Developer Call #6 - Today at 12:00 PDT!

The sixth PoolTogether Developers Call will be held today on June 2 at 12:00pm PDT (GMT-7). This informal call every other Wednesday will bring the developer community together to present ongoing projects and foster discussion.

  • Share new and on-going projects
  • Have an open discussion and Q&A

Anyone can join our call, and we especially encourage those who wish to start building on PoolTogether. Let’s talk shop!

This call will be held in the live audio channel of our Discord server.


  • Ryan (McOso) will showcase his PoolTogether Tools page
  • Brendan will showcase the new Prize Splits feature that PT Inc is developing
  • Anyone else can share their PoolTogether projects

The call has ended! We had a good chat about:

  • PoolTogether Tools app
  • Launch of Rari Fuse lending pools for USDC tickets. Leverage your tickets as collateral to borrow!
  • Integration of Collab Land to enable tipping in Discord
  • The new Prize Split feature that will allow prize pool owners to divert a portion of the prize interest to selected addresses
  • Discussion around distributing Pod shares and tickets through AMMs and across chains