PT Inc. Vision and Roadmap for 2022

PT Inc. Vision and Roadmap for 2022

2021 was an amazing year for the PoolTogether protocol. We launched the POOL token last February and decentralized our protocol. The community has grown significantly and has taken stewardship of key elements; including grants, the treasury, and operations. Version 4 of the protocol shipped in October, which unlocked a limitless number of prizes. Truly, everyone can be a winner now. The PoolTogether Inc. team is extremely proud to be part of this community, and we’re excited to move forward together.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

We want to go as far as possible, so we’re sharing our vision for PoolTogether. When we all align and pull in the same direction, we can accomplish anything. Below I present the vision and 2022 roadmap for the PT Inc team.

Vision for PoolTogether Protocol

We have always envisioned that the PoolTogether protocol will be the underlying infrastructure for prize savings around the world. It’s an audacious goal, but one that we firmly believe is achievable. Blockchain technology is the perfect fit for prize savings, an already proven product, and we have an amazing team.

PoolTogether began as a product, and continues to be one today: users deposit into the protocol through the open source, protocol flagship app. This has been the best way to introduce people to prize savings. While we have seen some native integrations (namely Dharma, Argent, and Orange) and opportunistic forks, users still primarily deposit through

To scale PoolTogether, we believe we need to move forward as a protocol. A protocol that is integrated across crypto and institutional products. Our goal is that PoolTogether becomes the financial infrastructure that powers all prize savings globally. PoolTogether V4 is a major step forward: it brings a virtually limitless number of prizes, simplifies the protocol, and reduces operational overhead. Version 4 is a foundation on which we can grow. Our infrastructure is ready. The next step is to extend our reach.

PoolTogether Inc Contributions

In 2022 PoolTogether Inc will continue to be a key contributor towards development of the protocol as well as products and services built around the protocol. The PT Inc teams priorities are to:

  1. Fully decentralize
  2. Grow the protocol
  3. Grow the community

Maintain Perfect Security & Decentralization

Security and decentralization are both the two most important things and the two things that are easiest to take for granted. However, they can not be taken for granted so first and foremost we need to make sure these elements of the protocol are rock solid.

To maintain and improve decentralization, we need to:

  • Eliminate oracles from the smart contracts.
  • Decentralize the front-end.
  • Streamline Operations

Eliminate Smart Contract Oracles

Governance is still acting as an oracle in a small risk-mitigated capacity. We have a plan, however, to make the prize pools fully autonomous using the Draw Percentage Rate and Chainlinks upcoming VRF 2.0, which will be deployed to all chains that PoolTogether lives on. Once these are in place we can eliminate all privileged operations.

Decentralize the Front End

Governance needs to control the full stack; from the app to the contracts. We are going to help transition the front end to IPFS and to utilize ENS LINK for DNS. We’re also going to ensure that a robust Prize API is made available through IPFS. These changes will allow the PT protocol to control the entire stack.

Streamline Operations

PT Inc. is going to help the protocol streamline operations. We will:

  • Advise governance on team structure and compensation
  • Create thorough documentation for PoolTogether infrastructure
  • Create playbooks for PoolTogether operations
  • Work on an admin dapp to make admin operations easy


*Continue to host regular audits and security competitions
*Continue to maintain high contribution standards

Grow the Protocol

Our top priority is protocol growth. We will be pushing this on a number of fronts:

  • Business development
  • Developer experience
  • Protocol Extensions
  • L2 expansion
  • Tokenomics
  • User Experience

Business Development

PT Inc will be working on integrations and reaching out to:

  • Wallets (Rainbow, Argent, etc)
  • Aggregators (Zapper, etc)
  • Institutional bridges (Fireblocks, etc)
  • Protocols

Developer Experience

  • Improved SDK
  • Tutorials
  • Documentation for all components
  • Integration Guides

Protocol Extensions

  • TWAB rewards (V4 liquidity mining)
  • Ticket delegation (easily delegate your chance to win)
  • Alternative method of entry

L2 Expansion

  • Bring voting to L2s
  • Expand to Optimism, zkSync, Arbitrum

User Experience

  • Introduce experience metrics into UI
  • NFT campaign
  • Support different prizes per chain

Grow the Team

Not only do we need to scale the protocol, but we need to scale our team and community.

  • Open up development through better RFPs and bounties
  • Advise on contributor compensation structure
  • Continue to help structure the DAO into teams
  • Setup new entities to facilitate contributors


All of us at PT Inc are excited to grow the protocol in 2022. There is so much to be done. As an independent contributing team we will continue to build our vision of PoolTogether’s end game. We will continue to operate transparently so that we can coordinate efforts with the PoolTogether community.


Thank you for the comprehensive write-up, Brendan.
We know the team is consistently delivering and if you’re in-tune with the Discord you’d know that.

Nevertheless, having our roadmap written up and out there is important.
Glad we finally have one!

This is exciting. We’ve always talked about growing the protocol, but explicitly laying out the business development plan is great. Really looking forward to this integrations and partnerships. We need to get V4 out there!

I can’t wait for us to really expand into all the L2s we can.
So much potential there. 2022 and 2023 will be huge for rollups.

2022 is looking like it will be a phenomenal year for PoolTogether!