Developer Call #4 - Today at noon

The fourth PoolTogether Developers Call will be held today on May 5 at 12:00pm PDT (GMT-7). This informal call will bring the developer community together to present ongoing projects and foster discussion.

  • Share new and on-going projects
  • Have an open discussion and Q&A

Anyone can join our call, and we especially encourage those who wish to start building on PoolTogether. Let’s talk shop!

This call will be held in the live audio channel of our Discord server.


  • Chuck will showcase updates to the Prize Pool Builder that will incorporate new yield sources
  • Dylan will showcase staking UI for the LP incentives
  • Brendan will showcase the UI for the amended airdrop
  • Aodhgan will talk about our Upkeep integration

Some additions:

  • Kames showcased the latest Pods UI! Looks great.
  • @unquale Talked about his Avalanche implementation

Hope to see you all again in two weeks!

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is this saved anywhere?

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No, there is no video recording unfortunately.

Hi, I was wondering when it would be possible to have Avalanche implementation. Avalanche has the “Avalanche Rush” incentives, it would be good opportunity for Pool Together to be part of that. Guess that would also raise attention of Pool Together within Avalanche community as well. I’d like to hear if you have any opinions.

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Hi @mustafaine,
A yield source has been implemented for Snowball on Avalanche: GitHub - DogaOztuzun/snowball-pooltogether
So we would need to review this code, deploy the protocol on Avalanche and then deploy a pool there.
What are the Avalanche Rush incentives?


Hi @Pierrick,

Thanks for your reply, Avalanche recently released their Rush incentives, pls check their medium post: Avalanche Foundation Announces $180M DeFi Incentive Program | by Avalanche | Avalanche | Aug, 2021 | Medium

So, far AAVE, Curve, Benqi, Sushi has been joined the program, I was thinking Pooltogether would be one of the selected applications. Pls also check the application form: https://twitter.com/Ahnor_Block/status/1432378488632250375

@leighton would you be interested and help to accelerate the acceptance of the Avalanche Network on Pooltogether.

I see that Celo has started a similar pools here which I also joined, like to have the same with Avalanche, there is a great community, I am sure they are going to bring some cool wibe here.

Btw, the incentive is over 400 mio as todays price. Benqi has a liquidity of ~2bln even if it has just released on avalanche.

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Yes! I’m meeting with the Avax team tomorrow to discuss this.

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