Swim Meet Team Meeting on Friday @ 2:30 EST

Hey Everyone, let’s start this crazy,

What’s a Swiim Meet? : a gathering of individuals at a pool for a swimming based competition.

Why should I care about that? : This Friday, after your regularly scheduled PoolTogether get together at 2:30 EST, @ChrisCrypto and I will be spearheading a Swim Meet Team Meeting.

A what now? : Rather than just splashing around in these forums with some great ideas sinking into the deep end, we want to attach some floaties or give someone a pool noodle to bring the idea and a voice to the surface. We’re looking to get some of our wonderful community members together to fill the swimming pool and start a collaborative live discussion on PoolTogether’s Discord Voice Channel around the proposals we’re seeing here.

All in all, future Swim Meets will be where delegates and community members swim together to discuss their ideas proposed here on the forums in a live discussion.

But first the Swim Meet Team Meeting, we’re looking to the community to define the parameters for how the Swim Meets will be refereed and lifeguarded, items like:

  • Rules for Engagement
  • What Team Roles are needed
  • When we should hold the first Swim Meet
  • Do Swim Meets need a landing page
  • And any other swim lanes we may have missed

So don’t miss out, toss on your swim cap and join us Friday after the regularly scheduled PoolTogether call at 2:30 EST, and lets try to avoid getting swimmers ear.


Great summary. To further elaborate:

  • Community Meeting @ 1:45 p.m. Friday EST = This is perfect to listen to updates and ask questions such as from the team from PoolTogether Inc and all of the existing contributors updating the community on what’s going on (i.e. some cool new feature deployed, etc).
  • Swim Meet Team Meeting @ 2:30 p.m. Friday EST = This is where you can get actively involved. This is where the community is self-organizing, planning and taking action with a focus on pushing governance forward. We will be forming teams to tackle the various challenges in the community and actually getting work done. Come ready to this discussion to be ready to contribute, make a difference and a direct impact on PoolTogether. We hope to coordinate the official Swim Meet based on the teams that need to be defined and formed by the community.

Want to join and participate in the Community Meeting or Swim Meet (Team Meeting)? Connect to the PoolTogether Discord and join the ‘PoolTogether Live’ voice channel at the date and time indicated above and ask how you can help!

More information will be coming out in the coming days and weeks, so stay tuned.

We can’t do it without you actively involved in the community!


Hey Swimmers,

It’s been a few days since our initial splashing around in the 1st Swim Meet Team Meeting, here’s the laps we swam:

  • We introduced the current tracker we’re using to stay organized, Trello. Specific meeting notes are comments under the “Swim Meet 1st Committee Meeting” card.

  • Through feedback in the meeting and afterwards, we’ve adjusted our heading and started to define the different teams the community can come together and lead

  • We’re still looking for volunteers (or nominations). Being entirely voluntary the time obligation is only as much time as you’re willing to contribute. No deep sea pressure in this pool party.

We’re asking volunteers/nominees to assist in developing the specific direction of these teams. In other words, the below are rough ideas to get the pool toys inflated for the community to play with, and decide if these are the right direction or if there’s something else the community wants to start.

  • Community Growth: More prize pools and partnerships
    • Partner projects: like TheRealTuna and Badger, BOND or DPI community pools
    • Lootbox promotions
    • Outreach to Artists for NFT inclusion in the lootbox
  • Education and Support: Spreading the word in and out of the community
    • “How-to” videos, blog posts
    • Social media presence reddit, Twitter (Language specific: German, French, Japanese, etc.)
  • Development: Furthering the protocol (like BlakeBurrito’s Gitcoin Grants)
    • Yield source integrations
    • New prize strats
    • New web/mobile interface for ease of use
    • Batch depositing (like Kames PowerPool)
    • Layer 2

Trello Board for agenda, meeting minutes, and the current focus of the Swim Meet Team(s): Our soon to be infamous Trello board

Swim Meet 1st Team Meeting Recording:

What’s next:
What’s a good time to have these meetings? Currently we’re shooting for after the Friday PoolTogether Call, but we want to respect that everyone has varying schedules and is in different timezones.

Swim Meet 2nd Team Meeting on Friday @ 3:45 EDT

  • Discuss this new format from all the feedback received.
  • Have people come together and discuss what ideas or projects from the list or new they may want to assist with.
  • Discuss what an good way to keep everyone “in the know’ of what’s being worked on.

As always, any questions, concerns, thoughts, or just random Pool Puns let myself, @chriscrypto, @gabor, @torgin, or @rliriano in on the fun.