TBR-Q4-2022 - Community Team

Community Team Quarterly Budget Request

Team Name Community Team
Quarter and Year Q4 2022
Payout Address TBD
Total USD Value Requested $45,681.66 USD


The community team is responsible for stewarding, instilling, and nurturing the culture and contributors around the protocol. Its work ensures the ethos of PoolTogether stays strong as the protocol grows. The team’s areas of focus are:

  • Identity: Facilitate and foster events, vibes & values
  • Spaces: Manage & maintain community spaces
  • Content: Create & promote content such as newsletters, guides, articles, and user documentation
  • Engagement: Empower community members to take ownership & help grow PoolTogether
  • Relationships: Cultivate trust, coordinate actions, and collaborate for change


PoolTogether is perceived as the most wholesome, welcoming, and secure community in DeFi.


  1. Maintain a strong and engaged community.

    • Shape community-first vibes through events, bounties & other fun activities
    • Promote the PoolTogether values and nurture our community identity
    • Ensure the community is a safe space for its members
    • Bootstrap a community-led events program
    • Conduct audit for community spaces
    • Conduct DAO-Health Survey

    Performance Metrics: DAO Health Survey results, number of events, grow # of event participants by 5-10%, Community growth (Discord Members) – Grow community sustainably by 2%

  2. Increase the level of ownership taken by protocol contributors through Community Experience.

    • Increase transparency & awareness of key community activities
    • Create entry points for contributors to play a role in growing the protocol
    • Spotlight contributors and their work
    • Revamp onboarding calls

    Performance Metrics: Number of Coordinape members & teams, unique voters, number of members who made their first contribution

  3. Increase awareness & affinity for savings, the no loss spirit, and PoolTogether’s role in Decentralized Finance.

    • Be a reliable news source around the PoolTogether protocol and its closer ecosystem
    • Create educational content around PoolTogether, & savings: visuals, explainers, and videos
    • Actively work on creating spaces for cross-community activities in an effort to unite communities

    Performance Metrics: Content reach (Recipients, Open Rate, Click-throughs) – Grow reach by 10%, maintain an open rate ≥18-20%, facilitate at least one cross-community opportunity

  4. Improve coordination, mutual learning, and flow of resources and information

    • Host meetings & workshops to share and apply our learnings
    • Create playbooks to garner and share best practices
    • Maintain spaces for knowledge exchange

    Performance Metrics: Built Context (Number of created/updated documents, formalized processes), host at least 3 workshops, deliver a Community Dashboard

Here is an overview of current projects the community team is working on to achieve these goals.


The following metrics will be used to measure the team’s success:

Baseline Data (as of 30. September 2022)
Discord members 11,905
# of members who made their first contribution not tracked
Token holders (>1 POOL) 8,744
# (%) of holders verified on Discord 443 (x%)
Twitter followers 47,387
Lens followers 40
Mirror subscribers 27
Substack subscribers 2,212
Events (#, month) 15
Teams (#) 8*
Coordinape Contributors (#) 48


Requested Amount

Token Amount USD
USDC 8,228.00 $8,228.00
POOL 38,012.53 $37,453.66
Total $45,681.66

Budget Breakdown

Team Members

Role Yearly USD Compensation Commitment Percentage Quarterly USDC Quarterly POOL Contributor Contributor Discord
Community Builder $94,000 100% 0 3,959.20 Tjark Tjark#0815
Coordinape Manager $90,000 7.5% 1,418 274.03 Lonser Lonser#7584
Language Advocate $60,000 20% 2,655 350.15 Open Role
Language Advocate $60,000 20% 2,655 350.15 Open Role

In case the budget request is accepted the Community Team will offer two open positions.

Note: PoolTogether Inc currently covers the USDC compensation for the Community Builder position for this quarter.

Team Expenses

Description Amount
Coordinape 31,579 POOL
Bounties & Contests 1,500 POOL
Merch & Incentives 1,500 USDC
Delegation Budget 100,000 PTaOptUSDC

The Coordinape budget is capped at $10,000 worth of POOL per month. $400 per active circle member is being distributed per month. Any leftover funds will roll over into the next quarter.

The Executive Team should hold custody of the Delegation budget. This budget is not intended to be spent but to be used as contributor incentives and contest rewards via the PoolTogether delegation feature. A member of the Community Team will serve as a representative and provide a quarterly report on how the delegation budget has been used.

All the funds not used at the end of the quarter will be rolled over to the next quarter in case the team gets approved. If it is not, all unused funds will be returned to the PoolTogether treasury.


Note: Token prices at time of budget request are used for standardization. For simplicity the relevant token prices are provided below.

Token USD
POOL 0.985298

The team member compensation is based on the compensation formula spreadsheet.


The proposal is live!
On-chain (POOL & delegated POOL): On-chain
Snapshot (PPOOL): Snapshot


i would like to apply for Language Advocate.


I would also like to apply for Language Advocate Position … what are the requirements needed for it Sir @Tjark?? thanks


Thanks for showing interest in the open positions @kenekenek @Mon!

Regards requirements:

The Language Advocate position supports the Purpose and Goals of the Community Team by applying them to a dedicated part of the community that is otherwise disconnected through language or cultural barriers.
The position intends to equip contributors with the necessary tools to grow and engage with parts of our community that are non-native to English. This includes helping out others, moderating the native Discord-channel(s), building campaigns, hosting events, and similar community-building exercises.

The position is currently budgeted as part-time (20%). Wondering what your thoughts are there?


I would like to work full time if possible

  • 2HR Translation newsletter & important announcement

  • 2HR Translation interview

  • 2HR Hosting weekly Chinese community call

  • 8hr+ A day ( from Monday to Sunday) in #help and #Chinese channel as a moderator/ helper/ supporter. ( Because I am in the +8 time zone, this allows Discord to have 24-hour customer service)

  • I can participate in the Chinese twitter space, Podcast, if invited. irl event ( ex. ethdever token 2049, nftnyc,If the travel expenses can be reimbursed.

  • If Pooltogether can find someone willing to come to podcast, I can also record a weekly Chinese Podcast.

If there is anything else you want me to do, please feel free to suggest

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Im also willing to work full time as language advocate work on everything that is required…

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I can work part-time or full time, depending upon the requirements. Do let me know if the position is open and if any specific qualifications are needed.

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Thanks to everyone for showing interest in the open positions so far!
Just to clarify on the timeline here. The budget request is currently still in the “Request for Comments” phase. This is to determine if the community of token holders agrees with the specifications and details of the proposal. The TBR will go to on-chain voting on Oct 18th.
If the request gets voted for in governance, there will be an official call for applications followed by an interview phase.
I’ll pencil you down and reach out when it’s time @Mon @kenekenek @Shivansh


Understood, so that means If the community and or teams DIDN’T agree with this version then NOW would be the time to speak up and or propose an edit? (Not me, but people already on teams I assume)

If this is the “Request for Comments” phase, how many other Phases are there? and/or Is there a resource to review this structure in its entirety?


Thanks for providing the desired clarity. @Tjark much appreciated.

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It’s always the best time to speak up! Anyone can comment, give feedback, propose changes, or ask questions to clarify. The governance forum is generally the best place for it.

RFC is the pre-stage for an on-chain proposal. After that, we move to a finalized proposal and vote.

Until now, on-chain proposals usually came in the form of a PTIP (PoolTogether improvement proposal), a template for submitting proposed updates to the protocol.
Team Budget Requests (TBR) are new, and we are using this process for the first time. It’s a template for requesting funding for “teams” to work in the protocol ecosystem. The current TBRs are scheduled to go on-chain for voting on Oct 18th.
Once a proposal is live, the process is as follows:


Hello @Tjark thank you for the amazing work!
Who is taking the responsability to check and fellow Performance Metrics?

@Lonser is currently a leader in the grant + coordinape manager, I don’t like to see two such important possition taken by the same person.

Thank you for the Merch & Incentives budget, do this budget include incentives for long term contributors working regulary?

I don’t understand your sheet(not only your but…):

Role Yearly USD Compensation Commitment Percentage Quarterly USDC Quarterly POOL Contributor Contributor Discord
Coordinape Manager $90,000 7.5% 1,418 274.03 Lonser Lonser#7584
Language Advocate $60,000 20% 2,655 350.15 Open Role

How is $60,000 split into 2,655 USDC & 350.15 when $90,000 is split as 1,418 USDC + 274.03 POOL witch is lower? :thinking:


The Community Team will be. It’s the job of every team to identify and collect the relevant metrics.

Bear in mind that these positions are only part-time and add up to less than a full-time position.
I personally believe that cross-functionality can be beneficial for the protocol. @Lonser was doing the work previously so it seemed natural to keep him on.

For the compensation, it’s important to factor in the commitment percentage (100% = full-time). The yearly USDC compensation is what a team member would earn on a 100% commitment percentage.
The breakdown between USDC and POOL is based on the PoolTogether Compensation Formula

You can copy the spreadsheet and change the values in commitment & total comp.

I hope this explains it a little better!


The Community Team will be. It’s the job of every team to identify and collect the relevant metrics.

I really think this is not the best option. I’ts kinda what we are already doing since a while and no one is really taking any responsability for anything?

I beileive we need someone to take responsability for metrics and if they are achieved. I understand this is hard for some team but the responsable will have to learn a bit.

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What you’re asking for is Team oversight and accountability, which amounts to:

  • someone having knowledge of each Team’s goals and the actual progress they’ve made
  • someone having the ability to withhold funding to ensure a Team meets its goals

We can boil these two points down to knowledge and control.

We achieved the knowledge portion by creating the Council. The Council was established to improve communication and coordination across the teams. As a consequence, Teams have greater insight into the progress of other Teams. The Council is the hive mind that has deep insight.

Control is more challenging; no one wanted to have a central “committee” that had explicit voting power to veto / pass TBRs. However we decided this wasn’t a big issue, because Team members will hold a significant amount of voting power. The Council will have knowledge of each Team’s actual performance, and council members can vote using their knowledge. Members of the council can also voice their opinions as to whether a Team is doing its job, so they may provide thought leadership.

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The proposal is live!
On-chain (POOL & delegated POOL): On-chain
Snapshot (PPOOL): Snapshot


Hey, long time crypto community manager and formet social media manager for spiritswap here! I would like to assist you guys with your language advocate positions for the Turkish language if possible <3

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