[RFC #2] Community Advocate Status Role

The discussion was started here. Thanks for all the feedback so far. I have incorporated it into the following RFC #2:

This is a proposal to define the Community Advocate role as a status role. It’s being presented as a request for comment to facilitate discussion.

Origin & current State of the Community Advocate Role

The Community Advocate role currently exists as an unformalized role for moderators on our Discord server. It has no official definition but generally:

  • Community advocates have access to a private chat
  • Community advocates has admin privileges on Discord
  • Community advocates have their role highlighted on Discord

Historically there have been a few ways the role has been given out but it’s never been formalized.

Why define it?

  • The role is currently not defined but is the only formal “status” role we have in PoolTogether
  • Formalizing the role gives us a way to celebrate and recognize the most important contributors
  • Defining the role brings clarity to how it can be obtained and what it means

What is the role?

The Community Advocate role is a status role for the most active and dedicated members of the PoolTogether DAO. It is not compensated and does not require any formal responsibilities. The role is meant as an official designation of people who are already recognized as helping the community.

Community Advocates are trusted members of the PoolTogether community that are willing to define, and contribute to, the community’s values, mission & vision.
They help to align those with our community’s wants and feedback and ensure we maintain a wholesome and healthy vibe.
Community Advocates are equipped with server moderator permissions to be able to pursue their duties in helping the community.
The Community Advocate role purely acts as a status incentive and does not come with financial benefits.

Becoming a Community Advocate

Nominating someone to be a community advocate offers us a way to celebrate those who have contributed to the protocol!

  • Only existing community advocates can nominate new ones
  • Nominations are done by posting a “Nomination: ” on gov.pooltogether.com by an existing community advocate. The nomination should be used as an opportunity to recognize and celebrate what they have contributed!
    • Nomination should include at least 5 bullet points of specific things being recognized (make it fun)
  • The post should include a poll to approve or disprove nomination


  • The status can be removed at any time at the request of the person who holds it.
  • If a member becomes inactive for more than 3 months the role can be removed


There are many ways to show appreciation for ongoing contributions. This is intended to be one of them. I’d like to open up the topic for feedback from the community and current community advocates again. What are your thoughts?


Thanks for posting this! For clarity, could you also comment here with who is currently in the community advocate role?


Sure! There are 12 Community Advocates at the time of writing.

Current Community Adocates



Absolutely! This is critical. Having a transparent structure means that people know what the role entails and how to obtain it.

We should continue to formalize structures in our org that are evident but undefined.


This looks good to go to me :+1:

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Great job @Tjark - you put your neck out the window with the initial post and have succeeded in extracting the essence/consensus very well. Fully agree with your writeup. It should be a honorable role. Wont object against any potential vePOOL airdrop to CA’s in the future though :wink: