PoolTogether <> Atlantis World Collab Proposal


Atlantis World will build a token-gated meta-space for the PoolTogether community personalised using brand assets, where $POOL token holders / DAO members can interact with each other using text chat + video calling. We also plan to integrate PoolTogether’s no loss prize game products into the core Atlantis World experience, enabling network effects of our collaborations with other market leaders (such as Yearn, Polygon, Audius) as well as onboarding new users from Web2 into Web3 / DeFi.

In the future, we will also build interactive learning modules centred around PoolTogether in our Web3 Academy.

Introduction to Atlantis World

Atlantis World is a pixel metaverse with token-gating, video calling, gamified DeFi + in-game DAO voting. We believe that as much as metaverse should be open, it should be accessible (lightweight) + plug into DeFi applications in a fun / gamified way.

Existing virtual worlds are inaccessible because they have a 3d/immersive focus, resulting in a high-cost barrier to entry (since in order to enjoy seamless loading experience, users must go out + buy the latest iPad / gaming pc, this technology / hardware is neither inexpensive or readily available globally).

Also, we believe that we are missing a huge onboarding opportunity into DeFi as a collective space by not gamifying leading dApps / protocols inside of virtual worlds with additional interactive learning modules.

We are adding video/audio calling capabilities to user-owned, token-gated spaces inside of our pixel metaverse for communities to interact with each other; whilst gamifying DeFi protocols like Aave / Yearn / Sushi, curating interactive learning modules in our Web3 Academy + gamifying DAO voting.

To provide further value to the space, we’re exploring adding tooling products like CoinGecko to the Atlantis experience, as well as transforming our favourite NFT avatars into versatile, hyper-composable playable characters by building open source sprite sheets + full walk cycles ready to be used by those communities not just in Atlantis, but in all of pixel metaverse.

We’re also building public spaces + rethinking decentralized governance in collaboration with our community. We plan to build the City of Atlantis → ​​a buzzing, entrepreneurial capital owned / governed by its users / inhabitants, where ETH is money + creative culture is king. If users want to open a business, like a virtual cafe, music venue, or independent art exhibition, they’ll be able to apply to occupy land for free until they’re seen to be making revenue (which is always verifiable on-chain).

How do we plan to gamify PoolTogether & provide long term value?

Atlantis World plans to benefit the greater PoolTogether ecosystem in a number of ways:

  • Gamification of PoolTogether all around Atlantis (including public spaces + token gated spaces of other communities) → resulting in a smooth onboarding process for new users + an engaging experience for returning users.
  • Adding PoolTogether ATM / booth + brand assets to Atlantis City (beyond core brand assets, $POOL emojis, we’d love to feature historical community-driven moments, such as ‘Last Supper’)
  • We plan to build a personalised, token gated space for PoolTogether community + DAO members. Once there, $POOL holders will have the opportunity to instantly connect with everybody also in the space on a video/audio call, whilst interacting with PoolTogether or other dApps / protocols such as Yearn / Sushi + exploring the game world. Eventually, users will be able to play mini-games as we add further integrations + actually upgrade the space / build spaces of their own.
  • After our closed beta testing, the PoolTogether space will be airdropped to the PoolTogether DAO, so that every game asset + building (tokenized individually on Polygon + also bridged to Ethereum) will be community owned.
  • We plan to build a Web3 Academy inside of Atlantis World, which will include learning modules centred around PoolTogether + allow users to experiment within a secure ‘SAFU’ testing environment.
  • We can create a portal to PoolTogether in Atlantis City + integrate products in Atlantis City, PoolTogether space + in other token-gated lands for example Yearn community.
  • “Having a virtual place, bar or pool; where one can virtually socialize with others (listen to music, dip in the pool or drink a beer :beer:) and participate in pods and pools” // credit: ​​rliriano (PT Discord)
  • “I feel like a year-round, all day/night pool party would be epic. Especially for people in colder climates. Imagine a DJ getting paid in deposits and visitors needing $POOL or an NFT to get past the bouncer” // credit: crimlou (PT Discord)
  • We’re happy to explore any additional ideas / suggestions and consider building & integrating them inside of $POOL space, as well as all around Atlantis World.


  • Integrating PT products. Simple integration in Q3 to current demo. Gamification in Q4 all across Atlantis (including public beta spaces + token gated lands of other communities).
  • Building personalised, token gated $POOL space. Community invited for testing in early Q4 prior to land airdrop in late Q4.
  • Adding booth / portal + brand assets to Atlantis City (Atlantis City is projected to launch in Q1-Q2 2022, PoolTogether portal will be included in the initial release + also demo / public beta versions prior).
  • Creating gamified learning modules for PT in our Web3 Academy, Q3 2022.

Disclaimer: we may need to revise timelines if grant is not allocated in Q3 2021.

Funding Request

$50k USD payable at current market value in ETH / USDC / DAI → atlantisworld.eth

Additional Support Requests

We’d highly appreciate some additional support on our mission to collaborate with + add long term value to the PoolTogether community:

  • mentorship
  • tech support if needed (docs should be sufficient)
  • promotion / outreach support within the PoolTogether community, such as collaboration announcements

Relevant links

Website: https://atlantisworld.io
Demo (v0.4) → https://demo.atlantisworld.io

Final notes
TYSM for your time! We look forward to building the best possible gamified, fun & interactive experience for PoolTogether community!

Here is a screenshot taken from personalised cryptopunks space inside of Atlantis World beta.

  • check out

Hack FS submission: Atlantis World · ETHGlobal Showcase

Defiant featuring Yearn <> Atlantis + Aleksandr from Axie: Yearn Finance Backs Atlantis World to Draw Degens Into the Metaverse - The Defiant - DeFi News


Hi folks it’s Andy. Atlantis has gone through the initial grants process and similar to Llama DAO as it is a large capital ask and very contingent on community interest & participation we at PoolGrants thought it would be best to have Rev from Atlantis team post publicly. That way there can be discussions & feedback to see how interested community would be to move forward with the grant.

I personally think this is a very interesting project and could help onboard new users to PoolTogether that have heard of it in DeFi but just haven’t taken that leap


Thanks for the outreach.
Personally I’m not really in favor, especially at 50k price.
I wouldn’t use their website/virtual word and I don’t think it adds much value to Pooltogether.
It’s nothing against this project in particular I personally just don’t believe in these virtual social places in general. It can probably work but only when big companies with a very big userbase do it like Fortnite/Roblox/Minecraft/Facebook.
But that’s just my opinion if other people are in favor, that’ totally OK.

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Appreciate you putting out this proposal. I don’t have full context on the grant process, but wanted to pose a few questions to the Atlantis team.

  1. How many users are currently onboarded into Atlantis? The project still seems very early, so trying to gauge how many existing users you can potentially onboard into PoolTogether
  2. How have virtual spaces for Yearn and Aave gone so far? How has the engagement from those communities been?
  3. What’s your plan for rolling this out to the PT audience? What’s the convincing wedge for holders to participate?

IMO this feels pretty excessive to introduce to the PT community, especially given how early Atlantis is in development and the value add for the project is unclear.

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Hey Lonser, thanks for taking the time out to review our proposal and get back to us. We understand your concerns and appreciate your feedback.

Gaming, in general, is a 2B user industry, growing every year with the highest level of user engagement (as it’s fun = sustainable). The disruptive play-to-earn model, introduced by legendary blockchain games, has been a huge step forward in the ecosystem, with Axie Infinity leading on fore-front of innovation. Feel free to research their incredible growth rates, community engagement, and culture spirit, which has an insane daily growth rate.

The more people find out & play blockchain games, web3 metaverses, the more people get exposure to crypto projects, protocols, dApps. Some of the great web3 metaverse examples are Decentralands, CryptoVoxels, Somnium Space, and, recently Treeverse. We love these metaverses and appreciate their contribution to the space.

With Atlantis, we take a completely different approach. We’re building a token-gated, interactive virtual world for web3 communities, adding audio/video/text communication, gamified DeFi, DAO & other web3 building blocks (ie POAP, museum = NFT marketplace, etc), enabling network effects for all communities involved. Beyond token-gated, exclusive lands, we’ll have public / open areas for everyone to enjoy and benefit from, allowing creators to have space to grow, build and promote their artwork.

We’re currently on Polygon, though we’ll be cross-chain. You can already buy NFTs inside of Atlantis Museum using Rarible protocol (on mainnet). Check out the custom museum space, featuring BAYC collection (we’ve built as a part of NFT Vision Hack) :

Imagine having one metaverse connecting all web3 communities and building blocks! Beyond that, having an interactive & fun onboarding experience for newbies / web2 folks into blockchain world via enjoyable (+incentivized, potential collab with RabbitHole) web3 learning experience (through ‘Web3 Academy’). The virtual space where everyone will find something special, be it chatting (audio/video/text) with your friends or community, playing mini-games, interacting with your favourite web3 dApps, hosting events/parties/gatherings, participating in gamified DAO voting/governance, renting out your space and having revenue-shared model with Atlantis DAO, and many other use-cases!

That’s the vision behind Atlantis World, and we’re making it a reality day by day.

P.S. It’s worth pointing out, the land inside of Atlantis City will be gov token x productive asset class (revenue sharing) + once we onboard 5-10 communities to token gated lands that back us in this early stage, new communities will need to wow governance in order to occupy lands.

Hey sidramesh, tysm for your interest & great questions!

We are currently experiencing incredible community growth and early access sign ups, to actually quantify over 300% in the last 2-3 days. We expect this trajectory to continue, especially as a result of network effects of onboarding top DeFi communities. We are in the advanced late stages of discussion with many DeFi blue chips and other Web3 market leaders, such as: Sushi, CoinGecko, CollabLand, 1Inch, DXdao, BlackPool, Horizon Blockchain Games (Skyweaver), Filecoin / IPFS, Gnosis. We’re also staying in touch with Stani and many other market leaders… having already onboarded Yearn, Polygon and Audius.

We haven’t yet created virtual space for Aave or Yearn communities, but the feedback from both sides has been absolutely positive. We received a prize from Aave in a recent hackathon, and many Yearn community members are now proud Atlanteans!

The catalyst to PT community adoption is leveling up the PoolTogether social chatter experience with novel personalisation inside of a space that’s private + exclusive to your community. On another note, collaboration with Atlantis will for sure result in more users interacting with PoolTogether and we would also love to explore gamifying your DAO voting system altogether inside of a native town hall (which we believe will increase participation rates for DAOs as a whole, and are currently enjoying discussions with players like DAOhaus and Aragon). We’ve actually been invited to speak at the next DAOist event in Lisbon, on the topic of the possibilities and benefits of hosting DAO activities in digital space.

I actually think this is a really cool idea. I recently was going to play some online poker via decentral games and got placed in decentraland. Wasn’t interested at the time in trying to figure out how to navigate this new virtual world. I like the simplicity of the 2d version and it would be a neat way to explore all the great things crypto has to offer.

Aave and Yearn have much deeper pockets then us and I’m wondering how much they are contributing? I don’t see any large transfers to the atlantisworld.eth address so maybe hasn’t been funded yet?

Will there be a token for Atlantis dao? If so, would Pooltogether be considered for receiving some of that token as an early contributor?

Will this mostly be used on Polygon or will it be available using all chains?


I particularly like the idea of integrating Pooltogether with virtual space, I think it can contribute a lot to gamification, also an exclusive space will encourage the sense of belonging to the community.
Perhaps the cost of the proposal is too high to start, we could start with a more limited budget and consider an expansion, depending on the adoption of this space by the community.


Hey Real Tuna, thank you for such positive feedback, appreciated!

We’re actually in good touch with Decentral Games ($DG)! I’ve met Miles first @ Kernel (Gitcoin program), then @ DAOist event in Paris; we’ve discussed creating a 2d pixel casino inside Atlantis World.

Yep, we’re intentionally building a 2D pixel world to enable a lightweight, smooth experience for the end-user, without requiring high-end tech (gaming laptop/pc, expensive hardware, etc) thus making metaverse mass adoption friendly.

We’re also in touch with Stani from the Aave and Aavegotchi team, exploring collabs. Two days ago, we spoke with Maker and they’re excited to build their space + integrate within the Atlantis World ecosystem, adding another layer of the network effect for the ecosystem. Yesterday, we had a fantastic call with CoinGecko, and already started our collaboration - expect to see some robust CoinGecko powered in-metaverse assets + CoinGecko space.

As for Yearn, we’ve collectively decided to have a milestone-based collaboration, starting with Yearn Finance protocol integration inside of the De-Central Bank building, then moving onto building Yearn Finance token-gated space, creating interactive learning modules, and so on. We’ve received a grant for initial integration, and yes - we’ve received it to another wallet, that’s why you couldn’t see any large transfer.

On another note, we’ve recently received a grant from MetaCartel (Transaction 0x7eeb2331b74c2979a9e11718c7b831c73cc1205cffbc679f8eca0b0f65fbe8ea - xDai Explorer, xDAI chain). MetaCartel DAO provides grant funding + operational support for early-stage projects/dApp. I’ve met lots of MC rockstars and love what they’re respectfully building. And, even though our grant comes with no expectations from MetaCartel’s side, our team decided to give back and build space for them. Obviously, not as big as for projects like Yearn, Polygon, Maker, though the one that would fit MetaCartel DAO.

Our team cherishes progressive decentralization (ie advanced community ownership), and at some point, there’ll be Atlantis DAO with its community members being the core parts of project/ecosystem governance. We might have a token at some point, though we aren’t rushing the token-model, because it’s not necessary at this stage.

Suppose PoolTogether community/DAO will decide to support us at this early stage and collaborate; in that case, among other exciting implementations, we’ll build fully customized (+ brand assets) token-gated land for PT, and airdrop it to PoolTogether DAO.

We’ll be as cross-chain as possible = as interconnected with the projects/protocols/dApps as possible within & beyond the ecosystem. We’re already live on 2 chains, exploring AVAX + FTM.

We’re on the same page with you, Leodisc, as we believe community is the crucial, core aspect of any project. Community-centric, community-engaging and value providing implementations win. Beyond that, gamification adds another layer of fun = sustainability, helping onboard new users through interactive engagement with, in this case, PoolTogether.

We’ve mentioned earlier on the PoolTogether community call, though I’d love to repeat: we CARE about the PoolTogether community, and we CARE ENOUGH to work with the model that is most suitable for you. In fact, we would love to have a milestone, result based collaboration with you, so we can both ensure the best win-win experience while minimizing the risks.

I’m really sorry that the community saw somehow aggressive our overall grant request amount. We should have stated in the proposal itself that those ideas are the ones that we + some community members found valuable to explore and built for PT. And we’ve provided the number that seemed fair to request for such a big collaboration.

It’s not just about PT integration, think:
a) creating PT token-gated space, designing and building it from 0 to hero;
b) building PT branded assets all around Atlantis ecosystem;
c) creating interactive learning modules inside of our future Web3 Academy;
d) building separate PT-native assets and making them open for other communities to use in their private & public lands;
e) airdropping PT space to PoolTogether DAO.

We are open and happy to explore milestone-based collaboration. Let’s find the best way that works for PoolTogether community/DAO.

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I am coming at this from the position of community member, my Grants Committee vote on this project will echo what is reflected in this community thread.

I’m really stoked for this, from an IRL level metaverse platforms are entering into the steep climb of the Gartner hype cycle, and a lot of weird players and common names are starting to explore the space. I think developing something that is lighter weight, and could easily support mobile platform integration is huge and a market the big players are avoiding. It’s only a matter of time before metaverse products take off like NFTs, we’ll all just need to be cognizant of hype cycle crash and taper.

From the PoolTogether perspective, the token-gated space is really intriguing to me.

  • With a user friendly builder on Atlantis, we could award the POOL Pool prize winners a section of the POOL space to decorate for a week or they could display an NFT there that they enjoy if they don’t want to use the builder.
  • We could develop a no-loss arcade, have some minigames, you spend your ptDAI or other pt-TOKEN to play the game, that token is entered into a timelocked sponsorship. For ease say 24 hours, so after you play the token in the arcade you can’t withdraw the token from Pool unless the 24 hours have passed. After the 24-hours have passed you also have the token available to play in the arcade again.
  • We could issue custom wears through the token-gated space. If the Atlantis team has a high-poly to low-poly conversion, we could sell a high-poly NFT wearable that could work in other metaverses, which would be low-poly-ed for Atlantis. Or we can just issue the high and low poly images in the one NFT

Having some representation across the Atlantis metaverse through something like an ATM would be interesting. We as a community could create a number of Pods for these ATMs. People could then deposit and withdraw on the fly using (abusing?) the float. We might be able to figure out a way to leverage these Pod Shares throughout Atlantis in a more interesting way with other protocols. Bored Apes auctioning off an ape, BAYC lets people bid with their Pod Shares - even more interesting, BAYC could let Pod people pool their shares to split the ape by how many shares they contributed should they win the auction.

In terms of how I think this should all operate, should the community want to continue. Those that are hype should come together and determine a set of milestones. Outline what those all might be, something like below rough ideas that can be more firmly outlined with Atlantis and PT Poolers when they are ready to surf:

  1. Building in the ATMs across Atlantis - PT Poolers build pods to tie to those ATMs
  2. Developing PT Token-gated space - raw land, with initial buildings, party pool, and pool bar
  3. Smooth voice and text in the Tokenspace
  4. Builder for the Tokenspace
  5. Learning modules in the academy
  6. Atlantis assists in implementing some cool stuff in the Tokenspace
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I am a huge fan of Atlantis, and can definitely see this as a huge success in the near future. On a personal note, count me in as an early investor whenever you open up tokens for individual investors.

Coming to specific pooltogether governance proposal, i really liked @TheRealTuna’s question in the thread above. He asked if Atlantis would be willing to share some Atlantis gov tokens (when they are live) to pooltogether treasury, that is proportional to grant request in the near future.

So in addition to the exclusive pooltogether token gated lands, it will be cool to get some atlantis gov tokens as well in return for the grant funding. If you are able to expand on this idea and allocate gov tokens to all of your other early grant providers (yearn, aave, metacartel…) etc, that will be a win-win for everyone.

If you are open to this idea, I personally think the $50k funding request is an extremely fair ask from pooltogether community


I was expecting a bit more community feedback on this one.

I still think the project itself is great. PT activity on this topic seems rather low.
Perhaps a compromise could be a smaller grant without having our own custom Land area and instead focus on some parts such as Taliskye reccomended instead:

  1. The ATMs across Atlantis where PT users can build pods & can use to deposit into various pools
  2. Learning modules in the academy (PT focused)
  3. PT presence within the metaverse such as clothing for avatars etc.

The token gated spaces still sound interesting as a whole and a valid concept for this metaverse in Atlantis but might not be the best fit for PT at this time. I’m worried it could end up an unused spot in the world with little to no engagement from our community.

A lower ask to focus on the above 3 points might be a good middle ground to support Atlantis and have PoolTogether be a part of the world.

Any other suggestions on how we can build PT presence without a specific land area for our community?


Just reposting what I wrote on Discord here.

Not in favor at this price point. I would be more inclined for them to start by integrating and then us to do some sort of smaller marketing around it. 50k is a very large amount for a single grant with no track record

For context, the original grant PoolTogether got from Maker to get started was 15k

If they want money I think they should first do a basic integration, let us try it out and if we like it, we can do a grant to expand!


Hey everyone, ty for the great comments and feedback, means a lot! I’m CJ, Rev’s co-founder at Atlantis.

I’d love to share some feedback as well, clarify a couple of moments, and then propose multiple options of initial AW <> PT collaboration based on all the above mentioned.

In terms of track record, here’s some of our recent milestones:

  • Received grant and follow up grant from Polygon, gearing up for an AMA and Twitter marketing.

  • Received a grant as well as joint marketing and other support from Yearn Finance.

  • Joined the MetaCartel ecosystem and received grant funding.

  • Received a grant from Audius to join players like TikTok in helping to grow the decentralized music streaming ecosystem.

  • Advanced stages of exploring grants from Horizon Blockchain Games to explore integrating Skyweaver and Sequence Wallet with our demo.

  • Won Best DeFi Project on Polygon as well as prizes from Aave and Audius at HackFS, with Stani personally reaching out to learn more about Atlantis afterwards.

  • Reached the final of the Filecoin and Rarible tracks at NFT Vision Hack (awaiting results).

  • Onboarded collab.land as an ecosystem partner to power token-gating inside of Atlantis.

  • Collaborating with CoinGecko to bring crypto price data to the metaverse, starting with a billboard inside of our demo for ETH, YFI, MATIC and AUDIO.

  • Exploring further collaborations with top players including Axie Infinity, Sushi, 1inch Network, CREAM, Maker, Nexo, mStable and many more.

  • Gained 1.6k+ Twitter followers, 1k+ early access sign ups, as well as 1.2k+ active Discord users.

Please also ensure to try out https://demo.atlantisworld.io - we’re currently just debugging some huge updates before pushing them to the main link, such as buying and viewing NFT collections on Rarible, as well as auctions, minting and crafting (even basic treasure hunt feature) and depositing into Yearn.

We’re also exploring adding other DeFi products and chains, such as CREAM on Fantom, and Aave on Avalanche, whilst building v2 of our Audius widget (so users can sign in and play their own music / playlists) and adding a billboard of crypto market data powered by CoinGecko; v1 will feature live price feeds of ETH, YFI, MATIC, AUDIO and any other ecosystem partners we onboard.

Another point to add, our current ecosystem partners have social media communities of 1M+ that will be invited to beta test Atlantis and become our early adopters. Joint marketing is a core part of our GTM and we’re onboarding new partners at an unprecedented rate.

We also plan to enable network effects for all parties involved, by incentivising and encouraging different partner communities to try each other’s products inside of Atlantis. As well as this, we’ll also target non crypto natives with interactive learning for DeFi and other Web3 building blocks like DAOs, blockchain games and wallets.

We’re just getting started.

In terms of building first for PoolTogether and receiving a grant if there is positive community feedback, because we are totally bootstrapped, even investing our own savings and not rushing token raise, we actually need to prioritise communities that will support us at this early stage due to limited resources. We have unprecedented interest in collaborations with Atlantis since this recent news article: Yearn Finance Backs Atlantis World to Draw Degens Into the Metaverse - The Defiant - DeFi News

However, we’d definitely actually prefer to start with a smaller grant and integrate PoolTogehter right away in our demo experience. We can start with 1st point (PT ATMs across Atlantis + PT integration), then once delivered from our side, we can explore next steps. What does the community believe is a fair allocation for such a commitment?

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I would really like to see Pooltogether included in Atlantis world and would be disappointed if the community walks away from this. We are still a relatively small community ourselves and don’t have the deep pockets of Yearn and Aave. It’s really tough to figure out what a fair valuation would be but I’m thinking 25K.


I have had a look through the Atlantis-PoolTogether proposal. This is just my take.

I don’t really see the value for PoolTogether at this stage. I think we as an entity have much more basic needs at this stage: 1). to focus on of course v4 and getting to $1m per week prize on one side which would be the best marketing of all 2). and then more traditional marketing to increase awareness.
Secondly, it is hard to know which metaverses will be successful and for this kind of money maybe we should be looking at building a presence in more established metaverses/openworlds such as Somnium Space, Decentraland etc. which have strong communities and may generate more interest and awareness of PoolTogether

Finally, I am thinking Reddit, Discord or other forums may be enough for our community members to connect with each other. Do we have any evidence that our community members (including people not using Discord) really want to connect via video calls for example?

My guess is that the vast majority of PoolTogether depositors just want to play the lottery and hopefully win. or, earn POOL tokens etc without connecting with anyone at all.

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Just wanted to update the community. Since there has not been feedback for a very strong support (or against) this project, we as PoolGrants have moved to discuss this with Atlantis directly again. Thanks to those who commented, we are likely exploring a much much smaller ask without land option.

Going to test just the ATM integration with half of funding to focus on development & the remaining half for prize tickets to distribute to users for a marketing/awareness campaign. If this goes well we might revisit the additional milestones that have been discussed.

As always if you have specific comments or feedback you can always DM me on discord AndyKaufman#1234 (quickest way to contact me :stuck_out_tongue: )


Thanks for the update @AndyKaufman !

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