Partnership Invitation

Hello PoolTogether!

I hope everyone is in a good mood. I was directed here by Tjark#0815 on the Discord channel. I like that because I like that you share things like partnerships with your community.

ZetaChain, the team I want to introduce to you, is the world’s first and only public blockchain that connects all other blockchains.

Here you can find some links about ZetaChain.

You can also check out TokenInsight’s report on ZetaChain here.

I’m just a volunteer and I hope to build something and make a big contribution to the blockchain ecosystem by bringing two teams together. I don’t ask for anything from you for this. You can introduce your team to ZetaChain and then talk about what you can do with them. They have a Discord community of more than 550k in the testnet phase, which will be very useful for PoolTogether in case of a possible partnership.

So I would like to bring you together with the ZetaChain team.

I look forward to hearing back from you and bringing the teams together in a telegram group.

Best Regards

I assume the main ask here would be to deploy the PoolTogether Hyperstructure on ZetaChain at some point. In that case - since it doesn’t make much sense to drag the entire PoolTogether community into a telegram group - pitch us on why that’d be a good idea!

Is the network decentralized? Does it have a trustless bridge to Ethereum? Does it have a vibrant dev community that would love to build on top of the hyperstructure?

Let us know :slight_smile:

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Yes, it is not possible to move the whole community to the telegram. When I started a topic about this on your Discord channel, they directed me here. That’s why I wrote here to reach you.

ZetaChain is decentralized. It can bridge not only Ethereum but all networks including bitcoin and doge. It has over 1 million testers, over 600k Dsicord members and over 400k monthly active testnet participants. It has a very strong community.

For details, you can review the links I shared with you. Be sure to review the TokenInsight report.

I am looking forward to bringing PoolTogether and ZetaChain together and believe that this collaboration will be very beneficial for both projects and will contribute significantly to the blockchain ecosystem.

You can reach me on Discord or Telegram.

TG: @baparr


hello ser, reaching out via TG