Developer call #9 - Today at noon

The ninth PoolTogether Developers Call will be held today on July 28 at 12:00pm PDT (GMT-7). This informal call every other Wednesday will bring the developer community together to present ongoing projects and foster discussion.

  • Share new and on-going projects
  • Have an open discussion and Q&A

Anyone can join our call, and we especially encourage those who wish to start building on PoolTogether. Let’s talk shop!

This call will be held in the live audio channel of our Discord server .

This week is a short one, with these updates:

  • @dylan Will showcase the upcoming Pods integration into the flagship
  • @Brendan Will give a rundown of the C4 exploit that was discovered, and how we’ve handled it
  • @Brendan Will walk us through @McOso and @pedrovilela’s fresh Biggest Winners design

The rest of the Inc. team is quietly working on V4…we will showcase it in two weeks! :loudspeaker:

We invite anyone else to present what they’ve been building with PoolTogether!

Recordings of the call are available here:

Spotify : Spotify

Anchor: PoolTogether Developer Call #9 by Oops • A podcast on Anchor