A Change of the Life Guards

Well that’s it kids, the DAO is dead. It was taken out back and given the Kristi Noem, the Old Yeller, it’s over.

So instead of playing games and making more PTBR’s (PoolTogether Budget Requests) let’s just call them PTBBR’s (PoolTogether By Brendan’s Rule).

I imagine my role as a Community Advocate has come to an end, bye bye slick green font :wave: – you were so cool. But while the DAO is dead and the community will follow now that it has no power, let’s look back on all the great things the PoolTogether community accomplished.

It’s 2021, the $POOL airdrop changed peoples lives and the community became a flurry around the only true Savings game in DeFi. But Gas was bonkers and voting in governance was prohibitive.

The PoolTogether Inc. Team and the community worked together to create a gas friendly option when voting on Ethereum cost an arm and a leg to cast that vote. Sometimes it was more than $100 to cast a governance vote. This was the creation of staking $POOL pool and this gave more $POOL to those who believed in governance.

The Community wasn’t afraid to experiment, early on by introducing a $BADGER pool that got some $POOL drip. This was well before any fallout Badger encountered and presented a unique opportunity and engagement across 2 communities. This laid ground work to engage the PoolTogether Community, we had power, we were going to make this our protocol with the help and gentle direction from the Devs.

We were engaged, and some of the community noticed an issue with the initial airdrop. The community united and worked out who was shorted. And the community built a merkle claim distribution to right any wrongs felt by those that were slighted in the initial airdrop.

The Community was also willing to get experimental and jump into the NFT hype train. Through soliciting various Artists, the community put together a NFT prize pool for some select NFTs and some IRL pieces.

Exercising that gentle direction, PoolTogether Inc. came to the community with the idea to diversify the treasury through Venture Capital. The Community liked the idea but not all the VC players. Ultimately the Community exercised it’s voice and brought in a VC of their choosing to be included in the diversification.

We were heard, the protocol was becoming a community team and PoolTogether Inc., it was time for a Grants Committee. And this grants committee would be unlike any other in the space, a budget determined by the community and a committee wholly run by the community. PoolTogether was DAO-ifying fast and loose.

With the Community fully enamored, PoolTogether Inc. saw an opportunity to create a partnership in the name of security with code4rena. The community felt this was a very straight forward yes, and the partnership continues to this day, with PoolTogether having a spotless record.

Starting to speed run now as we’re moving closer to this millennia in onchain terms.

Other communities were starting to engage with PoolTogether, like Llama doing some early analytics. The community also had some crazy idea’s that never quite made it to prime time, like $POOL buybacks which came up a number of times and even had a brief spotlight in V5.

Somewhere in the flurry, PoolTogether was expanded to Polygon and the Community rallied forming a team to ensure Polygon operated smoothly and all depositors were given their fair drip. But being multi-chain brought new hurdles and the Community was ready to discuss multi-chain governance before it was cool and deep conversations with the PoolTogether Inc. team about their roadmap and where the community feels it should go.

All the while the Community is still running the Grants Committee, has a Polygon Team, is working with PoolTogether Inc. to keep cross-chain running smoothly and incentives going, and the community is fleshing out more teams. With more team comes more ways to incentivize community engagement. We were already experimenting with Coordinape so we built that into it and the Community again got experimental and started leveraging UMA’s KPI options. The PoolTogether Grant Committee was already experimenting with KPI options, so it seemed natural and PoolTogether always seemed to be ahead of the curve.

Somewhere in this mix during 2022 our community members began getting sniped for other onchain organizations. The Community rejoiced, every community member that was hired outside the community was a big win. We were creating the skills for a lasting impact across communities; Zerion, Zapper, Defiant, Galxe, and many others all brought some of the PoolTogether Community into their ranks.

But that’s not all. PoolTogether kept expanding chains, to Celo, Avalanche, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Base. It kept expanding versions from V3 to V4 to V5.0 to V5.1 to V5.2. More teams were developed to handle all the moving pieces like the Executive Team. Deep dives were being had to determine the direction and utilization of the treasury how and where to LP, and experiments with Ondo or Bancor. And many of this teams were all community members, and those that weren’t were majority community members.

The Community was doing it, we were driving the protocol. And the Devs were working with us, we were partners, we’re driving and they’re the driving instructor.

The Community was always having crazy ideas, and some never got daylight. But PoolTogether was always ahead of it’s time. The PoolTogether Community was thinking about points before $POINTS in 2021 and again in 2023. We even continued to get crazy with NFTs that could change over time depending on certain onchain interactions. We had a dedicated YouTuber showing off PoolTogether in 2022-23, we had an ad spot on Bankless in 2023 (I think), and we even had crypto Christmas cards to get onboard newbies to the onchain lifestyle.

All in all the Community was pretty great. And out votes had meaning. Our voices were heard and our feedback was taken seriously. We’d (PoolTogether Inc. and/or G9 and various community members) all go back to the drawing board many times until we get it right.

But not anymore, 340k big :fu: to community. It was fun, we were doing it, but a small subset of the G9 team had other plans. gg

Aged like milk…


Drop your DAO or community good times below. Let the good times reign through the bitterness.

I know I’ve forgotten a lot of what we’ve accomplished. Some more onchain related like everything Brave, DrCPU, and Underethsea have put together. And many of the little things like when the community rallied to get Oops a computer or Tjark a car.


Hesitant to reply because I wouldn’t want this title to be at the top of the governance forum for long, but because of the post’s content, the fact that you’re most likely not being inflamatory for the sake of it and out of respect for you and others that may feel the same way, here goes…

First of all I won’t try and justify other individuals’ votes; at the end of the day everyone can vote as they deem fit, and G9 (the company) doesn’t currently have any voting power, the people that comprise it do. I personally make it a point to vote “abstain” on onchain proposals where I’d arguably have a conflict of interest. Historically, most that feel the same way - regardless of team - tend to just not vote since mainnet gas is expensive and I respect that.

Secondly, and perhaps most important of all, is that I don’t believe that what makes the PoolTogether community awesome is the way we come together to allocate treasury funds, but that we come together in the first place. We’ve been through countless different methods of rewarding contributors (many of which you already mentioned), teams and PTBRs are a recent experiment, and I don’t think those define our collective greatness. I think our constitution does. I think the product we’ve deeply iterated on and now provide to the world permissionlessly does. I think our engagement with others in this space and the value we bring does.

With that in mind, while I haven’t been here as long as you have, I can maybe add a couple events to the list of awesome things that happened and I hope continue happening :slight_smile:

  • PoolyCon at ETHDenver was awesome. Unfortunately I was watching from afar as the US gov struggled to give me a piece of paper that allowed me to cross an imaginary line, but that’s a topic for another time lol
  • Loved getting absolutely destroyed by Ilpo at the Catan tournaments we held a couple times.
  • Still miss Livster’s rants about the french revolution during community calls. Simpler times.
  • Oops’ POAPs are great and still going strong - we should totally have an icon or something on Discord that changed based on how many of those people own.
  • The Pooly NFT was great. Albeit the reason for it was a bit infuriating, it really showed that people still cared about DeFi.

Just wanted to wrap up by saying that I’m here and will continue to be here because of the people here and what we’ve built together, and everything that has happened in the last ~2.5 years has only reinforced this for me.


I’ll change the topic title.

How could I forget PoolyCon? That was the best part of EthDenver hands down. Couldn’t have had that without significant organization on all fronts.


Happy to add a few highlights that haven’t been mentioned yet! Feels like traveling through time.

Thanks to this community I’ve made countless acquaintances. A good number of these have turned into friendships. Some community milestones from the top of my head:

All our events

Weekly swim meets, onboarding calls, the book club, game nights, the deep end, and many more. We’ve always had fun events! I liked it most when someone new got around and offered to host.


The daily prediction game hosted by @DaBoom! I had so much fun over many seasons and am still impressed by the quality of the questions.

Collaborating on the community newsletter

I started the newsletter out of necessity. So much was happening around PoolTogether that people couldn’t follow. At its peak, our little newsletter was translated into six languages: Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, and Hindi.

Receiving my first DAO grant

10-15 editions into the newsletter, POOL Grants proactively reached out to me. “We gotta talk”. I was offered my very first grant from a DAO. I was hesitant at first but we agreed on a deal that would also include @SmartInvestor.

Valentine’s Day with PoolTogether

The gang got together to create a marketing campaign from start to finish.
Under the theme of “No Loss, No Heartbreak” we sent PoolTogether’s Cupid on a mission to spread the love with his loaded Valentine’s Day NFTs. Participants won 400k in delegations.

No Loss Donations

A war broke out and Ukraine was under attack. Still in shock, during one of our swim meets, we brainstormed a way of using PoolTogether to support those affected by the war. A first version was rolled out before the call ended, thanks to @dylan. Poolers from all levels of the community got involved and helped as they could.


Using PoolTogether for good has always been top of mind for Poolers.
With stETH.win we had a fully-fledged community project with contributions by @drcpu, @underthesea, @BraveNewDeFi, @TheRealTuna, and @Lonser amongst others. We created lots of positive news for all of PoolTogether and collected several ETH for good causes.

The Other Internet Report

The PoolTogether community was the subject of an essay by Other Internet. Lots of beautiful lore in there!

And lots more:

  • Traveling to Amsterdam on my own to meet @AndyKaufman, @gabor, and @Torgin
  • Hearing all the positive stories on social media
  • Getting airdrops
  • Streaming Sessions with @tim
  • Pods by @kamescg , Poolexplorer and countless cool builds by @underthesea, data by sharingnotes, dune dashboards by @sarfang, Poolygotchi, the Pool Builder, insane 3,3 together prizes, …


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I feel you Taliskye and I your commitment to pool together has stood longer to than the founders. Sadly just 2 weeks after this post, Ncookiez pulled a Brendan in voting noting his statement about abstaining then being the only voter funding $140k to pooltime for 6 months of co-social media management. . I wish you luck and think we all see where things are going here.