The Road to $100m TVL


I see five ways that the PoolTogether (soon to be official) DAO is trying to grow the protocol to $100m TVL. As a reference, here are the ways that PT Inc. is working to grow it.

They are as follows:

  1. Multi-delegator - Get communities/apps/protocols to deposit stables and delegate them in ways that will accelerate their growth

  2. Integrations - Get the PT protocol on as many other platforms as possible (Ledger Live, neobanks, Zapper, etc.)

  3. $100 or less Depositors - More $1 prizes and chances to win big will get all of the small fish

  4. V5 - Get crypto natives to put whatever they want to keep for a while into PoolTogether for no loss wins and good hodl vibes

  5. Go anywhere AAVE goes - Use layer rewards to encourage yield farmers to deposit and then we keep them with our vibes

My question to you: Which should we prioritize? I’m not saying we stop pushing on other fronts, but I want to know which we should focus on to hit $200m TVL.

You can only pick one and I would love to see why you picked what you picked in the comments.

  • Multi-delegator
  • Integrations
  • $100 or less Deposits
  • V5
  • New Layer Deployments
  • Other (please comment)

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Who exactly is the “we”? Is this prioritizing what you’re working on? A team? Is the goal to set a priority for everyone working on the DAO?

I think this is a great question that I just brought up in this post How Do We Capture Our Tailwinds?

We had a very exciting conversation on the PoolTogether community call last Friday, I think we need to define ‘we’ and our objectives, primary kpi and structure.

Once we get through that, we can properly define who ‘we’ is and how we can drive maximum usage of the protocol.

But in lieu of that, I see this question as- what is the one thing the entire PoolTogether community should focus on to drive $200 million in TVL growth immediately.

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Sorry, definitely can be clearer here, but this is we

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Historically, speaking integrations & incentives have been the two things that drove the most growth.

I don’t think incentives = new layers though. We may have better luck working closely with our existing blockchains. The problem with incentives though are… they are not sustainable. :slight_smile:

Integrations on the other hand are sustainable and can drive equal growth. For example, if PoolTogether is featured as an integration in a major mobile wallet, that can easily drive us to $100 million in TVL.

So I’d say:

  1. Incentives
  2. Integrations

On #1, the biggest thing we can do right now is make sure the Optimism launch is a huge success. Drive as much usage, publicity, etc. to Optimism as we can

On #2, this is a bit of a slower game but something I think you are already doing a great job of @tim

The other thing I’d through out that we talked about last week is I really feel we need to set some specific growth targets to unlock more prizes! I think this is something we as a community could focus on… creating a plan we can all rally around to grow TVL and correspondingly grow prizes!


So let me push you a little bit. If you has to pick one, which would you pick?


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People love airdrops.

Let’s gamify a new way to foster engagement that requires claiming only attainable by holding a certain token.

Thoughts on something like this approach? Seems perfect timing to me…!

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If I had to pick one, I’d pick integrations. They are ultimately more long term sustainable.

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Thanks for defining these, @tim! Having clearly defined goals is something we as a DAO have missed out on for some time.
I’d maybe add these two:

  1. Partnerships: Lean more into our existing collabs, host spaces, work on cross-content that is helpful for both communities involved (examples would be Aave, Optimism, Polygon, Chainlink, Zapper, but also projects like Coordinape, Snapshot, …)
  2. Scaling the DAO: I understand the wish to define that one thing. Personally, I believe some of these go hand in hand. The community has proven it’s capable of a lot as long as permission is given and roadblocks are removed. insert unlimited scalability meme here :smiley:
    What the DAO needs to achieve better collaboration with less friction are structures people actually follow, clearer accountabilities, and empowerment of those who now the way forward at the current time.

Yes so this is a combination of Integrations, Multidelegator, and Protocol Rewards… so which part of Partnership offers the most value to those who we’re pursuing partnerships with?

Multi-delegator, good. Integrations, good.

Small depositors should be welcomed but not focussed on. So far with V4 I think we have done three NFT campaigns that really focussed on small depositors. Let’s continue to support them with prize distributions that provide engaging wins, but let’s not build campaigns at this time to specifically attract more small depositors.

I do not think V5 is the only solution for enabling Poolers to deposit assets other than USDC.

My number one thought to prioritize for growth is to re-enable isolated prize pools. Both pursuing partnerships and offering a permissionless builder.

I don’t understand number 5 “go anywhere AAVE goes…keep them out with vibes”, lol
I think that if we are restricting ourselves to curating a prize network a lot of our reputation is on the line, and as such we are confined to the most reputable of yield sources. Looking around the ecosystem, adding assets on Aave does not look promising to me. People deposit to Aave primarily to leverage. The yields are well below a FDIC insured savings account and even lower for WBTC, ETH, etc.

I like $50mm 3 month goal and $100mm 6 month goal. I do think having a community aligned goal is important. I think we could consider a prize value generated (PVG?) metric instead of TVL.


Meaning put PT on Optimism, Arbitrum, Celo, and generally anywhere where theres tested stable safe yield.

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