Quest Protocol- Partnership Proposal

Hi Team,

My name is Rohan and I am from Quest. We are super excited about all the amazing work that the Community is doing in the Web3 space and we would love to partner with you!

At Quest, we are building Growth Infrastructure for Web3 Dapps and Communities. Our solution helps increase User Engagement and Participation using Soul Bound Badges, Quest Campaigns, Dynamic Passport NFTs and Data Integrations.

Some Highlights about Quest -

:arrow_right: Enterprise-grade, scalable and Cross-Platform Solution

:arrow_right: Custom integration and solution using Plug and Play APIs

:arrow_right: Features include - Data Integrations, SBT Badges, Quests, Dynamic NFTs

:arrow_right: Community & Developer Dashboard included

I would happily take you through our platform and explore partnership opportunities.

Here is our Deck for a more profound overview and you can find a time to chat on my calendar here.