Exodus Wallet <> PoolTogether V5

Hi team :wave:,

This is Liam from the Exodus wallet.

Great to connect with you, and looking forward to the launch of V5!

We’ve recently launched a mobile dApp browser and browser extension to make it easy for our users to surf Web3.

With the next version of PoolTogether on the way, we’d love to explore integration ideas with you?

Happy to share my calendar, email or TG to connect.

More on Exodus here

hiya, thanks for reaching out. let me connect you w/ @tim :slight_smile:

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Thanks @poptones :muscle:

Hey @tim - whats the best way to connect? I dropped you a DM


hey liam! tim is OOO at the moment. he’ll be back in a few days, sorry for the delay! feel free to send me your telegram handle and i’ll get a group chat going

replied to your DM ser!

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