V5 Private Beta Launch Information

We’re gearing up to launch the private beta of PoolTogether V5 on August 30th.

To begin with we will be deploying on Optimism and will have prize vaults for USDC and ETH, with Aave as the underlying yield source. Together, the Generation, Community, and Growth Teams have been working on creating a marketing campaign for launch, the first phase of which begins with the private beta.


The objective of the private beta is threefold:

First, we want to ensure the system functions as expected in a production environment. This means prizes are claimed, draws happen on time, yield is efficiently liquidated, and prizes adjust accurately.

Second, we want to make sure this product experience is a blast! Are there enough prizes? Does everything feel right? Is this the PoolTogether we know and love?

Third, we want to collect qualitative and quantitative feedback from the community about the experience so that we can continue to iterate on and improve the product.

This beta is not intended as a test of the security of the protocol. That testing will have been completed when the beta begins. We’ve invested $250k in audits from two different firms and feel confident in their work and the safety of the system.

The success of our beta will be determined by specific benchmarks:

  • 90% of draws completed
  • 95% of prizes successfully claimed
  • Liquidations happening with 90% efficiency

If we have met these criteria after a 30-day period, we will open PoolTogether V5 to the public.

Access & Incentive Details

The beta interface for PoolTogether V5, Cabana, will be available on August 30th to our core community members, people who hold 1000+ POOL, 1000+ PTUSDC on any chain of PoolTogether V4, a Poolycon POAP, a gitPOAP, a Pfer or a Pooly.

We will offer the following incentives for participation:

You can win without depositing! We are putting up 300,000 USDC for month-long delegations which will be awarded to 50 lucky beta participants, chosen at random.

Yield Boost:
Thanks to a grant from the PoolTogether grants team, additional funds will be added to the prize pool. We are boosting yield by $100/day for the first four weeks. This means an additional 100 USDC will be liquidated for POOL each day, as if it was earned as yield by the vault. The primary reason for doing the vault boost at launch is to ensure there is sufficient liquidity to trigger draws and liquidations, but it also means more chances to win for depositors.

< Redacted > for all:
Special < redacted > will be made available for all participants at a later stage. For each phase, participants can < redacted >, in addition to potential future benefits.

Who are we trying to reach?

We are aiming to first reach the existing PoolTogether Community, including past and present PoolTogether depositors, PoolTogether contributors and council members, Discord community members, POOL holders, Community Call attendees, Deep End listeners and the Friends of Pooly community.

We are also aiming to reach potential partners (yield protocols, wallets, and L2s). The power of PoolTogether V5 lies in its ability to compose with other protocols. If we can attract partners to integrate with the protocol, we can kickstart our flywheel and move towards becoming the gold standard for prize savings and high-variance yield in DeFi.

Diving into the Hyperstructure

As we gear up for the PoolTogether V5 beta launch in two weeks, we look to the community for support and collaboration.

For those interested in participating, more details are available on PoolTogether Discord by using the -privatebeta command.