Strategic Partnership Proposal with Dappad

Dear Team,

My name is Minaj, and I am from Dappad, which is Optimism’s first decentralized launchpad. We see that your project aligns with Optimism & ethos and we are keen on exploring the possibility of a strategic partnership. Our aim is to further strengthen Optimism Ecosystem and we believe that a collaboration between our projects can lead to great results.

Could you please let us know the right point of contact for us to discuss this opportunity further?

Thank you and I look forward to a productive partnership.

Best regards,

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Hey @Minajuddin,
thanks a lot for reaching out! The governance forum already is the right point of contact!

The PoolTogether protocol is decentralized and governed by POOL token holders. It can be integrated or used by any person or organization. The code is public and open source.

However, the PoolTogether community likes helping values-aligned projects to get started building on or with PoolTogether.

What does Dappad do? What do you understand under collaboration and strategic partnership?