TBR-Q1-2023 - Community Team

[RFC] TBR-Q1-2023 - Community Team

Team Name Community Team
Quarter and Year Q1 2023
Payout Address 0xF69898B40F0908537a9e93b9f5368C8cf19a23a7
Total USD Value Requested $20,881.12 USD


The community team is responsible for stewarding, instilling, and nurturing the culture and contributors around the protocol. Its work ensures the ethos of PoolTogether stays strong as the protocol grows. The team’s areas of focus are:

  • Identity: Facilitate and foster events, vibes & values
  • Spaces: Manage & maintain community spaces
  • Content: Create & promote content such as newsletters, guides, articles, and user documentation
  • Engagement: Empower community members to take ownership & help grow PoolTogether
  • Relationships: Cultivate trust, coordinate actions, and collaborate for change

PoolTogether is perceived as the most wholesome, welcoming, and secure community in DeFi.


  1. Maintain a strong and engaged community.
    – Shape community-first vibes through events, bounties & other fun activities
    – Promote the PoolTogether values and nurture our community identity
    – Ensure the community is a safe space for its members
    – Maintain the community-led events program

Milestones: 0 incidents on Discord
Performance Metrics: Grow community sustainably by 2%, # of events facilitated

  1. Increase the level of ownership taken by protocol contributors through Community Experience.
    – Increase transparency & awareness of key community activities
    – Create entry points for contributors to play a role in growing the protocol
    – Spotlight contributors and their work

Milestones: Re-introduce & facilitate at least 5 community interviews, two exclusive POOL holder events, spearhead the bounties process
Performance Metrics: # of Coordinape members, unique voters, # of members who made their first contribution

  1. Increase awareness & affinity for savings, the no loss spirit, and PoolTogether’s role in Decentralized Finance.
    – Be a reliable news source around the PoolTogether protocol and its closer ecosystem
    – Create educational content around PoolTogether: visuals, explainers, or videos
    – Actively work on creating spaces for cross-community activities in an effort to unite communities

Milestones: Publish a bi-weekly newsletter, facilitate at least one cross-community activity
Performance Metrics: Grow content reach by 3+%, maintain an open rate ≥18-20%

  1. Improve coordination, mutual learning, and flow of resources and information.
    – Host meetings & workshops to share and apply our learnings
    – Create playbooks to garner and share best practices
    – Maintain spaces for knowledge exchange

Milestones: Host 2 collaborative workshops, create a community wiki
Performance Metrics: # of hosted workshops & participants


The following metrics will be used to measure the team’s success:

Baseline Data (as of 13. December 2022)
Discord members 12,167
Token holders (>1 POOL) 7599
# (%) of holders verified on Discord 476 (6.27%)
Twitter followers 49,380
Lens followers 713
Mirror subscribers 53
Substack subscribers 2,261
Events (quarter avg./month) 17
Teams (#) 6
Coordinape Contributors (#) 54


Requested Amount

The requested funds in summary:

Token Amount USD
USDC 6,573.00 $6,573.00
POOL 39,290.88 $26,436.36
Total $32,509.36

After deduction of the surplus:

Token Amount USD
USDC 1,307.90 $1,307.90
POOL 29,090.58 $19,573.22
Total $20,881.12

Budget Breakdown

Team Members

Role Yearly USD Compensation Commitment Percentage Quarterly USDC Quarterly POOL Contributor Contributor Discord
Community Builder $94,000 100% 0 5,797.84 Tjark Tjark#0815
Coordinape Manager $90,000 7.5% 1,418 401.29 Lonser Lonser#7584
Open Role $60,000 20% 2,655 512.75 Open Role -

Note: The USDC compensation for the Community Builder position is currently covered by PoolTogether Inc for this quarter.

Team Expenses

The Community Team expects the following expenses to incur during the quarter:

Description Amount
Coordinape 31,579 POOL
Bounties & Contests 1,000 POOL
Incentives & Merch 2,500 USDC
Delegation Budget 100,000 PTaOptUSDC

The Coordinape budget is capped at $10,000 worth of POOL per month. $400 per active circle member is being distributed per month.

The Executive Team should continue to hold custody of the Delegation budget. This budget is not intended to be spent but to be used as contributor incentives and contest rewards via the PoolTogether delegation feature.

All the funds not used at the end of the quarter will be rolled over to the next quarter in case the team gets approved. If it is not, all unused funds will be returned to the PoolTogether treasury.


The Community Team defined four overachieving goals for Q4. You can find the metrics taken by the Community Team in the following spreadsheet: Team Metrics

Our community is generally receiving great feedback from both within and outside of the community. During the last quarter, PoolTogether has publicly received the seal of approval as one of the best communities from Vitalik, Stani, and the members of the Optimism Foundation.

On the content side, the team has continued growing the newsletter, posting articles on Medium, creating visuals, has been responsible for co-managing the official PoolTogether Twitter account, and building up an initial following on Lens and Mirror. The user documentation was maintained and adapted to facilitate the UI changes, as well as new Coinbase integrations.
The metrics for the newsletter can be found in this spreadsheet: Newsletter Metrics

A total of 49 events were hosted or supported during the last quarter. The community-led events program did not catch on just yet, but we experimented with a variety of events to showcase what’s possible. Content to make event planning more accessible can be found here. New event formats we tested were interactive demos from web3 tools or the pool session workshops, for example.

The onboarding calls continued and were improved by moving from a lengthy presentation to an open q&a format and mixing it up with workshop elements.

Our community spaces remain a secure place. There were no major security incidents on any of our moderated spaces, such as Discord, Telegram, or Reddit. All these spaces have undergone two or more security checks.

Through the budget for delegations and incentives, the team was able to (co-)conduct campaigns and bounties. Some notable campaigns are:

  • Bounties (Recap)
  • OPeration Education
  • No Loss November
  • Advent Calendar

For the previous quarter, a budget for hiring was requested. Nevertheless, hiring for the first time turned out to be hard while keeping up with everything else. The budget was not spent. Building a team from within isn’t easy. Instead of asking for a budget for a dedicated role this time, the budget is requested not tied to a specific role assesment to allow someone to naturally build their own position.

Coordinape is a great and reliable tool. Our community is using it since its early days, and it has allowed us to appreciate contributions and distribute ownership. However, with a growing circle, it becomes hard to transport the feeling of being rewarded for certain work. During Q1 the suggestion is to explore fractionalizing circles based on teams/budgets.


Budget Surplus

Description Amount
Coordinape* 8,000.00 POOL
Bounties & Contests** 1,500 POOL
Merch & Incentives -44.90 USDC
Open Role Comp. 5310.00 USDC + 700.30 POOL
Total 5,265.10 USDC + 10,200.30 POOL

*Coordinape is distributing uGMI options. These options require locking the max amount of potentially distributed POOL to fulfill them. The exact amount of POOL that is returned for the current quarter is still to be determined.

**For bounties during Q4, we used the budget from the former Bounties team. All remaining assets from that team have been returned already.

Note: Token prices at time of budget request are used for standardization. For simplicity the relevant token prices are provided below.


Token Pricing

Note: Token prices at time of budget request are used for standardization. For simplicity the relevant token prices are provided below.

Token USD
POOL $0.6728370667

The team member compensation is based on the compensation formula spreadsheet.


The Community Team TBR is live for voting:
Onchain: PoolTogether Governance
Snapshot: Snapshot


Great Job Tjark!

I am highlighting this because I experienced this attempt first hand as an applicant.
I know I am late for Q1 2023, However I still want to express my interest in Joining Team(s)

I have, and will continue to contribute, complete bounties, create graphics, memes, and share Ideas like No Loss November, which seems that I’ve contributed 25% of the Ideas that lead to campaigns (without even being on a Team.) haha

My point is only to say, If the Pool Together Council points me in the right direction I can focus my creative energy and be 10x more effective for the PoolTogether community!

Thank you