TBR-Q4-2022 - PT Inc Client Team

Team Quarterly Budget Request

Team Name PT Inc Client Team
Quarter and Year Q4 2022
Payout Address 0x3927E0642C432A934a4EAA64C79bC8a1D8ac5Fb7
Total USD Value Requested $45,939 USD


The PoolTogether Inc. Client team is responsible for providing client support for the protocol. This includes maintaining and expanding the flagship consumer interface at app.pooltogether.com and developing additional dapps on tools.pooltogether.com and vote.pooltogether.com. The Client team is also building tooling for developers to easily build on top of the protocol with things like tutorials, SDKs and APIs.


  1. Core App Redesign

    The interface found at app.pooltogether.com is in need of an update. The app started as a prototype and grew into the production app. The team has paid a Designer for a complete redesign and will be implementing this. The goal of the redesign is to be more approachable for new comers while maintaining the same (and more) level of details. Along with that, the redesign sets up the application for expanding to many more prize pools (deposit tokens, yield sources)

    Deliverable: Deploy redesigned app in Q4

  2. V5 App Alpha

    The client team has been developing an Alpha version of the app for the proposed V5 of PoolTogether. This will allow the community to have a more tangible way of testing the proposed changes. The team is working closely with the Protocol team to ensure a smooth transition from V4 to V5 in the future.

    Deliverable: Deploy alpha app in Q4

  3. V5 JS SDK

    Alongside the alpha app, the client team will release alpha versions of @pooltogether/v4-client-js for interacting with the V5 protocol.

    Deliverable: Deploy V5 JS SDK

  4. V3 App Deprecation

    Unfortunately the existing V3 app is expensive and difficult to maintain. To prepare for shutting down that UI we need alternative UIs for users to: withdraw & claim rewards.

    Deliverable: Deprecate V3 app
    Deliverable: Deploy V3 mini apps

  5. Hiring

    The PoolTogether client team is looking to hire 1 full time engineer to help work across the stack on the various interfaces and infrastructure used by the client team and external developers.

    Deliverable: Hire a full time engineer


Requested Amount

Amount Token
46,624.47 POOL

Budget Breakdown

Team Members

Role Yearly USD Compensation Commitment Percentage Quarterly USDC Quarterly POOL Contributor Contributor Discord
Software Engineer $202,000 100% 0 (covered by PT Inc) 16,811.16 Dylan DesRosier dylandesrosier#6262
Junior Software Engineer $100,000 100% 0 (covered by PT Inc) 4,440.28 Noah Cukiert Ncookie#1619
Software Engineer $250,000 100% 0 (covered by PT Inc) 25,373.03 Open Role

The maximum POOL salary for the open position is being requested ( see the compensation formula spreadsheet)) to keep the door open for high quality candidates. If we do not hire this quarter, we will roll the tokens over to next quarter. If we decide we don’t need to fill the role, we will return the tokens. If we hire they will likely be below the max, so we will return or roll over the remaining tokens.

Team Expenses

Additional expenses are currently being covered by PT Inc.


Token Pricing

Token USD
POOL 0.985298

Seeing @Ncookie as a new hire on the team members makes me incredibly happy! Ncookie contributed so much already - I’m very excited to see his work applied to the app soon! Great choice :clap:


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