Team Budget Requests for Q2/2023

Hey Poolers,

Team Budget Requests are the quarterly process to apply for team funding from the PoolTogether community. This process is open to team renewals as well as new teams.

Here is the proposed schedule for the Q2-2023 TBRs:

  • Feb 21 - 28: Council feedback period
  • March 1 - 10: Post RFCs on Governance Forum
  • March 1 - 27: Open Feedback Period
  • March 28: All TBRs on-chain live for voting

If you are planning to request funds for a new team, you are encouraged to present your TBR draft to the PoolTogether Council during the council feedback period.

Please ping @Council in #governance on Discord in case you have questions or need help.

Additional Info

  • Learn more about TBRs here.
  • You can view & subscribe to the governance calendar here.

Is this timeline still accurate? It feels like the TBRs were just posted and this timeline says open feedback is already ended. It also feels like there were many more TBRs in Q1-2023, so maybe not all have actually posted to forum yet?

I would love an updated timeline if one exists =)

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Hey, yeah, the time timeline is a bit out of date.
Next council meeting is Tuesday (at 8 pm UTC I think) and then the last TBRs will be reviewed and after that posted here on the forum.
Still missing is the Growth, Grants and PT Inc. TBR.

True - we’ve been sleeping on our suggested timeline! Part of that is probably due to the timing with PoolyCon - a high number of team members made it to Denver and were involved in the event.

We should learn from that for next time!

Lonser is right, that should be our goal.
The next Council Call is tomorrow at:

LONDON, United Kingdom, England
6:00p Mon, Mar 20 2023

BERLIN, Germany
7:00p Mon, Mar 20 2023

UTC, Coordinated Universal Time
6:00p Mon, Mar 20 2023

EDT/EST, Eastern Daylight Time (US)
2:00p Mon, Mar 20 2023

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Update: The TBRs are being posted on-chain on Tuesday, March 28th

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