V5 Development Update

The PoolTogether Inc. team has been hard at work on the PoolTogether Hyperstructure. Recently we re-prioritized a few items, so I thought it was time to give an update.

Where We’re At

In case you haven’t been listening to the community calls, this is where we’re at:

  • The V5 explorer app is nearly done, and is now just being fine-tuned. Check out the Testnet App.
  • The V5 smart contracts are largely complete, but we continue to discover and squash subtle bugs.
  • The V5 claimer and liquidation bots are functioning, but still require significant work so that they scale and work out-of-the-box for contributors. Check out the code
  • Preliminary V5 subgraphs have been deployed, but are going to undergo significant change as they are consolidated.

What’s New

Since the original timeline that was posted for the Q2 2023 TBR we’ve decided to re-prioritize a few things.

  • We have decided to launch with a decentralized, incentivized RNG mechanism that will reliably serve the hyperstructure. Significant research and analysis is going into this effort, so that we can launch without any governance involvement across L2s.
  • We have expanded the scope of the new PT landing page to now be a complete website with an ecosystem section. We want to provide a central point from which users can discover all the apps and protocols that have been built for PoolTogether V5.

Additionally, after playing with the testnet and discussing launch parameters with the community, we decided it was important to extensively simulate the system under different conditions. The protocol is fully automated, but still has key parameters that need to be configured at launch. We need to simulate the system holistically in an automated way, so that we have the tightest feedback loop possible and can learn as much as we can about how the system behaves under different conditions.

The New Timeline

Goal Date
Smart contract code freeze July 1st
Audit July 3rd - 7th
Launch new Landing page July 17
Launch V5 on First Chain July 17


We’re taking the time to make sure the system is highly polished and tested before launch. Being immutable and autonomous, it’s critical that we get this right. We’d like to avoid multiple launches as much as we can.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask below!


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The latest updates on the V5 development are here: