PoolTogether swap/bridge feature enabled by Rango

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We propose Rango and PoolTogether collaborate on enabling swap/bridge feature for PoolTogether users to easily deploy their assets from across the DeFi and earn on PoolTogether. Rango widget is the smooth solution for cross-chain swap in +60 blockchains.

• New revenue funnel
PoolTogether can set fee on top of its UI swaps, totally PoolTogether’s. Rango outcome rates are constantly optimized. Our Partners’ routes of interest will be specifically maintained for their most revenue share.

• Improved UX
It enables users to easily bridge their assets from across the DeFi to earn on PoolTogether.

• Triple-layer risk mitigation
All the integrated networks are audited, Rango V2 smart contract has deployed creative risk mitigation logics, complementary risk mitigation tactics are deployed in the aggregation layer, routings are calculated off-chain and Rango support is live 24/7.

• Minimum integration effort
Rango widget is plug-and-play, customizable to any UI with any label within a day.

Rango is live from Aug 2021, Audited by PeckShield, +60 connected chains ecosystem: Bitcoin, EVMs, roll-ups, Cosmos-hub, UTXOs, Solana, Tron, …

Total Swap volume : +2.3$B
Total Swap number : +1.1M
Total Unique wallet : +180,000

Rango open app and latest version widget demo are here:



Hey there Alex,

Are you able to do cross-chain zaps? Meaning I want to deposit my Polygon ETH into the PoolTogether pWETH vault on Optimism. I don’t want to interact with an AMM I want to interact with the PoolTogether V5 smart contract. Is that possible?

Also, we wouldn’t install a widget but are very interested in which wallets are using you for their swapping/zapping/bridging as well as if Dex Aggregators pick Rango up.




Hey Tim,

Yes, cross-chain zap is possible on the Rango V2 smart contract, which would involve the PoolTogether smart contract. The audit would cost $5,000, and the development would cost $10,000, with an estimated development time of 1-2 month. We would also be more than happy to collaborate with Levana’s hands-on developers to create the contract if you can allocate development resources. In that case, the only cost would be for the audit.

Rango infra is available in forms of SDKs and APIs too, Wallets integrate Rango SDK.
The most wallets and protocols that are currently using Rango infrastructure include:

Encrypt wallet, RocketX, PangoinDex, Via Exchange, Rubic Exchange, ThorWallet, FantOHM, ChainSwap, Axelarsea, 0xtracker, Mean finance, Frontier Wallet, CopyCat finance, FindMyBridge, Comdex.


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