PoolGrants Season 3 committee applications


The Pooltogether grants committee was formed through PTIP-14.

The first year of the PoolGrants program will be coming to an end very soon.

The current committee members were elected for 6 months.
Now there will be once again be an open application process for all of the spots on the committee.

Once the new committee members are selected, there will be a PTIP for the continuation of the grants program for an additional 6 months.

What to expect

The current committee structure is as follows:

1 Lead: Primary correspondent with grantees, management of internal processes/operations

1 Deputy Lead: Correspondent with grantees, focus on organization

4-5 Reviewers: Review grants, give input/feedback, usually takes responsibility for specific grants

During the last season, the average time investment has been approximately:

Lead: 3h/week

Deputy Lead: 2h/week

Reviewer: 2h/week

How to apply

If you are interested in having a role on the PoolGrants committee, pitch yourself on this post. Explain why you think you would be a good fit and maybe even what you bring to the table that has been missing in the current team.

If you need inspiration, you can find the applications from the last round here.

For more information on what the Pooltogether grants committee is, check out:
Initial PTIP
Season 2 PTIP

Deadline for applications: Saturday 21. May 2022


Hey, Lonser here :slight_smile:

First of all I would like to thank all current members of Grants for your awesome work. I would like to apply as a Reviewer. As the one currently running Coordinape and generally being heavily involved in the Dao I think I have a good grasp/overview about our wants/needs and would like to bring that into the Grants Team.

I think the future of Grants will be very cool, as I understood the MWG projects will go through Grants instead of being a separate budget and I would also like to be a part here.

I think most Grants that happened over the last year were really good, although we had some starting issues with some (the NFT Art Grant sadly went a bit under the radar and deserved much more recognition in my opinion).

I think that it‘s important at least some members of the current Grants team stay the same, so we retain the knowledge we currently have and can extend from that :slight_smile:
I‘m currently on vacation till mid next week, so answers might be a bit delayed, thx @Torgin for the write up and keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


Grants team?
Sounds like honest work.

I would be interested in applying for the role of a reviewer.
2 hours per week will still be reasonable with my current commitments.
Having been on the grants team during the original formation is sufficient experience in my opinion. I plan to bring a refreshed outlook and insight to the team and fill in any needs that we might have. Previously one of my main actions was taking notes & helping with some organizational & structure tasks.

In the past 6 months I have also been improving my business development skills (B2B relations) so would be able to taken on specific grants.

Ready to help!


i’d love to apply as well. Grants committee is such an important part of PT ecosystem to help us grow especially in the L2 days

My question on composition - Looks like number of hours of work has greatly reduced in season 2 - so do we still think we need 7 individuals (1 lead + 1 deputy + 5 reviewers). If realistic, I’d propose a small group of 3 individuals - 1 lead + 2 reviewers and keep decision making simple (if that helps save on treasury funds)

But if we need more individuals - i’d definitely be up for it :slight_smile:


Hi! My name is Aiden and I would like to apply for the role of a reviewer. I first heard of PoolTogether from the Bankless podcast and have never looked back. I won my first prize, draw #48. I have been wanting to get involved with the dao on a deeper level and I believe that this would be the perfect way to do so. I try to stay active on discord and am able to attend, at least in part, most of the community calls/swim meets. I get along with others easily, but also have strong opinions about things. I think that these traits would be very useful as a grants reviewer. I don’t have much experience in business, aside from just trying to learn what I can through the workings of PoolTogether, but I have a lot of extra free time that I could spend watching videos or reading books on subjects if something came up that I wasn’t familiar with (obviously not being compensated for those hours if it was necessary). If anyone has any further questions I am happy to answer them!
my name is Aiden, I’d like to be a grants reviewer, I’m a team player, I don’t have much prior experience , but am eager to learn!


Hello everyone, thanks for reading,
I would like to apply for the role of reviewer

Describe your involvement in the PoolTogether ecosystem:

I joined the community around February 2021 and started to be very active some months after, I first needed to understand and be sure PoolTogether will be my go-to.
I used PoolTogether V2 V3 V4

I have been much more active since 4 months and I have advocated for the community at my best
I made the French substack and also translate the community newsletter to French and write some original articles in French and English from time to time. I also translated the front website and V4 into French
I try to help Tjark and I respond sometimes in #help
I made the “crypto-Reddit” social media page for PoolTogether Btw join us here!
I submitted a successful Grant for the website translators

What skills/experience do you bring to the committee?

I have a lot of curiosity and I’m a little involved in many sides of the DAO, I assume that it will benefit the grant committee to have someone taking the extra time to be involved in projects.
My background as a website agency and in the crypto field has a lot to do with social engineering and advertising but also in support. I provide my B2B customers with everything they could need, including Hosting, Advertising, Lead generation strategy, SEO, Marketing strategy… Everything that a website agency could do for you. I have a lot of success with Facebook advertising thanks to pixel.

I have been into crypto since 2015 and I have participated in many projects the most famous now is probably https://enjin.io/
I translated into French the website and whitepaper for Enjin Coin ICO. Enjin Coin ICO was a massive success! 75,041 ETH was raised with 18,506 contributions!
My first crypto project was my own business, selling BTC by phone call and SMS in 2017

Can you commit ~10 hours a week as a reviewer or ~30 hours a week as a lead?

I will still commit that time to the community if I’m not part of the grants committee so yes with pleasure, PoolTogether is Amazing and I really believe it should be one of the first Dapp people should try

Edit: FYI, I have two accounts on the gov forum, the other one is @Xiloror I made a new one to be pingable with @Noxe


Hello good morning to all, first of all I want to thank the excellent work of all the community and Pooltogether team.

I’m Gustavo and I would like to be part of the team of reviewers. I’m in Pooltogether since 2020, participating in social networks, discord, voting and I want to contribute my bit here the best I can.

I am convinced that a strong team with good decisions is needed to make the protocol even stronger.

Thank you very much for reading. Regards


I am reapplying as a reviewer for the next season of poolgrants.

General Info

COMPSCI graduate, learning solidity for auditing, currently building tools for DAO usage (gnosis safe discord bot). My previous blockchain employment has been with BoardroomDAO as a writer for pooltogether

Describe your involvement in the PoolTogether ecosystem:

I have not been as active in the discord since joining the grant comittee outside of calls. Outside of grants, I assisted in the creation of the bountiesDAO and hosted the AMA with aavegotchi

What skills/experience do you bring to the committee?

Friends that can translate Spanish and Korean for ESL grants
Coding knowledge (Does extend to solidity at a mid level)

Can you commit ~2/6/12 hours a week as a reviewer

Yea, I will continue to commit to working my current hours (you can check my hours on the public notion)


The currently ending quarter has been rather quiet and the overall hours billed by the grants committee have been more than reasonable. I would in doubt propose to rather have slightly more members than fewer, as we have also opted to for instance add @Oops this term knowing that he has limited resources due to other commitments, but being eager to learn and hop on as able to and contributing to the success. PoolGrants is a key pillar for contributor involvement & retention and also a catalyst for individual development. The bear market will for sure have a slowing impact on activity and the grants team will be able to focus on potentially a lower number of applicants, but can spend more time in exploring community-linked activities such as the new bounty board or the MWG and intensify collaboration there.

TL;DR keep the number up!

sounds good gabor. Makes sense

Hello everyone,
I would like to apply for the role of reviewer

Describe your involvement in the PoolTogether ecosystem:
I have been involved with the PoolTogether community as a two-time recipient of grant for the Project Orange Wallet. We made Integrations with PoolTogether V3 and V4 and ran a successful campaign for giving out delegated deposits. Apart from this Obviously, I have been using PoolTogether for a very long time.

What skills/experience do you bring to the committee?
I have experience working with PoolTogether code and ecosystem, as I have worked on integrating it with our product. I, previously, have been among the most active Gitcoin contributors and working in this space of DeFi and crypto for 4 years now. I am the Co-founder of the Orange wallet project and I have decent experience with shaping the product and figuring out how they should be and how something can work, I will be able to help in shaping up the products technically and in terms of their functionalities and UXs.
PoolTogether grants have helped me and my project a lot and I would love to give something back to the community and the committee.

Can you commit ~10 hours a week as a reviewer or ~30 hours a week as a lead?

I will try my best to commit ~10 hours a week to reviewing grants, shaping up products, and trying to make the ecosystem grow.


In a last minute dash I’m reapplying as a reviewer for the next season of poolgrants, also stealing formatting from TangFeng, thanks.

General Info

Been around the Pool for a while now. Community advocate and generally always trying to contribute somewhere. Day job is a project manager for the retirement services industry.

Describe your involvement in the PoolTogether ecosystem:

Very active in the Discord, less so than I’d like. Pretty active in the gov forum. I’m active in grants, the MWG, and try to be involved or help anywhere I can in PT.

What skills/experience do you bring to the committee?

Prior experience from being on the committee. Intermediary between MWG and Grants. Project Management and Operations efficiencies. I’d like to take some hours in the beginning of this Grants cycle and really hammer out some of the more operational “to-do’s” of it all.

Can you commit ~2 hours a week

Yes 2 hours is definitely something I can accommodate.


Here is my previous submission for Reviewer and I think it is still relevant: PoolGrants committee open applications - #10 by McOso

I have been on grants since inception and I would like to continue as Reviewer offering 2 hours a week.

Hello everyone, also throwing my ring into the hat for another term. PoolGrants is where I have proven to apply my skillset in a productive way and I would love to remain part of this.

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I’m the current lead of the grants committee and would like to continue in the same position.


I have been running the grants committee’s operations for the last 12 months. I have gathered valuable experience during this time, which I would like to continue applying in the next iteration of the grants program.
The feedback I have received so far for my work as lead has been overwhelmingly positive.


I have good relationships with most active contributors within the Pooltogether community, which is very helpful for getting input on their respective areas of expertise. I am also well-acquainted with the members of PT Inc.

I am one of the most active users of the Discord, where I have answered the questions of hundreds of users and built many friendships.
I am one of the top POOL delegates, having earned the delegation of 22 token holders.


I have a background in Computer Science and have spent the last year fully immersed in DeFi.
I know how almost everything in and around Pooltogether works, including the inner workings of the smart contracts.

Can you commit 3+ hours a week as a lead?



I would like to apply for the role of Deputy Lead

I have experience in requesting and receiving grants. Both successful applications as with the PT Community Substack Grants for Q4 2021 and Q1 2022 plus an unsuccessful bid for UK based PR.

This has allowed me to understand what may and may not work in terms of communication with grantees. I also hope to be able to bring in my experience in researching many different cryptos as well as my involvement with the PT Marketing Working Group to help understand which Grants could be the most beneficial for PT as a whole.

As Deputy Lead, I can also take on the role of connecting with grantees and organising things as I did in the early days of setting up both the PT Marketing Working Group and of course the PT Community Substack.

I have a good connection with most of the community plus as mentioned the experience both positive and where things can be improved and hope to be able to contribute if chosen.


Already wondered when/if you reapply as a Grants Lead and happy to see that you can/want to continue :slight_smile:
Also good to see @gabor reapply as a Co Lead and @SmartInvestor also wanting to :slight_smile:

I already feared a bit with nobody else stepping forward I would have to also apply as Lead or Co Lead which I would like to maybe try in the future ( ideally first gaining a bit experience as a Reviewer if selected) but not feeling confident enough yet.

Btw. is the current plan to do it like last time, where there will be a vote for the Grants Leads
[VOTE] Grants committee lead elections and then the Leads select the Reviewers? If yes, I think that’s totally fine and hope you can continue as Lead but next time it probably is also helpful to mention that plan in this thread here for new people who don’t remember it like me from last time :slight_smile: @Torgin @gabor

Great to see so many awesome people here wanting to contribute and I’m sure with some old experienced Grants veterans and some new fresh blood that the new Grants Season 3 will be awesome :slight_smile:


Yes, the process is the same as last time.

The elections have now started and can be found here:

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I would like to apply for the role of reviewer

Hey everyone I am Akshit Ostwal, Co-founder Orange Wallet .

Describe your involvement in the PoolTogether Ecosystem
I am a part of PoolTogether Ecosystem and community for a long time, we at Orange Wallet have received 2 grants PoolTogether. I have done integration of PoolTogether V3 and V4, on top of that we recently completed a USD 50,000 marketing campaign with the community. And apart from it I am also using PoolTogether for a long time to save and earn.

What Skills/experience do you bring to the committee?
I am Co-Founder of Orange Wallet , which is the first Cross-chain DeFi wallet. I am also winner in more than 13-14 Hackathons including some from NASA, Nvidia and Samsung. We have also won few bounties/grants from Polygon, PoolTogether and Kommunitas.
I have experience of building products and team from scratch to the next level. I also have a good understanding of Product and people, which itself results in creating better products.

Can you commit ~2 hours a week
Yes, PoolTogether community have helped us a lot in reaching where we are now. Would love to give back to it.


I would like to apply for the role of reviewer

Hey everyone I am Manank Patni - Blockchain Developer at Spheron Network.

Twitter - https://twitter.com/manankpatni
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/manankpatni/
Gitcoin - @man-jain | Gitcoin
Discord - Man-Jain#1450

Describe your involvement in the PoolTogether Ecosystem
I have been a part of the PoolTogether Ecosystem and community for a long time, have been using the platform since V1 and have also made multiple projects on top of the protocol, therefore I am very familiar with Pooltogether. Was also one of the Airdrop receivers of POOL :smile:

What skills/experience do you bring to the committee?
I have been a blockchain developer and buidler for 4 years now, During this time I have been a top contributor and winner at Gitcoin as well as winner in more than 10 other Blockchain Hackathons. I was the technical Lead at Demodyfi and am also currently working as a blockchain/solidity developer, thus my technical skills would be helpful for determining the feasibility of projects/their features and reviewing them more appropriately.

Can you commit ~2 hours a week
Yes, I will be able to commit the hours to make the ecosystem flourish.