Integrate Umbria Bridge with Pool Together

I work with a protocol called Umbria Network, we provide the quickest and cheapest cross chain bridge from eth to polygon - beating out any competitor bridge by a factor of 10, we’re seriously 10x cheaper than the official polygon bridge, try it out :slight_smile: .

We’re looking to integrate our bridge widget with PoolTogether, it’ll help users more easily bridge funds to the platform. Additionally, as a revenue stream for pool together, for hosting the bridge on your site, you’ll earn a percentage of all volume bridged through your site - it’s a win win for both pool together and its users.

Would love to talk more if you have a few minutes to hop on a call.

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Although the proposal is not exactly the same, another bridging protocol has already approached us:

PoolTogether is multi network and is currently expanding to other networks. Therefore, a bridging protocol can surely be useful to have on the UI. However, I see that you currently only support Ethereum and Polygon networks for USDC, and I see no plans on expanding to Optimism for example (which is the next blockchain where we’re going to deploy).

Any dates on when are you planning to make USDC available to bridge on other blockchains? Probably until then it won’t be worth it for PoolTogether to integrate with Umbria Network.

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Hi, Thanks for getting back!

Great news, we currently are in the process of adding USDC to all of our bridges (eta 2 weeks from now), and the Optimism bridge build will be live in 3 weeks with ETH and USDC.

Would love to schedule a call with your team to discuss implementation.



I have no problems on getting on a call to discuss whatever details you want. However, I’m not a member of PT Inc. which is the owner of the UI. This UI is open source though, so any contributions are accepted and can be implemented if considered appropriate.

This is just my personal opinion as a member of the DAO, but right now I believe that LI.FI’s proposal adds a higher value to the protocol, as it allows to directly deposit in PoolTogether from whatever chain/asset, integrating the bridge in the process.

In terms of bridging cost and quickness, Umbria Bridge is the best option. The majority of bridging transactions will be 10x more expensive with using LiFi’s bridge, because it uses the usual minting/burning methods of bridging crosschain. Umbria has a liquidity provisioning protocol that allows for user staked funds to fuel bridge transactions resulting in cheaper and faster transactions for all users. Additionally Pool Together will earn a percentage of volume from each transaction that takes place.