Request: Hashmail Integration

Simple Summary

“Introducing hashmail: Revolutionize your dapp communication and take user experience to new heights. Hashmail is more than a web3 messaging platform, it’s a game-changer for your dapp.”


Ever thought of making your dapp’s communication more personalized and effective? We present hashmail, a trailblazing web3 messaging and support platform. It empowers dapps to send personalized messages such as liquidation alerts, transaction updates, and timely reminders. Imagine your users connecting their wallet and receiving these messages directly on the dapp’s front-end via a sleek intercom-style widget, or through their preferred channels - wallet address, email, Telegram, or Discord. Sound exciting? We think so too!


In a world that is rapidly going digital, communication should never be a bottleneck. However, the current dapp communication landscape is fragmented, making user interaction less than optimal. We believe it’s time to change that. It’s time to make communication seamless, personal, and efficient. That’s where hashmail comes in.



With hashmail, we’re not just solving a problem - we’re transforming the way dapps communicate. Hashmail provides a unique platform for personalized messaging and robust user support, including an AI-enabled in-app and Discord support system.


After a deep dive into the current issues and potential improvements in dapp communication, we realized the need for hashmail. Its unique features like personalized messaging, multi-channel delivery, and AI-enabled support are designed not just to fill the gaps but to elevate the entire communication process. Even better, our AI support chat can be set up in under 10 minutes, ensuring a smooth, swift transition to better support.

Technical Specification

Hashmail is designed to fit seamlessly into your existing dapp infrastructure. The technical details of this integration, such as the code of the new contract or the details of the on-chain proposal, will be provided during the implementation phase, ensuring a smooth and transparent transition.


This proposal is in its early stages, and we’re eager to see it take flight. Relevant links to the forum poll, PoolTogether Snapshot vote, and on-chain proposal will be provided soon.

Next Steps

We’re buzzing with excitement to discuss this proposal further and can’t wait to give you a live demonstration of hashmail in action. Reach out to us, and let’s start a conversation that could revolutionize your dapp’s communication. For a sneak peek into what’s coming, sign up at the hashmail, Get ready to change the way your dapp communicates!

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