[Poll] UMA<>Pooltogether Feature the Across Bridge on the Pooltogether Dapp

Pooltogether and UMA already have a longstanding partnership and close knit communities. Both the Risk Labs team and Pooltogether team Inc have a majority of their teams working out of Vancouver. We have partnered with UMA to use Outcome KPI options to award contributors, now the UMA team has built the Across bridge for bridging assets between Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, Boba, and more L2’s to come. Currently the Pooltogether Dapp refers users to native L2 bridges but I say we strengthen the bond between our communities by featuring the Across bridge in the Pooltogether App instead.

The Across bridge has a competitive advantage over other bridges due to it’s use of UMA’s Optimistic Oracle. The Optimistic Oracle was first theorized by Vitalik Buterin himself in the UNI forum (UNI should become an oracle token - Proposal Discussion - Uniswap Governance) and allows for Across to be the fastest, safest, and most capital efficient bridge. Feature Across on Pooltogether and we can grow together.

Let’s feature Across as the recommended bridging option on the Pooltogether Dapp
  • Let’s do it!
  • Nah, keep the native bridges on the app.
  • Feature another bridge instead

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Something to add, as a protocol we can use our own referral link, this would mean that the protocol would be earning ACX as users bridge.

If the bounties listed in this post made on the Across forum go live, there would be even more added incentive to integrate Across as either the preferred or listed bridge option. Should certainly review these bounty offerings and feasibility to implement on Pooltogether in detail, because the rewards to the protocol would be great!

This bounty seems to be profitable for facilitators. What would be the incentive for the PoolTogether protocol?

It does read that way doesn’t it. In that case I would argue that @TheRealTuna may be that facilitator as they made the initial proposal.

It would then seem the initial proposal of the protocol earning bridge referral rewards would still be the most attractive option to integration. At least until the Across Treasury Funding proposal is approved, there may be changes the could impact the facilitator criteria.

That’s correct @Tjark, this bounty program only benefits Across community members. There is the referral program on the other hand, Pooltogether could earn ACX by directing users to Across bridge using a referral link.

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