Gamifying PoolTogether

Hey all. Some discussions in the last few weeks has got me thinking about ways to gamify the PoolTogether experience a bit further. PoolTogether is ripe for more gamification and we are missing a trick on building something to incentivize more user deposits into the Pools and get people engaging and interacting with the ecosystem more. Voting on governance, providing liquidity, putting :ocean::trophy: emojis in their twitter handles etc.

Benefits of such a system could be:

  • Engage users and garner some protocol loyalty by having them invest in increasing their xp and level. This is typical gamer “I need to level up, bigger number = better” psychology.
  • A task list is an educational tool. Users love to be directed and a task list can educate them on the kinds of actions they can take within the PoolTogether ecosystem.
  • Have users become ambassadors of the protocol by having them promote the PoolTogether meme on twitter or other socials. :ocean::trophy:
  • Grow the pools

I found the Quests & Rewards season implementation was awesome. Very simple and very effective imho at getting users to interact with zapper. Zappers discord has users constantly asking “Wen season 2 Quests?” A good problem to have. Users are engaged!

You can see my draft document for the RFP here which is open for comments. I think we could make this an awesome community collaboration and I welcome as many ideas and builds from the community as possible to make this the best attempt at this as possible.

@Torgin Suggested I draft an RFP and so I’ve done so with the help of @Brendan 's templates he released the other day. Please forgive me if I’ve butchered my delivery of the idea and it makes no sense to any potential implementers. I’m not a designer or developer so this is just my attempt at conveying the initial idea.

The cliff notes are:

  1. Implement an xp-based rewards system directly into app.pooltogether
  2. Increase engagement and education through completing tasks in the app
  3. Incentivize retaining longer deposits by leveraging the Time Weighted Average Balance mechanism coming in V4. “Longer time in the pool = better reward”
  4. A suggested initial run of 3 months of tasks and rewards
  5. Initial rewards will be some sweet NFTs distributed over the level tiering system. Zapper did 5, we can think of doing something similar.

The final prize in the system could be a ridiculously high quality limited mint that users are eligible for winning if they reach that tier in a raffle-style distribution. We could commission Kitteh_, pplpleasr or some other well-known high quality artist that people would absolutely love to get their hands on one of their nfts. On the flip side, we could make access to the raffle of the godlike NFTs with very moderate requirements for interacting with PT. Just a thought!

Once I have had input from the wider community, I will hand over the draft RFP to the grants committee and they can include on Hopefully we get some developer interest as i think it could be a cool project.


I’m glad you are pushing this forward from previous community calls. I think it’s a great tool to increase engagement for new users & keep current ones active.

Here’s the l ist for others to see from the document.
Some examples/ideas eligible for xp to create the tasks include:

Depositing to any governance-controlled Pool. Deposits into multiple pools should be rewarded with multiple opportunities to earn XP, with the limit capped at number of governance Pools available on app.Pooltogether.

Claim a POOL reward in any amount (eligible once)

Voting on governance proposals via snapshot or mainnet vote. (eligible for as many new governance proposals that come through during the season)

Provide ETH/POOL liquidity on v2 and deposit into staking reward contract

Verify a wallet address on
Connect their sybil-verified address to their twitter account
Check their sybil-verified twitter handle for the PoolTogether supporting emoji’s :ocean::trophy:

I think these are all great starts. Including polygon quests as well can help with the push we have been looking for there. I recall on zapper you were able to switch networks easily with MM and perform actions on BSC or ETH for certain quests.


Yup! The quests were actually blockchain agnostic. You could do the specific action on any chain of your choice but could only claim once per day/week.

Thus most users chose to complete them from Polygon as you can imagine :sweat_smile:


Oh for sure, I earned my zappy with minimal gas :wink:


I love this idea and I also love the idea mentioned on the discord of having a randomizer so that everyone has a chance to win a rare one but most likely you get a common. An interesting way to do the “XP” could be with the use of a token that people mine by being in the pools and then redeem for a “spin at the wheel”. This would be a good way to break out of the current TVL range that we’ve been stuck in for a little while.


I love the idea.

I can’t quite imagine yet how this will look from a technical perspective.
I guess all the tracking of quest actions happens off-chain? Then there needs to be some sort of database that stores user data. That would need to be hosted in some centralized way. Probably by PT Inc.? I would like to get @Brendan’s input.

Do we know the technical details of how Zapper’s quests worked?

@chuckbergeron mentioned on Discord that there should be different rarities of NFTs and which one you get is random. Totally agree with that. Probably have it be similar but with some accent/glow to make it special. Then it doesn’t add to the design work too much.

@Hook created this awesome draft of an NFT reward


As far as I understand yeah, i think they track most things off chain except the actual NFT rewards ofc. The app will ask the users wallet to sign when it detects a new completed task, increment the experience balance, then when the user reaches new milestones they can claim the NFT/rewards after that point.

Ive asked Zaraya at zapper if they are prepared to share anything about their technical implementation as this would definitely give a headstart. I looked for an open github repo but couldnt find one so im gonna guess it was in-house and they keep it close to chest.

I’m really hoping the more technically minded amongst us can refine the RFP to give more direction to any potential developers in actual implementation details and requirements.


Mình là người mới . đã và đang cố gắng tìm hiểu vè pooltogether

Yea, thanks for the shoutout! I recently did a 5 NFT series for a polygon project. I’m sure we could find a much better artist though for these rewards.

My hope was to create these kind of NFTs and then maybe airdrop them to Polygon pool participants.

I had mentioned the zapper model a month back and posted it after a couple people suggested I cross post: Expanding the Stablecoin Pools on Polygon

It got slightly overlooked… but admittedly I’m not very active on this site.

I would love to help out in any way I can @mkkoll! I think you have done a good job of describing it here.

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This is a cool idea, and also a great opportunity to do some education. If each quest is a step deeper into the pool, these prompts could also have some ELI5 explaining what it means and how it works to join a pod, provide liquidity, etc.


Yes! My favorite thing about this is the potential to make it educational. The will of a user to learn and be motivated to try the tools is the strongest education you can get.

Instead of having information and tutorials thrust upon me, I find I actually learn the most when im DOING the task itself. As a production operative in a factory at my day job, learning by doing is my favorite way of learning. Tutorials, documentation and people speaking to me is all well and good, but i only get so much value from it. Better to actually play with the toys and figure out how they work.

This kind of ‘task’ system promotes that idea.


Hi mkkoll,

I like the idea of gamifying the user experience at pooltogether and I think there can be some fun things to do with the pooltogether theme.

I like what you put together so far. As far as leveling up goes I was thinking about the “quest season” could be marketed as a “swimming competition” and each level is like a lap around the pool.

And as far as quests go I think you got most of the ones I can think of fleshed out in the RFP and I agree above that its also a good way to do some education quests and learn more about pooltogether and how the lottery works. This would help bring on new players and the more they know, the higher likelihood to stick around.

I’m excited to see what happens here since I’m a fan of gamification :partying_face:


Really appreciate your input here! :slight_smile:

I was thinking about how to ‘theme’ our rewards and was coming up dry, but I really like the suggestions yourself and Taliskye brought up. Swimming competition and laps could fit well.

It will be cool to make it our own and something that fits PoolTogether.

Also welcome to our governance forum, hope to see you around participating in the discussions!


I really like this idea + effort @mkkoll!

Your draft covers a lot of ground! It suggests a wide variety of XP tasks, then also digs into different NFTs that can be claimed.

It would be good for you to consider what is the Minimum Viable Product? What is the absolute simplest, bare bones thing you can do to realize the value proposition of your idea?

It’s worth keeping in mind:

  • Cross-chain support for custom tokens is still patchy (except for major tokens like USDC). Rewards will likely have to start isolated on individual chains.
  • Who has minting authority for tokens or NFTs? If it’s off-chain, where is it stored and who do you have to trust? If it’s on-chain, under what conditions will the contract mint new tokens?

I really like the vision you’ve outlined, but I suggest breaking it down into simple releases that iteratively achieve your long-term goal. Each release should be complete and validate the idea.


@Brendan Cheers bud. I unfortunately had to put this little project on the backburner for the past few weeks due to IRL work :sweat_smile: but plan to get my teeth back into it again in the next week.

I think you are right that i should consider a bare-bones outline and see what potential devs come up with themselves, then flesh out a broader more complete vision of the idea in future updates to it. After all, it’s intended as an experiment to see if it actually garners interest and deposits like we hope it will.

So no point in implementing some grand super project all at once. I appreciate my inexperience in regard to project management or as an actual software dev makes it difficult for me to realise the scope of the technical implementation im actually asking for.

I think i will refine the proposal this week and pass it on to grants to list in the RFPs.


I am just finding this thread now actually. I was approaching the aavegotchi team about pool together integration and Should have the summary of what Jesse(founder) and I talked about later today.

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Cool! I love aavegotchi project.


Might be worth taking some notes on this

Season 2 for Zapperfi quests

Where is your grant application, @mkkoll ? :wink:

I really love this idea and it would be great if you can put together a roadmap. The writeup covers a good set of tasks already.

I dont have any experience as a ‘project manager’.
If i applied for a grant, i literally wouldn’t know what to do with the money to push the implementation forward.

I need a developer! :joy: