Delegate Proposals Mega-Thread

This thread is intended for posts where users are pitching themselves as delegates.

If you hold POOL tokens but don’t want to actively participate in governance yourself you can delegate your voting power to others. This action keeps the POOL tokens in your wallet but allows someone else to participate actively in governance votes on your behalf.

If you’d like to have more voting power, you can announce yourself as a Delegate in this thread and on

Want to learn more? Read the Governance Delegate & Voter guide.


I recently announced myself as a Pooltogether governance delegate.
Here I want to tell you why I’m well equipped to represent you in governance.


  • I have a proven track record on this forum and on the Discord.
  • I am arguably the most active member of the entire forum. According to the user statistics (PoolTogether), I’ve received the second most likes on posts (after @Leighton), spent the most time on it in total, and read the most posts. I was granted the “new user of the month” badge when I joined.
  • I have a background in Computer Science which means I have a good understanding of probability and statistics, aswell as being able to judge whether something is feasible from a technical perspective.
  • I’ve been an active member of the community since the beginning of v3. I know how everything works, including the inner workings of the smart contracts.
  • I have answered the questions of hundreds of users on the Discord. I know what problems they have and how the protocol could be improved for them.
  • @Leighton has endorsed me as “a great delegate”.

My core values are:

  • To always make rational decisions based on facts.
  • To make the protocol fair to everyone.
  • To lower gas costs in order to allow more people to use Pooltogether.
  • To promote sustainable long-term growth of the protocol.
  • Not to spend governance funds on useless things.

I plan to continue spending a lot of my time on Pooltogether governance and helping new users out in the future. I do this on a purely voluntary basis. I have never gotten paid for any of this.

Update: I am now the PoolGrants committee co-lead, which is a paid position.

I strongly encourage you to read through my past forum posts and see how I’ve added to governance discussions so far!

If I was able to convince you to choose me as your delegate, please go to and delegate your POOL to my address.
You can also follow me on my brand new Twitter account

If you have any questions, let me know!

Edit: I just hit 10k delegated votes, meaning I can now start proposals!
Thank you everyone for your support.

I am paying the gas fees for voting out of pocket. If you would like to donate to help cover costs, send ETH to 0xC8f88b4aeF57Ac93FE41390194C3A4d77d7df744


Hey all, my name is gabor and have been around with PT for a while now, with ever increasing enthusiasm. I am offering my service as a delegate based on my strong interest in the continued development of the protocol.


  • One of the European time-zone helpers on Discord with a strong intrinsic motivation to make PT attractive and available to a broad audience.
  • Have done the German translation of PT (and continue to update it)
  • Proactively kicked off the charitable PT Christmas Card project; self-funded the professional design&print of the cards which generated a 1000$ donation to an animal rescue foundation in Eastern Europe and made it possible to gift DeFi for Christmas.
  • Strong background in finance, business and management, working on critical key decisions on daily basis and able to contribute to governance proposals and discussions with commercial viewpoints and inspiration
  • Given the finance “DNA”, you will find me on various other DeFi discords. Other than that I have been supporting NFT artists and try to build up a decent collection of items I find beautiful :blush:

Like @Torgin I already use a reasonable share of time and attention to try to make PoolTogether better and bigger and I have lots of ideas I want to bring up in the future. Votes can be delegated to 0xgabor.eth

My interests and ideas can be reviewed in the two submitted governance proposals:


Why hello there boys, girls and others!

Andy brings to the table a variety of reasons why you could let him represent your interests in the POOL community & protocol!

Why should we pick you Andy?

Well let’s dive on in!

I’ve been using Pool Together since early January of 2020 and have actively participated in snapshot proposal votes!

In short I’ve been part of the crypto community since early 2017 and have been an active participant in a variety of projects, seen some crash and burn, others succeed. I am quite selective when it comes to what communities I take part in as I prefer to focus on a few high quality projects over a bunch of others.

I do love to jest and bring some comedy to the crypto scene but when it’s time to focus I get serious! I can not stand misinformation and rely heavily on educating users first!

What are some of those projects/communities (come find my activity in their discords!)?

  • FunFair
  • Compound
  • BadgerDAO
  • StakeDAO
  • Axie Infinity also run a scholarship program
  • EthStaker
  • r/Ethfinance avid lurker
  • Uniswap
  • MIR Protocol
  • Gods Unchained

It would appear that I am not as active in PoolTogether but that’s quite the opposite, I’m currently in the learning phase to catch up on what has changed in the last 2 months!

Okay so you are just another guy asking for my vote, why do I care?

Well to start I have been pushing more users to delegate their votes to themselves (or others) by reimbursing 50-100% of their gas fees! None of these folks delegated to myself, nor did I offer them to! I simply wanted to get governance rolling!

Here is one of my recent questions for the team (During our community call today) to show why Andy is a top tier pick!

as per signaling of pool holders that have their votes delegated, is there potential for snapshots to breakdown each delegates peoples interests they represent? That way a delegator can get an understanding of what their contributors have an interest in to make informed governance decisions/votes?

I’m looking to add to the usage of POOL and tokenomics as a whole!

Hmm okay you seem okay, tell me a joke though and we will see how it goes

Andy doesn’t joke! :open_mouth:

Andy is advocated by 2/2 Andy’s

You can find me here!


Delegate Proposal: tjark.eth

Hey Poolers,

A healthy governance system is good for both the protocol and POOL holders. Nonetheless, a lot of POOL voting power goes without being used.

I want to put myself up as PoolTogether governance delegate and at the same time resurrect the governance delegation process.

My background

My name is Tjark, I joined the PoolTogether community in August 2021 and have been hooked ever since. Here’s a quick summary of my involvement:

  • PoolTogether user, contributor & token holder
  • Full-time Community Builder & Content Creator for PoolTogether since December 2021
  • Web2-me has a background as Logistics Manager & Scrum Master
  • Living PoolTogether encyclopedia, writing newsletters, articles, and maintaining the user docs
  • PoolTogether onboarder, advocate & helper - the first point of contact for many
  • Top 10 user on the PoolTogether governance forum, voting on every proposal
  • Joining every Community Call (that’s 8:45 pm on a Friday over here!) & probably the most active Pooler on Discord
  • Fully doxed - come and meet me!

I’m a Pooler by heart. I’m dedicated and fully committed to that. I actively follow all evolvements of the protocol, ongoings in governance, and sentiments of the community, while continuously engaging with the broader Web3 and DeFi ecosystem.

My values

I see PoolTogether as the starting- and end-point for every user of DeFi. PoolTogether is not just a simple tool to save money but also able to change habits and shift mindsets. It allows that for everyone. PoolTogether is safe, simple, and fun. I

As a governance delegate I dedicate myself to

  • keep PoolTogether fair, fun & engaging
  • allow for an accessible and diverse environment for all
  • enforce the no loss spirit

and ultimately

  • always make educated decisions to help PoolTogether succeed in its vision & mission of becoming the underlying structure for prize savings globally, allowing anyone to create wealth


You can delegate to me on Sybil or Tally (same outcome for both). I’m happy to answer any questions here or on any of the platforms above!

I’d like to invite other Poolers that are interested in volunteering as PoolTogether governance delegate in joining me with their delegate proposals!

  • @Leighton has endorsed me as “a great delegate”.
    May I say too that I as well, would say you are by far one of the greatest assets to the PoolTogether, I’ve been active in this community for around the same time frame and I’ve witnessed your knowledge you share and input you give has helped immensely bring Pooltogether to what it is today
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