PoolTogether Community Update (March 2022)

PoolTogether Community Update (March 2022)

The PoolTogether Community is thriving and contributors have again found many creative ways to add value and grow the protocol. Below I quickly reflect the updates from March 2021. You can find the previous update here.


  • Birb role: New joiners now have the birb role for their first week on PoolTogether Discord. This helps us to better welcome them and invite all new members to our weekly DAO Onboarding Call. Thanks @Oops for setting it up.
  • New language channel: #русский (Russian)

Membership on Discord:

  • March 1st: 9054 Members (190 POOL Hodlers)
  • April 1st: 9691 Members (270 POOL Hodlers)

Quick reminder to unlock channels for contributors in #welcome!


The March was eventful. Besides our regular events, we hosted:

New Community Advocates

DaBoom and neken have been nominated and joined the team of PoolTogether Community Advocates. Read their nominations here and here.

No Loss Donations to Ukraine

The concept of No Loss Donations was launched as a community effort during a Community Call and replaced our birthday celebrations. The No Loss Donation UI allows PoolTogether users to delegate their deposit to Unchain Ukraine. @Taliskye spearheaded communications. So far $1360 have been donated and the delegation is still ongoing. You can still delegate here.

FAQ Bot by Background Network

Our #help channel is now a lot stronger, thanks to Background Network’s FAQ Bot. FAQ Bot is there to answer all of those frequently asked questions. It picks up different question-variations, allows trusted Poolers to edit the answers and helps to pick and collect frequently asked questions for our User Documentation.

The integration was spearheaded by @AndyKaufman & @DaBoom.

Community built open-source API for prize stats

@underthesea has published the code that runs the API behind poolexplorer.win. Anyone is free to use the API, or the code. It has some unique functionality as it was designed for Pool Explorer specifically (and now Pooly). The API runs off of drcpu’s postgres database. Anyone is free to use the API or use the code. You can find it here.

Otterspace Onboarding

We are collaborating with Otterspace.xyz to improve our onboarding flow and help new joiners find their way in the PoolTogether community. Help us test the first version here.

PoolStreaks Season 3

PoolStreaks started as little gimmick for POOL holders and has evolved into a part of the daily Discord experience of many Poolers since. After rewarding winners off his own funds for two Seasons, DaBoom now secured a grant to keep the game running!

Verified POOL holders can join the game here.

PoolTogether Community on Mirror

Mirror introduced the feature to add multiple contributors to one publication, so we took it as an invitation to join the world of decentralized blogging. PoolTogether Community on Mirror can act as a place to post more in-depth community & DAO related articles that don’t fit into our governance forum or are too long for announcements or the newsletter.

Reach out if you have something you’d like to publish on there!

Community Substack

Thanks to PoolTogether Season 1 all variations of the PoolTogether Community Substack experienced explosive growth in subscriptions.

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PoolGrants Updates

PoolGrants publishes their monthly updates on here.

Contribute yourself :point_down:

  1. Join the Community Call & Swim Meet every Friday.
  2. Share feature requests on Canny.
  3. Want to know more about the PoolTogether DAO? Check dao.pooltogether.com
  4. New here? Join us for one of our DAO Onboarding Calls (every Wednesday).
  5. Do you already have an idea that could bring value to the DAO? Apply for a grant with PoolGrants.