POOL claim all button

I noticed today that this was removed. Can this be brought back to be able to claim all POOL rewards in one txn?

you are probably on the matic network. switch your wallet to ethereum mainnet and it should be available.

Thank you, but I’m on the Eth manner. The claim button is completely gone to claim all.

You should dm @rliriano on discord or post in the #help channel. I’m not sure how to help you. Sorry.

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In the top-right corner there should be a purple #.## POOL pill. If you click that you should be able to claim all you POOL in one transaction.

Thank you, but unfortunately it doesn’t. It is just taking me back to managing all pools. I wish it was there still, I don’t want to pay all these txn gas fees

There is no difference in gas fees. Claiming all costs the exact same as claiming each one individually.