Introducing the PoolTogether DAO Onboarding Calls

When: Wednesdays at 6pm CET, 12pm EST, UTC,
On our road to making the PoolTogether DAO more accessible and inclusive we are beginning to host weekly Onboarding Calls. Onboarding Calls create a space to engage with new community members, help them contribute and increase community retention.

Within the call we aim to answer all questions starting from what a DAO actually is, going over PoolTogether and its values, the community structure and all processes involved.

Following the Onboarding Call all participants are teamed up into a Swim Class. By doing this we place new community members into smaller cliques, with the intention to lower the social overload and create a safe space for beginners.

Every Swim Class is confronted with our Onboarding Quest “Swimming Lessons”. Swimming Lessons intend to break the ice between members of the Swim Class, guide them through their first steps and give reasons to collaborate and return to the PoolTogether Discord server.

All participants are invited to a recap event two weeks after the initial Onboarding Call. During this “Free Swimmers” Meetup we look at quest results, check back on participants, and have the possibility to collect feedback and adapt future Onboard Calls.

Part of the quest is to design your team’s personal POAP, which will be handed out to everyone during the Free Swimmers Meetup. This associates members on their journey within the DAO forever and helps prevent POAP farming.

This event and its logistics were heavily inspired by the Krause House onboarding & this document pioneered by rafa0.

Very excited to hear your feedback, thoughts and ideas!

Event Logistics

Onboarding Deck

  • Time: Wednesdays, at 9am PST / 5pm UTC / 6pm CET / 12pm EST / 1am HKT
  • Cadence: Weekly
  • Type: Community Onboarding
  • Attendee Scope: New Community Members
  • Voice Channel: #PoolTogether Live
  • Visual Sharing: Discord Screenshare
  • Chatting Channel: #swimclass-noX
  • Content Design: Google Slides
  • Facilitators: Tjark
  • Easter-eggs / Interaction Design: Yes, surprise and POAP at Free Swimmer Meetup

Before the Call

  • [ ] Post Announcement
  • [ ] Test Sceenshare
  • [ ] Create Channel
  • [ ] Post Slides & Slido Explainer


  • Warm Welcome
  • Quick Intro Round
  • What’s a DAO
  • What’s PoolTogether DAO
  • Contributing to the DAO
    • How much time would you like to spend?
    • How would you like to contribute?
  • Staying up to date
  • Open Round for Questions
  • Next Steps: Swim Class, Swimming Lessons & Follow up

After the Call

  • Thank all participants for attending in their channel
  • Repost Swimming Lessons
  • Swim Class Onboarding Quest → Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons (First Quest)

  • Decide as a group on a name for your Swim Team
  • Use your channel to get to know your team
  • Create a design for your team’s personal POAP
    • based on template
  • Pick a member to introduce your team & its members in #dao-innovation
  • We will meet again briefly in 2 weeks

Free Swimmers Meetup

When? 2 weeks after the call
What? Brief catch up on the Onboarding process, questions, first steps, feedback

  • No more than 20-30 mins
    • Check quest results
  • Supply POAP
  • DM with Survey

This is so cool @Tjark . I’ll do my best to join this Wednesday (but likely have a work conflict)…so will see

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Thank you!
I’m not sure how to make out the best time for these calls yet. I’m flexible on this!