to be used for engagement and as rewards. Custody for this budget is being held by the Executive Team.