SKALE Labs and PoolTogether


I’m Emre Arduman, Business Development Representative at SKALE Labs. PoolTogether is really fascinating, I wanted to introduce SKALE Labs to you!

We are a Layer 2 EVM solution built on top of Ethereum, meaning we increase the transaction capacity and throughput of blockchain projects. We have a huge DeFi hub and a grant program we would love to consider PoolTogether for. Cheers!


Hey Emre,
Welcome to the pool! Thanks for the warm words and for reaching out!

The next version of PoolTogether is coming up and the team of Generation Software is working on the last tweaks before the code goes to audit. The current plan is to slowly roll out the new version on Optimism, Arbitrum, Ethereum, zkSync Era, and Base. A timeline for that might look like this:

Tagging @tim who’s responsible for BD. :slight_smile:

Hello Tjark!

Thanks for the transparency! Would love to connect with Tim and the rest of the team to discuss potentially adding SKALE Labs to your roadmap!

We’re an EVM Chain with many benefits as a DeFi ecosystem, and the SKALE Network accounts for 1/6th of all EVM transactions in the blockchain space!

Would love to discuss more, thank you!

Hey @tim, have you had a chance to check out my proposal? Thank you!

Hey Earduman, Tim is currently at ETH CC asfaik. Generally I can say that PT is already planning to launch on 5 chains this quarter and as far as I know this means the capacity of Generation Software Inc. is fully used.
Launching on more chains this quarter is not really possible.

But it’s great that Skale Labs wants PoolTogether on their Layer 2 EVM solution! If all launches go well this quarter, and SKALE has the needed infrastructure to deploy there (ERC-4626 vaults, Defender tasks, maybe more, V5 is still being developed), I think deploying there as well could be nice.

Hi Lonser!

That sounds great!

Can we set up a Telegram group in the meantime? If you can give me your Telegram handle I’d love to set up a group and we can talk there!


GA Lonser! Any update here? Would love to proceed with the discusions, thanks!

Hey there I"ll reach out to set something up on TG!