PoolCollective: Optimism Governance Committee

RFC: Optimism Governance Committee


We are looking to contribute to Optimism governance by creating a governance committee under the address poolcollective.eth.

Furthermore we are suggesting to activate and delegate the earned $OP held by the PoolTogether treasury to our multi-sig.


  • Collective of poolers will actively participate in Optimism token house governance
  • Voting happens through poolcollective 2/3 multi-sig
  • Delegate voting power of treasury $OP to poolcollective.eth
    • the $OP earned by the protocol
    • not the OP incentives received from Optimism Foundation

The committee will release a report for every voting cycle on Optimism governance for full transparency.


The main motivations for this experiment are to:

  • Signal PoolTogether’s dedication to the broader Optimism ecosystem
  • Capture otherwise possibly lost voting power from the community and treasury $OP and therefore contribute to the health of OP governance and the Optimistic vision
  • Learn from the process of meta governance and apply learnings to PoolTogether

Committee Members

So far the committee consists of three members. If other Poolers are interested in joining us in achieving the optimistic vision driven by PoolTogether’s values, please voice your interest here or reach out to me via Discord.

I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts on this!


Do you support delegating the voting power of our earned treasury $OP to an Optimism Governance Committee?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Only after further refinement

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Off-chain Snapshot vote is up!
Polygon POOL & Polygon pPOOL is eligible to vote!

Please vote:


In addition to the outstanding members listed above, I’d like to nominate @tim to be on this committee. If he is interested, I think having someone as connected to everything defi as he is, in conjunction with the three members listed above, would make a great team.


would love to see us active in OP governance!

Off-chain Snapshot vote is up!
Polygon POOL & Polygon pPOOL is eligible to vote!

Please vote:

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Update on our Optimism Governance Collective:

If you hold $OP tokens you can delegate them to us.

  1. Go to Optimism Gateway
  2. Click “delegate to anyone”
  3. Enter 0x3D2d722B443A5cAE8E41877BB7cD649f3650937C

Cycle 6

The PoolCollective stepped into action for the first time in Optimism governance cycle #6.

The collective voted as follows:

Cycle 7

Cycle 7 officially began Sep 29th. It’s structured into three weeks:

  1. Community and Delegate Feedback (Sep 29-Oct 6)
  2. Committee Review (Oct 6-13)
  3. Voting (Oct 13-20)

Get involved

Any questions? Let us know!

Interested community members are invited to participate in the collective or join our discussions. You can find us in #poolcollective on Discord.

Have a look at our Notion page to learn more about the PoolCollective.

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Cycle 7

In our second cycle on Optimism token house governance, we voted on behalf of 19 delegators with 58k $OP (0.26% of votable supply).

11 out of 14 proposals passed in Cycle #7.

Proposal PoolCollective Vote Committee Recommendation
Yearn Against Yes
Tarot Against Yes
Sushi For Yes
Safe For Yes
Rainbow Wallet For Yes
LI.FI For Yes
Otterspace For Yes
Karma Plugin For Yes
Karma Dashboard For Yes
Alchemix Against No
Overnight.fi Against No
Overtime Against No
Dope Wars Against No
Abracadabra Money Against No

Unfortunately, six of the votes haven’t been counted on Snapshot due to a Safe bug in batch execution.

Cycle 8

  1. Community and Delegate Feedback (Oct 20-Oct 27)
  2. Committee Review (Oct 27-Nov 3)
  3. Voting (Nov 3-10)

The proposals that will go to Snapshot for Cycle 8 can be found in the Voting Cycle Roundup.

Cycle 8 will officially end season 2 for Optimism token house governance.
It will be followed by:

  • an Off-Season (Nov 10-16)
  • a Reflection Period (Nov 16-30)

before going into a special voting cycle to vote on Committees.

Dive Deeper

  1. Reach out in #poolcollective
  2. Check out Notion
  3. Delegate your $OP to the PoolCollective


Happy new year, my optimistic poolers!
I haven’t posted an update to this thread in a while, so it’s time to get back up to speed!

Update from the PoolCollective

We are eligible for a six-month delegation boost from the Optimism Governance Fund and we’ve decided to use it! We have opted in for the Protocol Delegation Program.

Currently, we have 78.7k $OP delegated to us. The protocol delegation program will increase this number drastically. I will update this thread once it is live!

General Updates from Token House Governance

The Snapshot of your (delegated) OP will take place on January 12 and January 26, ahead of the voting cycles. Make sure your OP is where you want it to be.

Season 3 Information

What’s happening in Token House Season 3? Lavande summarized it for us on the Optimism gov forum:

Our votes for Special Voting Cycle #9a

Our votes for Cycle 8

Proposal PoolCollective Vote Committee Recommendation
Homora V2 <> Ironbank Against For
Curve For For
Socket For For
Arrakis Finance Against Against
Ambire Wallet Abstain Abstain
Overnight.fi Against For
Tally Ho Abstain Abstain
Messari Abstain Abstain
DefiLlama For For
Alchemix For For
Angle Protocol For For
PoolTogether Abstain For
Symphony Finance Against Against
EthernautDAO For For
InsureDAO For For
Mochi For For
Agora For For

How to delegate to us

If you like what we are doing and are not planning to actively participate in Optimism governance, yo can delegate your $OP tokens to the PoolCollective.

  1. Browse to https://app.optimism.io/delegates
  2. Select delegate to anyone
  3. Enter 0x3D2d722B443A5cAE8E41877BB7cD649f3650937C & hit Delegate

Dive Deeper

  1. Reach out to us in #poolcollective
  2. Check out our public Notion workspace
  3. Delegate your $OP to the PoolCollective
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Hello fellow Poolers & Optimists,

another voting cycle has passed so it’s time for another Optimism token house update.

Special Voting Cycle #9b

Special Voting Cycle #9b concluded yesterday. Here are our votes:

Grants Council - Builders

  • Dhante
  • Juanbug (Penn Blockchain)
  • Krzystoph Urbánski (L2 BEAT)

Grants Council - Growth

  • GFX Labs
  • Bobbay (Stablenode)
  • Matt (Synthetix Ambassadors)
  • Michael Vander Meiden
  • Fig (Flipside Crypto)
  • Katie Garcia

Protocol Delegation Program

  • QiDao Protocol
  • Kyberswap
  • Thales
  • ENS
  • Code4rena
  • Agora
  • LIFI

Season 3

Season 3 begins with Voting Cycle #10 on January 26th.

For season 3, governance moves to on-chain voting. The Operating Manual will be updated to reflect the new structure for season 3 shortly.

As previously announced, PoolTogether qualified for the Protocol Delegation Program based on gas fees generated by the protocol during season 2. You can learn more about the Protocol Delegation Program here.
During Season 3 & 4 our PoolCollective will vote with an additional 244.5k OP.

RetroPGF Round 2 has started!

RetroPGF (Retroactive Public Goods Funding) round 2 will distribute 10 million OP tokens to public goods that support the development and usage of the OP Stack.
During this window, anyone can nominate a project or person for funding. Nominations are open from Jan 17 to Jan 31. You can read about the process here. The nominations take place in the Optimism governance forum.

Nomination Scope

For the category of Infrastructure + Dependencies you may nominate:

  • Software used to build or deploy the OP Stack;
  • Contributions to protocols or standards upon which the OP Stack runs
  • Experiments that support future development of the core OP Stack protocol

For the category of Tooling + Utilities you may nominate:

  • Work that helps builders create applications on Optimism mainnet
  • Work that helps builders build on the OP Stack
  • Work that helps builders interact with governance of the Collective
  • Work that helps builders use applications built on Optimism

For the category of Education you may nominate:

  • Work to spread awareness and knowledge of how Optimism works, whether technically or socially.

Learn more in the RetroPGF Project Manual.

Want to join the PoolCollective?

That’s great - we are always looking to bring new active members into the collective!

If you are interested in joining the PoolCollective, take a look at the Delegate Code of Conduct as well as our Delegate Commitment and reach out to us!

Dive Deeper

  1. Follow our discussions or chat with us in #poolcollective
  2. Check out our public Notion workspace
  3. Delegate your $OP voting power to the PoolCollective