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Welcome to the PoolCollective

This thread is a continuation of PoolCollective: Optimism Governance Committee. We will use it to update about the PoolCollective’s progress and actions in Optimism governance.

Update on our Optimism Governance Collective:

If you hold $OP tokens you can delegate them to us:

  1. Browse to https://poolcollective.pool.limo
  2. Click “Delegate”
  3. Sign the transaction :tada:

Cycle 6

The PoolCollective stepped into action for the first time in Optimism governance cycle #6.

The collective voted as follows:

Cycle 7

Cycle 7 officially began Sep 29th. It’s structured into three weeks:

  1. Community and Delegate Feedback (Sep 29-Oct 6)
  2. Committee Review (Oct 6-13)
  3. Voting (Oct 13-20)

Get involved

Any questions? Let us know!

Interested community members are invited to participate in the collective or join our discussions. You can find us in #poolcollective on Discord.

Have a look at our Notion page to learn more about the PoolCollective.

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Cycle 7

In our second cycle on Optimism token house governance, we voted on behalf of 19 delegators with 58k $OP (0.26% of votable supply).

11 out of 14 proposals passed in Cycle #7.

Proposal PoolCollective Vote Committee Recommendation
Yearn Against Yes
Tarot Against Yes
Sushi For Yes
Safe For Yes
Rainbow Wallet For Yes
LI.FI For Yes
Otterspace For Yes
Karma Plugin For Yes
Karma Dashboard For Yes
Alchemix Against No
Overnight.fi Against No
Overtime Against No
Dope Wars Against No
Abracadabra Money Against No

Unfortunately, six of the votes haven’t been counted on Snapshot due to a Safe bug in batch execution.

Cycle 8

  1. Community and Delegate Feedback (Oct 20-Oct 27)
  2. Committee Review (Oct 27-Nov 3)
  3. Voting (Nov 3-10)

The proposals that will go to Snapshot for Cycle 8 can be found in the Voting Cycle Roundup.

Cycle 8 will officially end season 2 for Optimism token house governance.
It will be followed by:

  • an Off-Season (Nov 10-16)
  • a Reflection Period (Nov 16-30)

before going into a special voting cycle to vote on Committees.

Dive Deeper

  1. Reach out in #poolcollective
  2. Check out Notion
  3. Delegate your $OP to the PoolCollective


Happy new year, my optimistic poolers!
I haven’t posted an update to this thread in a while, so it’s time to get back up to speed!

Update from the PoolCollective

We are eligible for a six-month delegation boost from the Optimism Governance Fund and we’ve decided to use it! We have opted in for the Protocol Delegation Program.

Currently, we have 78.7k $OP delegated to us. The protocol delegation program will increase this number drastically. I will update this thread once it is live!

General Updates from Token House Governance

The Snapshot of your (delegated) OP will take place on January 12 and January 26, ahead of the voting cycles. Make sure your OP is where you want it to be.

Season 3 Information

What’s happening in Token House Season 3? Lavande summarized it for us on the Optimism gov forum:

Our votes for Special Voting Cycle #9a

Our votes for Cycle 8

Proposal PoolCollective Vote Committee Recommendation
Homora V2 <> Ironbank Against For
Curve For For
Socket For For
Arrakis Finance Against Against
Ambire Wallet Abstain Abstain
Overnight.fi Against For
Tally Ho Abstain Abstain
Messari Abstain Abstain
DefiLlama For For
Alchemix For For
Angle Protocol For For
PoolTogether Abstain For
Symphony Finance Against Against
EthernautDAO For For
InsureDAO For For
Mochi For For
Agora For For

How to delegate to us

If you like what we are doing and are not planning to actively participate in Optimism governance, yo can delegate your $OP tokens to the PoolCollective.

  1. Browse to https://app.optimism.io/delegates
  2. Select delegate to anyone
  3. Enter 0x3D2d722B443A5cAE8E41877BB7cD649f3650937C & hit Delegate

Dive Deeper

  1. Reach out to us in #poolcollective
  2. Check out our public Notion workspace
  3. Delegate your $OP to the PoolCollective
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Hello fellow Poolers & Optimists,

another voting cycle has passed so it’s time for another Optimism token house update.

Special Voting Cycle #9b

Special Voting Cycle #9b concluded yesterday. Here are our votes:

Grants Council - Builders

  • Dhante
  • Juanbug (Penn Blockchain)
  • Krzystoph Urbánski (L2 BEAT)

Grants Council - Growth

  • GFX Labs
  • Bobbay (Stablenode)
  • Matt (Synthetix Ambassadors)
  • Michael Vander Meiden
  • Fig (Flipside Crypto)
  • Katie Garcia

Protocol Delegation Program

  • QiDao Protocol
  • Kyberswap
  • Thales
  • ENS
  • Code4rena
  • Agora
  • LIFI

Season 3

Season 3 begins with Voting Cycle #10 on January 26th.

For season 3, governance moves to on-chain voting. The Operating Manual will be updated to reflect the new structure for season 3 shortly.

As previously announced, PoolTogether qualified for the Protocol Delegation Program based on gas fees generated by the protocol during season 2. You can learn more about the Protocol Delegation Program here.
During Season 3 & 4 our PoolCollective will vote with an additional 244.5k OP.

RetroPGF Round 2 has started!

RetroPGF (Retroactive Public Goods Funding) round 2 will distribute 10 million OP tokens to public goods that support the development and usage of the OP Stack.
During this window, anyone can nominate a project or person for funding. Nominations are open from Jan 17 to Jan 31. You can read about the process here. The nominations take place in the Optimism governance forum.

Nomination Scope

For the category of Infrastructure + Dependencies you may nominate:

  • Software used to build or deploy the OP Stack;
  • Contributions to protocols or standards upon which the OP Stack runs
  • Experiments that support future development of the core OP Stack protocol

For the category of Tooling + Utilities you may nominate:

  • Work that helps builders create applications on Optimism mainnet
  • Work that helps builders build on the OP Stack
  • Work that helps builders interact with governance of the Collective
  • Work that helps builders use applications built on Optimism

For the category of Education you may nominate:

  • Work to spread awareness and knowledge of how Optimism works, whether technically or socially.

Learn more in the RetroPGF Project Manual.

Want to join the PoolCollective?

That’s great - we are always looking to bring new active members into the collective!

If you are interested in joining the PoolCollective, take a look at the Delegate Code of Conduct as well as our Delegate Commitment and reach out to us!

Dive Deeper

  1. Follow our discussions or chat with us in #poolcollective
  2. Check out our public Notion workspace
  3. Delegate your $OP voting power to the PoolCollective

gm Poolers,
with Season 3 of Optimism Token House coming to a close I’d like to share a quick update about Token House Governance and the PoolCollective’s current doings. There is a lot so I’ll try to keep it short and provide you with links to learn more about each topic.

We are currently in the Reflection Period , before heading into Special Voting Cycle #12a (April 27th - May 10th). You’ll find all important dates at the bottom of this post.

See below our votes during Cylce 11 of Season 3:

Protocol Delegation Program

Currently the PoolCollective is currently receiving a delegation of about 250k OP from the Optimism Foundation through the Protocol Delegation Program. The Delegations are awarded based on a protocol’s gas consumption during a season. Sadly we don’t qualify for S4 based on PoolTogether’s gas fees in S3.

More here: https://gov.optimism.io/t/protocol-delegation-program-renewal/5883

Retroactive Rewards

“In recognition of the important contributions of Token House delegates, the Foundation will retroactively reward active delegates from Season 3.”

The PoolCollective qualifies for these! We are receiving 2250 OP in retroactive rewards for Season 3.

More: https://gov.optimism.io/t/retroactive-delegate-rewards-season-3/5871

Special Voting Cycle 12a

  • Protocol Delegation Program Renewal: The Token House will vote to approve the final season of this program which enables the Foundation to delegate to active protocols in the Optimism ecosystem
  • Collective Intent Budgets: The Token House will vote to approve each proposed Intent Budget
  • Grants Council Renewal: The Token House will vote vote to renew the Grants Council by approving the budget proposal for Intent #2, which is to be overseen by the Council. Delegates are effectively electing the Council Lead that has authored an approved proposal.

Season 4

Season 4 will kick off with Voting Cycle #13 on June 8th.

Expected proposals for this circle:

  • Propose Missions : Request Governance Fund support for initiatives aligned with the Collective Intents
  • Apply to accept Foundation Missions (RFPs): More RFPs will be added between now and June 7th. > Applications must be submitted by June 27th. Foundation Missions (RFPs) will be processed during the voting period
  • Regular Grants Cycle (if Council is renewed)
  • [Any other valid non-grant proposals]

Season 4 is introducing several new foundational concepts. All of these are taking learning from the Collective DAO Archives.

The most important concepts are Intends, Missions, and Alliances.

  • Intends = directional goals
  • Missions = specific initiatives aimed at achieving one of the Intents; replacing a trad. working group structure
  • Alliances = groups of contributors that temporarily work together to accomplish a Mission start-to-finish

You can dive into the full framework here: https://gov.optimism.io/t/guide-to-season-4-as-a-collective/5886

Collective Intends

The intends are as follows:

The 3rd intend is still to be determined by the community. Learn moe about the Intends and help finding the last one.

Token House Missions

As an alternative to the traditional working group structure, Missions are introduced to support specific initiatives aligned with the Intents.

There are two types of Missions:

  1. Proposed Missions
  2. Foundation Missions (RFPs)

Learn more about the Missions here.


Alliances are groups of contributors that execute Missions. Alliances can submit proposals based on Collective Trust Tiers.

Moving forward

These are the expected timelines (subject to change):

  • April 13th - April 26th: Reflection Period (2 weeks)
  • April 27th - May 10th: Special Voting Cycle #12a (2 weeks)
  • May 11th - May 17th: Grants Council Reviewer self-nominations (1 week)
    • Contingent on Special Voting Cycle #12a
    • If the Grants Council is not renewed, this period will be used as a review period for the other proposals scheduled for Special Voting Cycle #12b
  • May 18th - May 31st: Special Voting Cycle #12b (2 weeks)
    • Council Reviewer Elections
    • Treasury Appropriations (annual Foundation budget approval)
  • June 1st-June 7th: Grants Council grace period to publish/update internal operating procedures
    • Contingent on Special Voting Cycle #12a
    • If the Grants Council is not renewed, this period will be used as a rest/preparation period for Season 4
  • June 8th: Season 4 starts with Voting Cycle #13 and continues through Voting Cycle #15, ending on September 20th
  • Proposed Mission will be submitted and voted on in Cycle #13

Delegate to the PoolCollective

Are you holding $OP tokens? Delegate your voting power to the PoolCollective!


Sup Poolers,
two cycles in Optimism governance has passed, so here’s a quick update on the votes the PoolCollective put in.

Special Voting Cycle #12b

This cycle entailed four proposals from three different proposal types:

Proposal PoolCollective vote
Inflation Adjustment Proposal (to 0%) For
Treasury Appropriation (Foundation Year 2 Budget Approval) For
Council Reviewer Elections: Builders Grants
Council Reviewer Elections: Growth Experiments Grants

1. Inflation Adjustment Proposal (to 0%)

The proposal succeeded. The inflation of $OP’s total token supply has been set to 0%. The total supply will remain at 4,294,967,296 OP for year 2.

2. Treasury Appropriation (Foundation Year 2 Budget Approval)

The Optimism Foundation still has about 94% of its initial budget left and therefore put out a symbolic budget request for 1 OP. The proposal succeeded.

3. Council Reviewer Elections: Builders Grants

The elected reviewers are Krzysztof Urbanski, Jack Anorak and Gonna.eth

4. Council Reviewer Elections: Growth Experiments Grants

The five elected reviewers are Katie Garcia, Michael Vander Meiden, Matt L, GFX and Sugma.eth

Season 4

In Season 4, the Token House approval ranks Mission Proposals that work towards Optimism’s Collective Intents.

  • Missions are meant to be specific initiatives that can be completed start-to-finish by the end of Season 4.
  • They are not meant to fund persistent teams to provide ongoing services.

Voting Cycle #13

Intent #1: Progress Towards Technical Decentralization

  • Budget: 1M OP

We voted for the following Missions:

Intent #3: Spreading the Optimistic Vision

  • Budget: 1M OP

We voted for the following Missions:

Intent #4: Governance Accessibility

  • Budget: 3M OP

We voted for the following Missions:


In other news

Swapping Signers on the PoolCollective Multi-Sig

@underthesea has left the PoolCollective after 10 months of great work! It’s sad to see our turtle depart, but we’re mega grateful for what they have brought to the table!

@Illpo and I are very happy to welcome @cpoetter as our newest member! Carsten has been a member of the community for over year and is now stepping up into the PoolCollective!

a16z Delegation

The PoolCollective is proud to join Cohort III of @a16zcrypto’s Token Delegation Program.
We have received a delegation of 1m OP tokens, boosting the collective into the top 10 delegates.

We know this step carries a lot of responsibility, so we are dedicated to improve our balance of finding internal consensus and external communication with stakeholders of the Optimism ecosystem.

How you can help :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:


Sup fellow Nerds & Optimists.
It’s once again time to report back to our delegates about our latest actions.

The PoolCollective currently votes with a weight of 1.135M OP on behalf of 1.06k addresses (2.28% votable supply; 7.77% quorum). You can delegate to us here.

Voting Cycle #14

Only 1 proposal for us to vote on. We voted in favor of Intent 2 Budget Proposal 2. The proposal requested 2.5M OP of remaining budgets from Season 14 to be repurposed for intend 2, instead of returning it back to the governance fund.
Without an increase in budget for Intent 2, the Grants Council would have been forced to drastically reduce the number of grants for Cycles 14 and 15. The grants council has done an outstanding job so far. While this shouldn’t become a practice, the grants council is still in its early days. Relocating the unused funds from Season 4 seems to be a good decision, supporting innovation and experimenting.

What’s next?

Voting Cycle #15 has now begun and will last through September 20th.
Cycle #15 will be the last voting cycle of Season 4 and will be followed by one week off. The Reflection Period will begin September 28th.

Suggested Reads

Season 5, Voting Cycle #17

GM Poolers,

OP token house governance is back from hibernation and the PoolCollective is voting with 1.18m OP.

Here’s a TL;DR of the proposals in cycle 17, including our votes:

Upgrade Proposal #3: Delta

TL;DR: This proposal by Test in Prod suggests the Delta network upgrade, introducing Span Batches—a new batching spec. Span Batches improve efficiency by encoding consecutive L2 blocks into one batch, significantly cutting L1 costs. Backtesting shows a reduction of ~97% for inactive chains and 6%~11% for performant chains like OP Mainnet or Base Mainnet. This upgrade supports OP Stack adoption by meaningfully lowering L1 costs for OP Chains, mitigating risks in launching new L2s with the OP Stack.

Our vote: For

Proposal to Reclassify Grant Misusage Enforcement

TL;DR: The Foundation proposes changes to grant misusage enforcement by eliminating delegate responsibility. This involves reclassifying the Grant Clawback proposal type, removing it from the Operating Manual, and designating it as an enforcement option under Grant Policies, to be processed by the Token House Code of Conduct Council. Additionally, the proposal suggests replacing the Future Grant Freeze with the Grant Misusage Process, offering a governance-minimized approach for objective reporting and verification of grant misusage, documented in a public database, thus reducing the need for Token House delegates’ involvement in enforcement decisions.

Our vote: For

Code of Conduct Council Enforcement Actions Cycle #17

TL;DR: The new CoC Council published a report about enforcement actions during cycle 17. This report includes three legacy Code of Conduct Violation Reports that were submitted previously and have not been handled by the Foundation as the new process has been voted on. The CoCC has assessed and enforced actions to be approved if the proposal isn’t vetoed.

Our vote: not voted (optimistically approving)


Hey all,
a month has passed since our last update, so here is a quick recap on what the PoolCollective has been up to.

As a top 100 delegate, the PoolCollective opted in to help with the review of Mission Requests under Intent 3: Improve the Consumer Experience.

We have been assigned and the following nine requests which we thoroughly reviewed and provided feedback to:

  1. Advancing Optimism Anonymous Community and Governance Tooling.
  2. Encouraging uptake of alternative development languages
  3. Game-Changer Mission Request
  4. Incentivize Projects to Integrate the Farcaster Social Graph
  5. Marketing Support Services mission request
  6. Municipal Public Goods Funding Infrastructure on Optimism
  7. Onboarding existing communities/organizations to Optimism, solving real-world problems
  8. Onboarding Prominent Content Creators in Strategic Markets to OP and RPGF
  9. Onchain Quest & Education Infrastructure

Cycle 18

Cycle 18 included five proposals. One to upgrade the protocol, and four to allocate funds to different Intends. These four intends included a total of 43 mission requests to review. We cast our votes as stated below:

Protocol Upgrade #4

Intend #1: Progress Towards Decentralization

Intend #2: Grow the Superchain

Intend #3: Improve Consumer Experience

Intend #4: Improve Governance Accessibility

What are intends & missions?

Voting Cycle 19 begins today

Don’t forget to delegate!

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