PoolTogether Community Update

PoolTogether DAO Community Update

The PoolTogether DAO and its community are steadily growing. Here’s an update about the happenings over the last 2 months.


In the recent re-structuring we have reduced the overall amount of channels and introduced a the Teams-category for all working group & committee specific channels. Hiding them for the general public helps reduce the information overload when first joining the server.

Members on Discord:
Jan 1st: 7,606 Members
Feb 1st: 8,103 Members
Mar 1st: 9,054 Members

DAO Landing Page

The DAO Landing Page was introduced and is serving as a single source of truth around the DAO. Things are now easy to find and the DAO has a dedicated place to collect and display information that is important.

Contributor-, Milestone-, and Entertainment-POAPs

To stop the farming we’re releasing new sets of POAPs. Those come in the form of Contributor-, Milestone-, Entertainment-POAPs and are only given out to close contributors and supporters of the protocol.
The first POAPs of this kind have already been shared and there are lots more to be announced!

Happiness Survey

The DAO Happiness Survey was conducted to check on our community health and make out possible pain points within our DAO.
The results are still open for discussion and I’d be excited to hear some more ideas, feedback and thoughts on the governance forum.
DAO Happiness Survey Results


Community member DaBoom has surprised us with the first POOL Hodler exclusive. PoolStreaks is a game where you can predict the outcome of PoolTogether prize draws.
We’re currently in Season 2 and everyone who’s verified as POOL Hodler on Discord can join here.

Valentines Day NFT Campaign

Spearheaded by Anne_Well PoolTogether launched another community-led marketing campaign. Under the title “No Loss. No Hearbreak. Just Love.” the project showcased the power of PoolTogether’s delegation feature in combination with NFTs.
No Loss. No Heartbreak. Just Love. Campaign Page

DAO Onboarding Calls & Hangouts

On our mission to make the DAO more accessible and reduce friction for new joiners we’ve started to host weekly DAO Onboarding Calls. The Onboarding Calls offer a space to learn about PoolTogether as a protocol and DAO, ask questions and reach out to get involved on the spot.
Reach out to me on Discord if you’d like to get involved in making our Onboarding Calls even better!
PoolTogether DAO Onboarding Calls & Hangouts

Community Advocates

The Community Advocate role was formalized to recognize PoolTogether’s closest core-contributors. Community Advocates are trusted members of the PoolTogether community that define, and contribute to, our community’s values, mission & vision.
More Info

Coordinape Management & Updates

Lonser stepped up as new manager of PoolTogether’s Coordinape circle. He’s providing bi-weekly updates about the circle and his work to improve our use of it in #coordinape on Discord.
More Info about Coordinape

Canny for Feedback

Discord is moving fast and sometimes even the best ideas get lost. Our canny is meant to be a funnel for feedback & future RFPs. Share your ideas, vote for others and comment your thoughts!
PoolTogether on Canny

Contests & Events

Fun has always been at the center of PoolTogether’s design. Being a member of our community should be rewarding, so we’ve held a few contests giving out POOL and delegations as prizes.
Avalanche Hype & Vibe Contest → Winners
Delegation Meme Contest → Winners
Pool Poetry - Poem Contest → Winners


Super useful tools have been contributed by community members:

Community Substack

The Community Substack originated in October 2021 and keeps delivering on a weekly basis. It’s fully contributor-driven and has variations in French, Mandarin, Spanish and Turkish. Interested content creators & translators are still invited to participate.
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Contribute yourself :point_down:

  1. Join the Community Call & Swim Meet every Friday.
  2. Want to know more about the PoolTogether DAO? Check dao.pooltogether.com
  3. New here? Come to one of our DAO Onboarding Calls (every Wednesday).
  4. Do you already have an idea that could bring value to the DAO? Apply for a grant with PoolGrants.