Improving Discord, the Community Advocate Role & the Content Working Group

The PoolTogether Discord server should provide community members with a clear structure and logic to follow, no matter if they are just searching information or trying to contribute. So far most of the structure is based on hard work done by Oops. As our community keeps ever evolving, so should our efforts and structure around it. In this approach I want to smoothen the way for our Onboarding, lower the the impact of information overload and keep up with the current evolvements of our community and DAO.


The roles should be useful in their existance and help community members to stay informed, build trust and prevent confusion. Utilities and meanings should be openly visible and easy to understand for everyone. Right now this is not the case for all of them and we could do a better job in that.

Existing Role Structure

It would help to update & explain our current roles, clean out roles that are outdated, remind others of announcement roles and use those more frequently.

Status Roles should only be available through direct granting. The only exeption here is POOL Hodler, which is accessible via #collabland-join

Participation Roles should be openly accessible to anyone interesred. The doings and decisionmaking within working groups should be transparent. Opening up the groups also opens up opportunities and allows different perspectives.

Announcement Roles should also be accessible to anyone. They allow members to opt in for different kinds of announcements and languages. This helps to limit the use of @here and @everyone for important or timely-urgent updates.

Proposed Structure

Community Advocates

I propose a more clearly defined utitlity for the Community Advocate role. Currently the role has a cloudy definition, even for community members which have been granted it. I suggest we create a clearer outline for the role to achieve a common understanding and be able to better leverage it in future.

Community Advocates should be trusted members of the PoolTogether commuity that are willing to help defining & archvieving the communities values, mission & vision. Community Advocates should be equiped with Server Moderator permissions to be able to pursue their mission in helping the community.

Community Advocates help to allign community values, visions, wants and feedback.

Actions I would encourage Community Advocates to do:

  • Pin valuable & helpful messages
  • Detect & act against spam & scam (Be a Protectoooor)
  • Use the -ban command against users violating the rules
  • Be facilitators of the community
  • Help & answer questions, especially in language-specific channels
  • Act as a bridge between the currently cut-off language channels and the rest of the community

Current Community Advocates are Andy Kaufman, gabor (DE), Mkkoll, Nahuel (ES), Oops, Pancake (IT), rliriano, SmartInvestor, Tjark (DE), Torgin (DE), and Rob Secord*.* All those people have shown intensive and ongoing contributions to our community. What stands out is, that our Community Advocate role has a good coverage of native English, German and Spanish speakers.

I would like to nominate the following users as potential Community Advocates:

  • Pedro (PT)
  • Neken (CN)
  • Gustavo (PT)
  • French + Indian language not covered. Right now Pierrick from the PT Inc. Core team is maintaining active support in #français.

All of them have proven their intense support and activity in the PoolTogether community and helped countless of members on Discord.

Some data to underline why I think it is important to increase our coverage in the language channels. Groups with less than 50 members are shown as other (39%).

Open questions:

  • How does someone become a Community Advocate?
  • How do we want to reward Community Advocates?

Content Working Group

After forming the Treasury Management Working Group and the current efforts to create a Marketing Working Group I want to follow this pattern and start forming a Content Working Group. This will help us to further allign the content community members producing with PoolTogether’s values and standards.

Purpose & Responsibilities:

  • Create content around PoolTogether
  • Open up our comminity to the world and PoolTogether accessible for populations that are non-native to English
  • Manage Substack and other mediums
  • Help onboard local contributors
  • Help promoting PoolTogether & share its vision
  • Collaborate within the DAO & other content creators
  • Create and/or share POAPs

I don’t want to suggest a budget for this working group yet but I think it is important to create a space our community members that help creating content, translations blog posts, videos & more. One thing to bear in mind is that the English version of the Community Substack was funded with a grant on November 21st. We should think about how we want reward our translators for the Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin and French translations in future. Is Coordinape still the most useful tool to do it or are we able to define part-time positions for trusted long-term contributors? Starting the Working Group would be a good first step to start experimenting.


The community has tried the approach with role gated channels before, but since then a lot has changed. The Discord server and general contributor activity has grown and we have more and more users of the protocol coming to the server to get their questions answered.

More working groups and committees are expected to form with the need of communication channels.

In my opinion this legitimates the use of role gated channels again, as we should have a clearer linearation between PoolTogether as a service and PoolTogether as a DAO to less confuse members who join the server.

I therefore propose to make working group-specific channels only visibile to people that opt in by choosing the designated Discord role. This would reduce the information overload when first joining the server and gives us the opportunity to guide new community members through the process of onboarding. To give this process better visibility I will update the role menus, add explainers to Discord and Notion and introduce this step in our current onboarding documentation.

  • Should we role gate channels?
  • Yes
  • No

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Channel Overview

#links has got a major update already and is being maintained by me.

#reddit, #twitter, #recordings, #events - those are all still great! Oops is a legend.

#PTIP died out over time. Should we revive it or get rid and post all PTIPs in announcements?

  • Should we use #ptips more frequently or delete it?
  • Use it more frequently
  • Delete it

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#PoolTogether Live - with the growing participation on the community calls we more and more legitimize the use of a Stage channel. I would like to see us adding a little more structure to our Community Calls (Leighton’s newsupdate followed by weekly reoccuring 3-5 min slots for working groups, committees & projects).


All channels still serve their utility in my opinion. I have added the #faqs channel with help of Bronder. I will keep adding common questions as they occur on Discord.


#collabland-join is required to let members join CollabLand and #hodlers-hangout. The !join command is no longer supported.

#hodlers-hangout = vibes

#dao-innovation was recently renamed from #swim-team

The channel serves the purpose of bringing ideas to the DAO, share your work and find others to collaborate with. To decrease the chat load on this channel, we should encourage the use of threads to deepen conversations. This also helps in building an “idea archive”.

#feedback is self-explainatory. The question that arises for me is how the channel is used by the PoolTogether Inc team. Do we need to find a way to capture the feedback?

#coordinape, #grants-committee, #treasury-wg and #marketing-wg all are from great use.

#poly-ops-team and #eth-ops-team are quiet channels. We could both condense both into #ops-teams.

Channels that would only be visible to members after choosing the respective roles are #ops-teams, #treasury-wg, #marketing-wg, #content-wg (new channel, to replace the current substack thread).

Why do you ask?

This is a wall of text, but I wanted to share my ideas as transparent as possible and provide you with the background I put into my suggestions. I would like to hear everyone’s thoughts & further ideas.


This is awesome! I think naming it the Contant working group might have a lot of crossover with the marketing working group. What about calling it the community working group?

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This is an excellent write-up. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.
I like your thought process. Making working group-specific channels opt-in is a nice way to reduce information overload.

My only concern is if it isn’t very obvious on how to opt-in. Then, you might get less activity than just having a free-roam mess, haha.

You do address this here, so hopefully that will be sufficient enough!
Thanks, Tjark.


Creating content as part of a working group, seems to me, to be a sub-category of marketing and the #marketing-wg.

I definitely also see touching points with the Marketing WG - but I also like small, actionable and flexible teams.
I feel the bigger the working groups - the more company-like structures they’d need to run sufficiently.

Ok, I like your style

Yes, I definitely agree with awarding the following the Community Advocate Role. They have proven themselves over an extended time period:
Pedro (PT)
Neken (CN)
Gustavo (PT)

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