Delegation Week 2023 (May 22nd - 26th)

Delegation Week

Happy to announce that PoolTogether is participating in the first ever Delegation Week.

Delegation Week is a 5-day event dedicated to exploring the power of voter delegation in the DAO & protocol ecosystem.

You can expect a variety ​of Twitter spaces, workshops, educational content & more, all centered around the topic of governance delegation.

When: May, 22nd - 26th (RSVP)

What can I do to get prepared?

If you consider stepping forward as a governance delegate:

If you’re looking to delegate your voting power in PoolTogether governance to a governance delegate:

  • make sure to have your POOL tokens ready on the Ethereum network
  • browse available Delegates in the Delegate Proposal thread
  • wait for free delegations during Delegation Week (more info soon)

Bonus: Tool Time feat Tally

To kick off the whole spectacle we’re hosting Tool Time together with Tally!

Join us on May 10th on PoolTogether Discord for an interactive session with Frisson. We’re looking at how Tally makes your life as governor more easy and chat about the upcoming Delegation Week.

RSVP here: Event Link


Reminder! Delegation Week is getting closer and the line up looks like it’s DAOchella :fire:

Join us for Tool Time

Kicking it off I’m happy to host Tally for a PoolTogether Tool Time on Wednesday.
Frisson will talk about everything Tally, Governance and Delegation Week. Join the session and bring your questions!

Announcing: Free Delegations

Free Delegations will allow POOL holders to (re-)delegate their POOL governance power for free. Eligible token holders can use Tally to delegate their voting power to themselves or someone else. Tally will relay the signed EIP-2771 transaction to cover the gas.

Eligibility conditions:

  • Limited to about 100 delegations (Buget: 0.55 ETH; first come, first serve)
  • 1 delegation per wallet
  • Must hold ≥50 POOL previously to May 22nd

Thanks to PoolGrants for generously sponsoring the gas fees

Governance Delegates

Looking for someone to delegate to or want to be a governance delegate yourself? Check out the Delegate Proposals Mega-Thread


PoolTogether is participating in Delegation Week starting May 22nd!

Delegation Week is a 5-day, ecosystem-wide event dedicated to token holder <> delegate engagement. Participants include DAOs like Arbitrum, Optimism, ENS, and Uniswap, delegates like Stablelab, She256, Flipside Crypto, and Blockchain at USC, and tools like Tally, Boardroom, and Karma.

PoolTogether delegates are encouraged to prepare for Delegation Week by signing in to and creating their delegate statements.

POOL token holders are encouraged to delegate and revisit existing delegations starting on May 22nd. Wallets holding more than 50 POOL will be eligible for a free delegation transaction on Tally during Delegation Week.

Excited to celebrate Delegation Week with you all!

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Delegation Week has concluded. Thanks to all Poolers who participated!

While Delegation Week is over, gasless delegations have been extended until June 22nd.

Eligible wallets can (re-)delegate their POOL tokens without paying gas here.