PoolGrants Season 3 Lead elections

The time has come to vote on the leads for Season 3 of the Pooltogether grants committee!
Applications have rolled in over the last week and can be found here.

For more information on what the Pooltogether grants committee is, check out:
Initial PTIP
Season 2 PTIP

As was the case last time, the leads will be chosen by the community, then the leads will choose who will become a reviewer.

On this post, we will use polls for informal voting. If the polls have a clear outcome, they will be considered as the consensus, with formal affirmation later through the grants program renewal PTIP.
If the vote in this post is contentious, there will be a more formal voting process through Snapshot.

Before voting, please inform yourself by reading the candidates’ applications, which are linked under their name.

Deputy lead candidates



Lead candidates

Only Torgin applied for this role, so he is the only candidate:

Who shall become grants committee deputy lead?

  • Gabor
  • SmartInvestor

0 voters

Accept Torgin as grants committee lead?

  • Yes
  • No

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I feel I should back up my votes with an explanation. I admire Torgin and Gabor as well as their contributions to grants! They are the bedrock of PoolTogether and cherished members of this community.

I’m in favor of a changing of the guard for grants every year, at least, since a year is a decade in crypto.

However this vote goes, I would love to see a change to the grants process where there are in person interviews with the committee rather than fully asynchronous.

Hot Mike


I definitely get that perspective and was very thankful to @SmartInvestor for applying. He is certainly a very worthy candidate. I did however think it would be better to have someone start in the role of has already served as a reviewer.

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