Tracking partnerships

I have some questions about partnerships.

When projects, DAOs,… are inquiring about potential partnerships with PoolTogether on Discord, they are usually referred to the Partnerships category here on the forum. Often the answers include hardly more than “-partnerships”.

In this category it’s sometimes difficult to see if anyone interacted with an inquiry at all. Some inquiries have no answer. If I was inquiring about a partnership with PoolTogether, this was rather discouraging.

  1. Since most inquiries seem to start on Discord, I’m wondering if a “Partnership” channel on Discord is useful. It could be read-only but could include a link to the Partnership category on the forum. It could also list requirements and no-gos for potential partnerships, like “if you’re a CEX and want to list POOL, do so but just don’t ask. We don’t care”.

  2. If anyone from PoolTogether has interacted with an inquiry but doesn’t think any results are worth sharing here or it’s too early to share them, they could at least comment that they have interacted with the inquiry. So everyone can see that the inquiry is not forgotten and PoolTogether cares about it.

  3. And the last point: How are responsibilities in this regard shared between the PoolTogether community and Generation Software?

If you have already discussed this somewhere else, please share a link and forget this post.


Thanks for this @cpoetter

I’ll work with Darby to make sure we’re following up with these inquiries if other members of the community haven’t already.

Not sure if we need another Discord channel, but I’m happy to respond (so is Darby) to these requests in Discord or on Governance.

I’ll also speak with Darby about creating a Partnership FAQ. I think this is a great idea, even if for internal clarity and discussion.

My comments are more in line with “Sure let’s talk” and then I get in a TG or Discord group with the poster, but you’re getting at more results, yeah?

Generally, most convos from cold calling don’t get past the discovery phase and things that are implemented take months. I’ll look back through to see if I could post updates on prior posts though.

I meet with most people for a discovery call, and then pass them on to Darby if they fall outside of the partnership strategy of Generation Software. Then it’s up to the community to see if there’s alignment.

Most of the partnership convos I’m having involve dev work and front end integration. It would be epic to have a solution to these inquiries that doesn’t involve the cabana front end but rather adds to the PoolTogether ecosystem.

Your post is unforgettable. Thanks for bringing this up! Customer Service is super hard to do and wins championships. I love that the community cares about it!

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Thanks a lot for this answer, Tim.

Yes, a Partnerships FAQ is a good idea. And it’s probably not really relevant if it’s on Discord or here.
Good to see that there’s some coordination between GS (you) and the community (Darby) in this regard.