Swim Meet Team Meeting on Friday @ 3:45 EDT

Hey Poolers,

Last week we presented some structural guidance based upon existing centralized organizations. We may have gone a little overboard, we may have gone in the deep end, however you phrase it we missed the mark.

This week we’d like to discuss a more decentralized format and provide some loose guidance that can be ran with or you can run with your own idea to make that big cannonball splash.

5 Teams. They exist to offer a category of ideas, you can help with any project even if “you’re on a different team” so to speak. There’s no limit on how many people can help, and there’s no expectation of term. You do you, if you can and want to assist please do, if you are helping but need to drop off for a little while, please do. This is all voluntary and anything you contribute is great, even if your contribution is being there when it happened. A brief summary below, more ideas on our infamous Trello board (see the comments on this card)

The Teams

  • Swim Meet Team: They help organize community meetings, and connecting individuals with ideas to others that can help make those ideas happen.
  • Community Growth Team: Work to create more prize pools and partnerships
    • Examples: partnering with other protocols, lootbox promotions to get other tokens or artist NFT in a lootbox
  • Education and Support Team: Spread the work of what PoolTogether is, work on how-to’s, and help explain the in’s and out’s of PoolTogether and any other DeFi question they might have the know how to answer.
    • Examples: language specific social media (twitter, wechat, etc.), new social communities (reddit, etc.)
  • Development Team: Builds new fun things to enhance the protocol
    • Examples: deposit batching, new prize strategies or yield sources
  • Bench Team: A member of the community, you’re all part of this, and you all help just by being here.

We want to hear from you

A couple polls to stay open from today until the next Swim Meet Team Meeting (TBD)

Does the above make sense?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I have suggestions or revisions to discuss in a Swim Meet Team Meeting

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When should we review this structure, in 90 days?
  • Perfect, revisit in 90 days
  • More time is needed to test this, discuss in 90 days
  • Less time is needed to test this, discuss in 30 days

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Which team are you the most interested in?
  • Swim Meet Team
  • Community Growth Team
  • Education and Support Team
  • Development Team
  • Bench Team

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Here is a list of the teams so far. If you are interested in being a part of a team, please reach out either in this forum post or on the PoolTogether #governance Discord channel.

Attended my first community meet and I think the direction we are taking is great. As DAOs and self organising teams are a novelty, we can only spark the start and see how it evolves. As mentioned in the meet, i want to help mostly the newbies to this part of the DeFI world and work on ideas that are more inclusive like L2. I am active on the xDAI forum and can take any suggestions here back to the xDAI community for discussion and be a bridge. I also have some ideas which I will try to document and share with the community team.


Hey Pool Party People,

Friday’s Swim Meet Team Meeting rehashed roles to teams. There’s VIV (Very Important Vote) above relating to these ideas.

Some of the key take-aways from the meeting:

  • It’s a little unclear how the Development Team’s Grant program differs from PoolTogether Inc.'s Grant program. There’s certainly some wrinkles to iron out here.
  • We all need to come together to sort out a central home for the Teams to come together
    • There’s some really wild ideas on how we can leverage Discord to help provide a location for individual teams to communicate with one another.
    • There’s also some really clever things we can do in Discord to help poolers new to PoolTogether through a helper-bot to provide helpful links
  • A wiki was toss out there, but as of now it didn’t land on any pool floats so it may be sinking.
  • There’s still a little confusion on who’s in charge on the teams. Short answer: You Are

So what’s next:

  • We’re looking for people to come together and develop their teams to work on any projects that keeps them swimming in the pool.
  • In the upcoming meeting we’re looking forward to hear what people are working on.
  • And we’ll work towards finding a good way to keep the various projects organized.
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