Pool pool on Polygon incentives / General Polygon incentives ideas

Hey Lonser from Polygon Operations Team here,
this quick post is meant to gather some opinions/ideas about what we can do to growth further on Polygon especially an eventual Pool pool on Polygon cause some people asked/wished for that.

Thanks to PTIP 35 we got funding for the Polygon USDT and USDC pools (100 pool drip per day, already in the faucet) for 6 weeks and an additional 5000 pool in control of the Polygon Operations Team multi sig. These pool tokens are meant to further growth on Polygon till V4 arrives.

The general idea is that a Pool pool could help to fight the pool token sell pressure on Polygon cause people are going to sell their pools when they can’t do anything with them on Polygon (beside maybe provide LP on Quick/Sushi).
On the other hand some members mentioned their concerns cause their is no use case for pool tokens on Polygon yet (you can’t vote with them on Polygon).

Personally I’m not 100% decided/sure yet myself but generally in favor of a pool pool.
The pool drip amount in my opinion could be something in the range of 25-75 pool per day.

Would be nice to hear you ideas/opinions :slight_smile:

(Quick polls for people that don’t want to write but if you got time please comment :slight_smile: )
Pool pool on Polygon

  • Yes
  • No

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Pool pool drip amount per day

  • Less than 25
  • 25
  • 50
  • 75
  • More than 75
  • Something else between 25 and 75, please comment

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I would want to avoid having PPOOL be “stuck” on polygon and not used for governance voting on ETH. Since that’s a pretty tricky concept to figure out if/how governance can be used on polygon I think it’s still okay to have PPOOL.

To me it seems like a majority of POOL deposits on polygon will come from the drip of USDT/USDC so it wouldn’t be poaching our depositors on ETH. Makes sense to me to move forward.

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I think a small amount of Pool would be best suited. The important thing is to give a utility to the drip awards.

In the future I would like to see that ppool holders receive a percentage of each of the Pools that exist in Pooltogether, a reward scheme like bLuna in the Terra blockchain, I think would be very suitable for us, and would increase the number of users and POOL holders

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POOL POOL would definitely help Token utilization in Polygon . we can build long term holders in polygon. Just curious how to vote from polygon. Do we need to transfer POOL to Ethereum to participate in vote?

Thanks @lonser for bringing up this topic

To be clear @vpool, there is currently no ability to vote using POOL on Polygon and a pPOOL would not change that. So yes it would require bridging to Ethereum to vote with POOL (edited to actually be clear)

If we do implement a pPOOL I think the drip should be relatively small, like 25 POOL a day. We could not have any drip and instead have lots of prizes (I think since gas is cheap). Perhaps 150 POOL in prizes per week.

I also would like to see the vesting (early exit fee) if a pPOOL on Polygon were to be deployed. I think 30 days is pretty standard in the Polygon ecosystem. As I understand it currently the contract has a lower max exit duration setting but I would think we could deploy a new contract with a higher max setting to get to 30 days. Maybe 5% or 10% decaying. This could be an interesting experiment in vesting strategies in many ways.


Let’s get a POOL pool on Polygon ASAP! I would start it at 25 POOL/day and raise it if needed later, ideally we don’t want the POOL to be bridged over but instead earned and deposited. I want to acquire those users who would support Pooltogether longterm and not just be a meal for farmers. Once we added the POOL pool on Ethereum I was really drawn to buy more.

Thanks @Lonser for bringing up this important addition!


I’m of the mind that Polygon is our playground. Maybe we can go outside the box here, drip a low amount of POOL like 25, or even zero if we get really creative.

  • NFT prizes
  • High number of prize winners, 50, each gets 1 POOL each or some other interesting Token each
  • Drip WMATIC instead, or some other token once we have other yield sources
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