PoolTogether x Swing.xyz partnership

Hey PoolTogether team,
I’m with Swing.xyz, a cross-chain liquidity aggregator.

What are your thoughts on adding a cross-chain deposit option for your users? I believe that our companies can collaborate in many ways.

In short, Swing could enable swaps, bridging, and increase the protocol’s TVL by enabling cross-chain deposits, all within your interface and 1- 3 clicks for the user.

Below, there is more info on what we can offer to PoolTogether.
Let me know if you’re open to discussing the cooperation further. Thanks!

Main use cases:

  1. Bridging and Swapping:
  • Provide seamless experience for users to bridge/swap assets across different chains through Swing’s Widget or SDK.
  1. Cross-Chain Deposits:
  • Onboard more TVL through enabling cross-chain deposits directly into your liquidity pools.

Supported Chains, Bridges, DEXes:

  • 60+ bridges and DEXes, as well as 25+ Chains.
  • developers.swing.xyz/chains-bridges-liquidity

Risk mitigation:

  • Enable/disable specific bridges with a simple toggle, and react to bridge security issues in seconds.
  • Audits: developers.swing.xyz/reference/audits


  • Earn fee revenue directly for your project treasury.
  • developers.swing.xyz/monetization


We’ve avoided integrating any third-party protocols in the interface to keep things simple. If something goes wrong with the third party, we’re not left dealing with support. We also don’t have the bandwidth to audit third parties atm.

If you have a way we can link to a swap interface on your app and have it set the network and token addresses, then perhaps there is an integration opportunity.

Hey! Thank you for your detailed answer.

We can find a way to integrate the swap feature in the way you have described.
I would recommend joining our Telegram group with the Swing.xyz BD and CEO to clarify any technical questions and discuss possible collaboration opportunities.

hey there happy to speak with you. I’ll message you separately to get a meeting scheduled

Had a great chat and connected Swing with Portals.fi… need those zaps bb!

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