TBR-Q2-2023 - PT Inc Team

Team Name PT Inc Team
Quarter and Year Q2 2023
Payout Address 0x3927E0642C432A934a4EAA64C79bC8a1D8ac5Fb7
Total USD Value Requested $243,388.16


PT Inc. develops improvements and maintains an interface to the PoolTogether Protocol. Previously this team was split into the PT Inc. Protocol Team and the PT Inc Client Team, but we’ve decided to consolidate the two due to shared resources.

Performance Goals and Metrics

Our goal for Q2 2023 is to ship version 5 of the protocol. This version will be a hyperstructure, as detailed in this gov post.

Our moonshot goal is to get the hyperstructure into production.


  1. Launch a new landing page for pooltogether.com
  2. Launch version 5 of the protocol: the hyperstructure

Hyperstructure Launch Steps

The following is a breakdown of the hyperstructure launch timeline. Dates given are estimates, not hard commitments. We’ll do our best.

Description Estimated Completion Date
Initial design for the hyperstructure Complete
Launch alpha version on Sepolia. This includes both the smart contracts and a web app April 1
Release code that allows anyone to liquidate yield and claim prizes April 15
Launch beta version for final testing and polish May 15
Code Audit June 1
Launch new landing page June 1
Launch the production version June 15
Launch JS SDK June 15
Develop an incentivized draw mechanism to ensure the prize pool is rewarded July 15
Launch an ecosystem portal to surface third party apps July 15
Install the draw mechanism and renounce ownership of the prize pool August 1st


Requested Amount

Token Amount
POOL 54,458 POOL
USDC 187,841 USDC

Budget Breakdown

Team Members

As per Q2 2023 Compensation Formula.

Role Yearly USD Compensation Commitment Percentage Quarterly USDC Quarterly POOL Contributor Contributor Discord
Team Lead $131,100 100% $32,775 USDC Covered until end of Q2 2023 Brendan Asselstine Brendan :ocean::trophy:#1830
Protocol Engineer $211,166 100% $34,750 USDC 17,688 POOL Pierrick Turelier Pierrick#1350
Protocol Engineer $202,000 100% $33,936 USDC 16,240 POOL Dylan DesRosier dylandesrosier#6262
Front-End Engineer $131,100 80% $26,220 USDC Covered until middle of Q4 2023 Chuck Bergeron ChuckBergeron#2753
Senior Designer $202,000 100% $33,936 USDC 16,240 POOL Alex alxx#6155
Junior Software Engineer $100,000 100% $20,625 USDC 4,290 Noah Cukiert Ncookie#1619

Totals: 182,242 USDC & 54,458 POOL

Team Expenses

The following are ballpark expenses for the quarter. Note that the security bounties are more of a reserve- if no exploits are reported it will rollover. Likewise for auditing, although our goal is to have the PT Hyperstructure on testnet and audited this quarter.

Description Amount
SAAS / Infra Services $9000
Security Bounties $50,000
Contractors $20,000
Auditing $250,000

Total: $329,000 USDC


The previous PT Inc. Client team and PT Inc. Protocol team goals were to:

  • V4 app updates
  • Install VRF 2.0
  • Upgrade V4 to use DPR
  • Launch DPR Controller App
  • Launch new landing page
  • Launch hyperstructure testnet

Most of these have been completed. The outstanding goals are to launch the hyperstructure and landing page, as detailed above.

Budget Surplus

Description Amount Token
C4 outstanding account balance 127,400 USDC
Held assets 196,001 ScUSDC

Total: 323,401 USDC


Token Pricing

Token value in USD
POOL 1.02

Looking good and probably everyone (myself included) very excited about the HyperStructure! :smiley: