OwlDao 🀝 PoolTogether

Hi, I work for OwlDao as partnership manager, I would like to discuss a possible collaboration. We aim to connect creators, communities and brands through our gamified betting experience that rewards all partners. We have more than 5000 active daily players and we are growing everyday, we would like to discuss a free product integration!

To give a further introduction about us I work with OwlDao, a project launched 2 years ago that is still growing steadily besides the market condition. Currently the community is one of the most active in the space, pertaining to the number of active users of the Dapp and most importantly of partners.

The cool thing is that we can integrate your token in our platform, you receive a part of the fees generated and you add a new utility to your token!

Obviously we could also move further with a classic community partnership without integration, that means we will organize together a twitter space/cross marketing.
But a product integration it’s something you should think about :smiley:

Furthermore, to explain further how it works, usually the collaboration with partners, the listing itself is free. Means that we don’t charge anything to list the token, integrating it and making everything work smooth! Something pretty rare in this market segment, where many of our competitors have fees.
There isn’t any weird lockup or anything else shady, everything can be verified on chain.
It’s a big opportunity as we provide free Marketing for all of our partners and campaigns.
Furthermore you also earn a part of the fees, we have a very profitable profit sharing for projects and also bring an increase of your token volumes.

Everything above can be verified and let me know if you have any question or doubt :smile:

We can work basically on 5 different sides:

  1. Community partnership
  2. Quests and/or Gleam Competitions
  3. Cross ama, in discord and/or Twitter spaces
  4. Casino token integration
  5. Co-Marketing campaigns and initiatives that we provide for all partners

Let me know your thoughts and feedback, looking forward to collaborating together in the long run!

We are very interested to hear your ideas and proposals, we are always open to partners suggestions.

Website - https://owldao.io/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/owldaoio



i can see owl integrating pool
reverse i wouldnt see a good fit

Hi - Why? We can whitelist your token and users can see it in the platform. Also, how do you see an integration with your side? So I inform the founder team