Optimism Allday and PoolTogether

Dear PoolTogether team,

I am Hyden from Optimism Allday (https://twitter.com/OP_Allday). We are excited about your inspiration, passion, and performance of your project. We hope to continue companionship and collaborate with your team to support each other towards expanding influence for mutual communities.

Below are some suggestions that our side will support:

  • An overview post of your project

  • A partnership announcement x Giveaway

  • Cross-marketing: retweet, quote tweet, like, and reply

  • If possible, we can hold an AMA on Twitter Space

May I have your thoughts? If you have any suggestions, feel free to share with us!. We will try my best to support your project.

I am waiting for your response!

Best regards,


Hey Hyden,
welcome by the pool!

Happy to help you with any info you may need! Here would be some good resources to dig in for the overview: 1, 2, 3

In few weeks the next version of the PoolTogether protocol will be live. I’m sure we can arrange an AMA when it’s time for that.

I’m not sure if I understand the partnership part yet. As an unbiased voice of the community Optimism Allday should treat all projects on the network equal I assume? You’re doing great work for the ecosystem though - you should consider applying for RetroPGF round 3. :slight_smile:

Dear Tjark,

We are a media site and supporting projects in marketing and what we plan is to build up mutual communities and do cross-marketing as well as expand the connections with projects within Optimism chain.

We are open for collab, and find out that your project is nice and potential to have a long term cooperation with us, so we want to support you posts/news from our side about your latest news/information.

All of we need from your side is the interaction like RT/QT or Like Posts related to your project!

May I have your thoughts on this?

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