TBR-Q1-2023 - PT Inc Client Team

TBR-Q1-2023 - PT Inc Client Team

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Team Name PT Inc. Client Team
Quarter and Year Q1 2023
Payout Address 0x3927E0642C432A934a4EAA64C79bC8a1D8ac5Fb7
Total USD Value Requested $45,136.31 USD


The PoolTogether Inc. Client team is responsible for providing client support for the protocol. This includes maintaining and expanding the flagship consumer interface at app.pooltogether.com and developing additional dapps on tools.pooltogether.com and vote.pooltogether.com. The Client team is also building tooling for developers to easily build on top of the protocol with things like tutorials, SDKs and APIs.


  1. Explore PoolTogether Ecosystem
    Exploring the PoolTogether ecosystem is too difficult and needs to be reworked. An updated version of the current landing page at https://tools.pooltogether.com will be designed and developed to highlight the possibilities of the protocol, existing interfaces and tools for the protocol and ways to build on top of the protocol.

    Deliverable: A redesigned Protocol Ecosystem landing page.

  2. Protocol Landing Page
    An updated landing page for the protocol with more of a “protocol focus” and less of a “product focus”. We want to highlight governance, protocol features and the DAO more and focus less on the singular interface located at https://app.pooltogether.com. Some examples of “protocol focused” landing pages are: Liquity, Lido, Uniswap and Aave.

    Deliverable: A redesigned Protocol landing page.

  3. PoolTogether V4 App Maintenance & Bugs
    While it’s fully functional there’s always optimizations, upgrades and inevitable bugs. We will continue to maintain and improve the existing interface.

  4. Hiring
    The client team is looking to hire 1 full time engineer to help work across the stack on the various interfaces and infrastructure used by the client team and external developers. As Dylan transitions to the protocol team we will need more front end developer bandwith to help with the upcoming goals.

Stretch Goals

  1. PoolTogether Hyperstructure Interface Alpha
    In conjunction with the protocol team the client team will provide a new interface for the next version of the protocol. As of now, the new interface will be more of an admin interface and less of a consumer app. We will be prioritizing functionality and simplicity for of development over user experience (it’ll still be pretty though).

    Deliverable: No guaranteed deliverable. Depends on external factors.

  2. PoolTogether Hyperstructure Tools Alpha
    With the new protocol design several mini apps (tools) will be required to interact with specific pieces of the protocol. The client team will provide intuitive interfaces for each mechanism. An example from last quarter that will be expanded upon is the liquidator (NOTE: set the app to developer mode to access.)

    Deliverable: No guaranteed deliverable. Depends on external factors.

  3. PoolTogether Hyperstructure SDK Alpha
    A Typescript SDK will be developed alongside the interface. This SDK will provide a simple way for developers to build on top of the protocol without needing to know the low level details of the protocol. Some priorities are: simplicity and customizability. Tutorials and documentation will be provided similar to the existing v4-client-js.

    Deliverable: No guaranteed deliverable. Depends on external factors.


Requested Amount

Amount Token
67,083.56 POOL

Budget Breakdown

Team Members

Role Yearly USD Compensation Commitment Percentage Quarterly USDC Quarterly POOL Contributor Contributor Discord
Senior Designer $145,000 100% 0 (covered by PT Inc.) 16,811 Alex alxx#6155
Software Engineer $202,000 100% 0 (covered by PT Inc.) 24,618.14 Dylan DesRosier dylandesrosier#6262
Junior Software Engineer $100,000 100% 0 (covered by PT Inc.) 6,502.32 Noah Cukiert Ncookie#1619
Senior Software Engineer $250,000 100% 0 (covered by PT Inc.) 37,156.10 Open Role

The maximum POOL salary for the open position is being requested (see the compensation formula spreadsheet)) to keep the door open for high quality candidates. If we do not hire this quarter, we will roll the tokens over to next quarter. If we decide we don’t need to fill the role, we will return the tokens. If we hire they will likely be below the max, so we will return or roll over the remaining tokens.

Team Expenses

Additional expenses are currently being covered by PT Inc.


Q4 2022 Goals

  1. Core App Redesign
    The interface found at https://app.pooltogether.com was overhauled, all code is available on GitHub.

  2. V5 App Alpha
    An alpha version was built but has been halted. There is more work being done designing the protocol and the UI comes second. Alongside the core app alpha some additional mini apps (tools) were required. A liquidator implementation is available here.

  3. V5 JS SDK
    An alpha version was built but has been halted. There is more work being done designing the protocol and the JS SDK comes second.

  4. V3 App Deprecation
    The v3 interface was deprecated. Support for all features from the v3 site are available on https://app.pooltogether.com and https://tools.pooltogether.com.

  5. Hiring
    One engineering position was filled, another engineering position is still open. We also hired a Senior Designer earlier than anticipated so we’ve redirected the unfilled positions POOL to them.

Budget Surplus

18,004 POOL

  • 25,373.03 - 7,369 POOL
    These tokens are from the unfilled Software Engineer position will be rolled over this quarter and subtracted from the total requested amount as the position is still open. However, due to hiring a Senior Designer that wasn’t initially planned for Q4 we’ve repurposed these funds to handle their POOL allocation. The rate used is the same as what is being requested in this document and was pro-rated to their start date for the quarter.


Token Pricing

Token USD
POOL $0.6728370667
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