PTBR-2: PoolTogether <> Generation Software Inc

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This is an announcement of the new company Generation Software, and it’s initiative to provide research, development and support for the PoolTogether Protocol.

Start Date July 1st, 2023
Timeline for Deliverables 3 months
Budget $460,000

Generation Software (GS) was formed to unlock new human behaviours using innovative technology. We believe that the PoolTogether V5 hyperstructure is the most accessible way to incentivize wealth building, and wish to help it achieve widespread adoption.

Our Team

Our company is comprised of PoolTogether community members and ex-employees of PoolTogether Inc. who hold deep knowledge of the technology, our history, and the vision for the future. In the past we’ve made core contributions to the protocol, so we have direct hands-on experience.

Our Values

We are dedicated to:

  • The research, application and innovation of new technologies that benefit people.
  • Work in harmony and alignment, while maintaining a high degree of autonomy. We work together, but also encourage the individual to excel.
  • Continuously improve everything we do; whether it’s improving the way we work, trying out new ideas, or learning new technology.
  • Contributing to the fields in which we operate. We open source our technology whenever possible, contribute to new standards and ideas, and help others who wish to learn and engage with our products.

Scope of Work


We’re an extremely knowledgable team that can accelerate PoolTogether’s growth.


Our goal is to deploy the PoolTogether hyperstructure to as many chains as possible, and to maximize distribution and reach of the protocol. We will support the PoolTogether community’s permissionless expansion of the protocol.

This first PTBR will help get the hyperstructure off the ground. GS expects to make future PTBRs with deliverables that build on the foundation laid in this first quarter.


Audit & Mitigations

GS will coordinate audits with Code Arena and another third party firm. We expect this to begin around July 3rd.

GS will apply any mitigations to the code, and publish the smart contracts and all supporting software as open source code on Github.

GS will also publish tutorials and documentation on how to use the above tools.


GS will deploy to Ethereum and Ethereum L2s, but we wish the community to help determine the order. We need to proceed one at a time as there is a significant amount of off-chain infrastructure, so each deployment will need to pass health checks before we launch the next. It will be up to the community to launch vaults, so we will coordinate with you to determine the right launch sequence.

We will deploy a production version of PT V5 to the following chains:

  • Optimism
  • Arbitrum
  • Ethereum
  • zkSync Era

We will deploy a production version of PT V5 to the following chain if mainnet is ready and our infrastructure (Defender) supports it:

  • Base

Regardless of mainnet status, for all of the above we’ll have testnet deployments.

Each chain will have a similar sequence

  1. GS deploys core smart contracts and infrastructure for the new chain. The Prize Pool will be tuned for each chain it is deployed to.
  2. GS launches communications campaign to reach builders on that chain
  3. Community permissionlessly creates vaults
  4. GS runs health checks and moves on to next chain when successful.

Deployment Details

For each new chain deployment:

  • GS will deploy the core smart contracts
  • GS will host an app to view and interact with the vaults
  • GS will host a vault factory app
  • GS will deploy supporting subgraphs
  • GS will ensure there are at least two compatible yield sources at launch, selected in collaboration with the community.

Note: We will guarantee app and subgraph hosting until the end of 2023, but funding from future PTBRs will be required to keep them going beyond that date.

Communications Campaign Details

For each chain, the GS team will build out a communications campaign to reach and activate partners, encouraging them to integrate yield sources, prize tokens and/or wallets. Successful campaigns will require…

  • Identifying the audiences we aim to reach (yield sources, protocols, token issuers, wallets) and creating a list of leads
  • Creating and distributing media including written and visual content for Medium, Mirror, Twitter, Discord and Lens.
  • Creating and distributing documentation for relevant to partners.
  • Conducting direct outreach to a list of potential partners

Community Creates Vaults

We will support the community in launching new vaults. In particular:

  • Provide tutorials and documentation
  • Give guidance on which protocols would be good integrations
  • Offer assistance in the Discord #developers channel


As mentioned above, there is a significant amount of off-chain infrastructure. Polish and refinement of the bots and subgraphs will continue beyond the launch date. We expect growing pains and needs to change as the system scales. By the end of September we’ll have 1.0 releases for each piece of infrastructure, and will make them public, open source, and documented.

  • Liquidation Bot
  • Prize Claimer Bot
  • Draw Bot
  • Subgraph
  • App to view and navigate vaults
  • App to create vaults


Note that we will work with the community to determine the final chain order.

Date Description
July 17 Completion of audit and mitigations
July 24 Launch of first chain (TBD)
Aug 7 Launch of second chain (TBD)
Aug 14 Launch of third chain (TBD)
Aug 21 Launch of fourth chain (TBD)
Aug 28 Launch of fifth chain (TBD)
Sep 29 1.0 releases for infrastructure


Amount Token
460,000 USDC